Delish Revamp Your Kitchen Makeover Package

This package happens in one week over 4 days.

Day 1: 2 hour un-block your weight loss blocks strategy session in your kitchen.

Day 2: 5 hour Kitchen Makeover (basically, we get the "crap" out of your kitchen and anything else that is not a match to your goals (some healthy foods have to go as well, because they are not right for your body based on your personal weight loss blocks).

Day 3: 1.5 hour Grocery Store Tour - we go shopping together and fill your cart with deliciously healthy and luxuriously pleasurable foods that are hand picked for you.

Day 4: 2 hours 'Eat Out' - We do a follow up integration session at a local restaurant where I will show you how to 'eat out' without compromising your health or weight.

By the end of 1 week, you will be completely set up for achieving optimal health and therefore permanent weight loss.

* I can travel to you for an additional fee, plus travel expenses (car rental, hotel and airfare).

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