Delish Holistic Nutrition Consulting Package

We do things differently around here.

You are not "going on a diet", we are transforming your lifestyle and taking you to the next level of health, energy and personal empowerment. 

With this 6 month package, you have access to me personally and all the tools you need to finally blast past plateaus, get healthier in the process and achieve permanent weight loss. You'll do what it takes to bring your body back into balance naturally - using food as medicine. You'll give your body what it needs, and stop giving it what weighs it down and holds it back from doing what it was designed to do - heal and release unwanted and unneeded extra body fat. If right now your body won't release the weight, it has a good reason for doing that - un met needs. I will teach you how to recognize and meet your body's needs, so that it is no longer forced to hold onto fat to protect you. 

You'll get hands on help in the kitchen, a full service holistic nutrition consulting assessment and on-going empowerment to reach your health and weight loss goals. 

How it works: 

Your package starts with your BONUS Delish Diet Kitchen Make-over (up close and in person in your kitchen or VIRTUALLY by zoom). 

This package is perfect for you if you are ready to jump in with both feet and get my hands on help to implement everything needed to create a foundation for permanent weight loss, with on-going instruction and guidance to overcome obstacles and plateaus.

You'll be empowered to take your health into your own hands, with a clear plan in hand, for getting unblocked with your weight.


  • 12, 60 minute sessions over zoom
  • custom holistic nutrition protocol 
  • personalized step - by - step plan
  • vit and mineral deficiency assessment 
  • personalized menu plans with recipes (we are going to do this together)
  • text/e-mail/messenger support (essential for trouble shooting issues as they come up, so that they don't linger until the next session) 
  • written report that helps you to understand the invisible "things" that are going on inside your body, so that you understand and have faith in your body's ability to heal and release the weight.
Plus you get the following BONUSES! 
  • BONUS #1: Delish Diet Masterclass e-course (VALUE $197)
  • BONUS #2 Delish Diet Deep Cleanse e-course (VALUE $297)
  • BONUS #3 Delish Diet Immersion e-course (VALUE $397)
  • BONUS #4 Delish Diet Kitchen Makeover in 1 week package (VALUE $1997)
  • BONUS #5 Cleanse Prep in Your Kitchen Day (VALUE $1997)
  • BONUS #6 Prevent Future Dis-ease (VALUE Priceless)


When you get focused and doing both the inner and outer work of getting set up to succeed, it's easy to transform your health and weight in 3 months!

Step 1: Drop the diet mentality and rewire your subconscious mind for success. 
Step 2: Transform your outer environment (give your kitchen a makeover and detox your home).
Step 3: Undertake a 21 day cleanse to unblock your most resistant body system blocks.
Step 4: Set up systems in your kitchen and life for maintenance (meal planning, prep and seasonal eating).
Step 5: Transform your mindset as emotional and mental blocks come up. 

How this approach is different than "dieting":

  • Whole foods - A calories isn't "just a calorie", their are 3 levels of "quality" to foods that impact how your body "receives" the food and therefore how it responds to the food. How it responds to the food, determines whether that food triggers fat storage or not.
  • Healing Mindset - We use food as medicine and give your body what it needs to heal. When healing happens, weight releases. Learn how to take your health into your own hands and release the weight by putting your health first.
  • Address Mindset - Identify diet mentality beliefs and eliminate them. 
  • Gain the Right Knowledge - you must identify what you "know" about weight loss that isn't so - and stop doing "things" that are wrong for your body type and current circumstances.
  • Fill Nutrient Deficiencies - identify and restore nutrient deficiencies that damage your metabolism, cause irresistible cravings for the wrong food and make you susceptible to dis-ease.
  • Heal Body System Imbalances - you must overcome health obstacles that cause your body to hold onto fat no matter what you do - and achieve optimal health. This involves learning how your body works, what it need to function optimally and how to take your health back from "experts" and back into your own hands.

Your package is designed with the practical elements you need to identify obstacles and overcome them: 

  • get set up for success in your kitchen
  • learn exactly what to eat, what not to eat
  • learn how to create balanced meals
  • get new recipes, try new foods and expand your palate
  • curb your cravings
  • eliminate emotional eating
  • how to eat out and enjoy social engagements without gaining weight
  • curated resources and solutions for your personal challenges
  • integration & identifying your next level
  • how to blast past plateaus

You are not going to have to become a purist and give up all your pleasure in food. Instead, you are going to learn wise eating and nutrition wisdom that will set you free once it is integrate and "insight" becomes belief (programs). We'll get you deprogrammed from the diet mentality and programmed for health, healing and your ideal body weight - and shape.

If you've done a lot of dieting and had a lot of failures, you might be wondering if with all your emotional baggage around your weight if you can really transform yourself from the inside out in 3 months?! 

Don't worry, every person's path is different. The more action you take, both inner and outer work, the faster the results. Gauranteed, you can do put the diet and lifestyle changes in place in 1 month, but it's not always possible to do all the inner work in 3 months

Your success is guaranteed if you keep showing up to get help and work towards the solution. Simple. The only way you can fail is by quitting!

NOTE: This package is going up to $6997 in January of 2023, so if money is a concern for you, I recommend connecting with me about it now and reserving your spot at the current (price $4997) for next year with a $2000 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. 

* I can travel to you for an additional fee, plus travel expenses (car rental, hotel and airfare).


  • The Delish Diet approach to losing weight without dieting and by getting healthy first works - when you show up and do both the inner and outer work and you are willing to do the cleanse plans, restore muscles mass (if you have muscle wasting), address your stress, sleep and eat right.
  • While I can't guarantee how many pounds you will lose in a specific time period (that's for your body to prioritize), what I can guarantee is that you will experience a much higher level of health and prevent future disease.
  • How fast you lose weight depends on how long you've been overweight, how damaged your metabolism is from past episodes with dieting and how many physiological weight loss blocks (body system imbalances ) that you need to overcome first. 
  • Nobody fails policy is in place. I am here for you for the long haul. I will keep showing up for you to the same degree that you show up for yourself. You have access to the trainings for life and you may continue to do 1 off sessions at a very discounted rate, on an as needed basis to complete your paradigm shift until you've achieved your wellness goals.

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