6 Sessions - Unblock Your Weight Loss Body Blocks Holistic Nutrition Assessment Package

This 6 session assessment package is for you, if you want to achieve optimal health as your path to permanent weight loss.

This 6 session assessment package identifies your top 3 weight loss blocksWeight loss blocks are body system imbalances that get in the way of your body being able to burn fat efficiently and release weight. With a full health assessment including: health history, diet, symptomatology (body system imbalances) & nutrient deficiency, I will identify the root cause of your tendency to store excess body fat. In this package, I will customize a natural nutrition protocol, using food as medicine, to give your body a reset. As a result of implementing the plan, your metabolism will function at tip top efficiency again! Delish UN-diet School - learn how to lose weight without dieting (VALUE $197)

What you get:

  • In depth and personalized Natural Nutrition Assessment, Holistic Protocol & Step by Step Plan

How it works:

  • 6 private strategy sessions where together we will co-create your personalized plan & path so that it is designed to work for you as an individual.


  1. Symptomatology Assessment to dig deeper into your weight loss blocks
  2. Natural Nutrition Protocols for your top 3 blocks
  3. Vitamin and mineral deficiency symptoms assessment with personalized grocery list
  4. Lifestyle recommendations and strategies based on your unique situation
  5. Exclusive and curated resources to help you implement 
  6. Step - by - Step Plan

BONUS Included:
Delish UN-diet School - learn how to lose weight without dieting (VALUE $197)

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