Weight Loss Blocks Breakthrough Strategy Package

The weight loss blocks breakthrough strategy session package, shows you what body system imbalances are in the way of you being able to release the weight. You'll get an assessment and holistic nutrition protocol for your top weight loss block. Together we'll create a step-by-step personalized plan for getting unblocked and end your body's resistance to releasing weight.

There's a lot of approaches to weight loss, but do you know which one is best for you?

  • Confused by conflicting weight loss advice?
  • Overwhelmed by too much information?
  • You want to focus on your health with weight loss as a natural 'good side effect'

What you really need is advice specific to your unique situation. 

There is no need to stay stuck. You can start making progress right away with personalized recommendations, insight and guidance relevant to what you need to know now from where you are at. 

What you get:
  • Unblock Your Weight Loss Blocks Workbook (learn the principles, mindset and universal protocol for healing yourself and restoring your natural body shape and  weight).
  • Weight Loss Blocks Assessment with accompanying signature protocol for your top weight loss block.
  • A customized protocol that also includes nutritional support for other related systems out of balance.
  • A results focused step-by-step personalized plan that is inspiring and do-able in your current circumstances.
  • Options for custom curated follow up sessions, if you feel like you need on-going guidance to implement.
The following BONUSES are included in the package too!
  • 'Lose Weight Without Dieting' e-book, so that you can get a feel for my overall approach to losing weight without dieting, deprivation or giving up your pleasure in food before we even get started! 
  • Revamp Your Kitchen e-course & workbook  - designed to help you transform adopt the natural, whole foods diet that is the foundation of you restoring your natural weight

You can transform your health and weight in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Your Pre-Assignments

  • The minute you make your payment, you will receive instant access to the Un-block Your Weight Loss Blocks Workbook and a copy of my e-book 'Lose Weight Without Dieting'.
  • The next day you will receive the link to book your online assessment, along with a link to my online calendar where you can book your upcoming strategy session, 
  • Once I receive a notification that your assessment has been completed, I will send you the signature protocol for your top weight loss block via e-mail within 24 hours.

Step 2: The 2 hour Strategy Session

  • In the first hour of the session, I will answer your questions, share with you the full results of your assessment (including other weight loss blocks your assessment sheds light on and how everything is interconnected).
  • In the second hour of the session, we will customize a step-by-step plan for implementation that feels doable and inspiring for you.

Step 3: The 2 hour Integration Session

  • We'll begin by celebrating your accomplishments and I will answer any questions that have come up since the strategy session.
  • Together, we'll pinpoint the areas where you tend to struggle, and we'll identify what you need to focus on and transform in your life, in order to overcome those challenges.
  • We'll co-create a step-by-step plan for how to overcome obstacles.

1. Set the foundation for sustainable weight loss, so that you are set up to achieve permanent results (with your weight and your health).
2. Know exactly what to do to achieve optimal health (and therefore your natural ideal weight) - unique to your situation (step by step).
3. Achieve a much higher level of health while releasing weight (without counting a single calorie).
4. Explore new foods and expand your palette pleasure with delicious and nutritious foods!

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