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This group is for people who want to lose weight without dieting!

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What if weight loss could be easier than you think?

  • forget about endless hours on treadmill (you are more than your body, get in touch with your soul)
  • no more "watching" your weight (be in the now and focus on your dreams)
  • finally stop fixating on food (feel in control of your life)

Can you imagine how amazing it would feel to be able to finally stop struggling with your weight without having to give up the rich, creamy, sweet comfort foods you love?

  •  more pleasure in food without the added pounds (there are a gazillion delicious things you could be eating now that you don't even know about)
  •  blissful binging on guilt free pleasures (learn to using binging as a remedy for binging)
  •  stress free satiating meals (learn how to make eating easy)

Best of all, you can lose weight without counting calories, carbs, protein or fat grams - and exercise is optional.

While it sounds too good to be true, it's not.

Here is what is NOT causing your extra body fat:

  • eating too much
  • eating the wrong things
  • exercising too little

Those counterproductive habits are not the cause of being overweight, they only POINT to the cause (and are driven by unmet needs - body, mind & soul). Surely you've met people who eat more than you, worse than you and don't exercise and they are NOT overweight right?).

We don't focus on the fat, we focus the person.

Being overweight is not the cause of your health, relationship and other challenges in life, it's a symptom of them.

That's why we work from the inside out to find the true root level causes of an individual's struggle with their weight.

Being skinny isn't going to change your life or how you truly feel about yourself on the inside anyway.

It's time now to stop living life distracted by dieting and fixating on being fat - and instead look inside where you have the power to create a fulfilling and passionate life!

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