Delish UN-Diet School & Group Coaching Program

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The Delish UN-Diet School & Group Coaching Program is for you if you want coaching, on-going support, connection and community to use your weight loss journey as a catalyst for whole life transformation. 

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Here is what is included in the Delish UN-Diet School & Group Coaching Program
  1. The minute you register, you get instant access to the BONUS e-courses (Masterclass Series, Delish Diet Deep Cleanse, Delish Immersion & Delish UN-Diet School). 
  2. You will receive access to 1 new module each month to support your continued learning journey.
  3. We meet weekly for group coaching (with the exception of July, August, December & March which are break months).
  4. You get daily support in our private Facebook group year round.
  5. We check up on you with monthly progress reports.
  6. We meet LIVE, up close and personal in Kelowna, BC for the 'Get thin From Within' event (additionally it will be live streamed into our private Facebook group if you can't make the dates).

Private Coaching Add-on

  • written nutrition assessment with personalized protocol and customized step-by-step plan by Sherry
  • 12, 1 hour additional private accountability sessions to use at your own pace with one of our Delish Diet Certified Practitioners (these sessions are structured based on a proprietary system that includes pre-assignments and personalized homework to get you into action). 
  • 12, 15 min phone sessions (1 per month) with an accountability advisor
  • unlimited text/messenger/e-mail support with accountability advisor


  • We have a nobody fails policy which means that once you have enrolled in the Delish UN-diet School and group coaching program, you have access to the trainings for life and may continue to attend group coaching calls for as long as it takes for you to reach your goal.
  • While we can't guarantee how many pounds you will lose in a specific time period (that's for your body to prioritize), what we can guarantee is that you will experience a higher level of health and prevent future disease.
  • We don't make false promises. How fast you lose weight depends on how long you've been overweight, how damaged your metabolism is from past episodes with dieting and how many physiological weight loss blocks (body system imbalances) that you need to overcome first.
  • The Delish Diet approach to losing weight without dieting and by getting healthy first works (when you show up and do the work).
  • We we are here for you for the long haul. We keep showing up for you to the same degree that you show up for yourself -  until you get the goal - and we remain here for you so that you can maintain your results.

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