Delish Diet Certified Practitioner Program

You want to feel confident that you have the knowledge, skills and tools to get your clients to their ideal weight and know exactly what to do to get them past their inevitable plateaus on the path.

Sound familiar?

  • You feel there are gaps in your knowledge
  • You don't have clients, so you can't seems to get any experience
  • Lack business know-how

Deep inside, do you feel afraid to promise your clients results because you are not sure how to get people past plateaus?

It's not you. The problem is the conventional approach to weight loss.

The conventional paradigm is both overcomplicated and oversimplified.

The truth and the solution is hidden inside understanding physiology, symptomatology, biochemical individuality and metaphysics to understand how to help an individual inside the context of their unique requirements.

I know what it takes, not just from knowledge, but from wisdom born of personal experience.

I too have struggled with not knowing what to do to lose weight without dieting.

I was forced to figure it out when I ended up obese on a whole foods diet. 

I have blasted past all my plateaus dropping 12 dress sizes.

Want to help your clients do the same?

Here is how you can: 

Step 1: Learn the knowledge.
Step 2:
Get the mentoring.
Step 3:
Gain experience.
Step 4:
Start your business. 

Become a Delish Diet Certified Practitioner!

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Want guidance on what your holistic weight loss practice should include?

Download The Guide: 7 Essential Keys for Creating A Truly Holistic Weight Loss Practice!

Ready to help people transform their lives?

  • Know hormones and weight loss physiology
  • Have a results based system to work with step by step
  • Have confidence that you can coach clients through plateaus
  • Create a thriving business
  • Earn while you learn
  • Get paid on performance

What's the alternative?

  • Lack knowledge and know how
  • Lack confidence and experience
  • Stay employed in a dead end job.
  • Stay a dreamer and never do!

Ready to go from being a hobbyist with hope to a profession with passion?

Become a Delish Diet Certified Practitioner Today!

Imagine how amazing it is going to feel to work from anywhere in the world, setting your own hours and making a generous living doing work you are passionate about with clients and colleagues you love!

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There are 4 foundational pillars of the Delish Diet Certified Practitioner Program on which your success rests:

  1. Certification Modules: Education in Holistic Nutrition Principles and Weight Loss Physiology
  2. Coaching Modules: Coaching Processes to Facilitate Breakthroughs for Your Clients
  3. Practice Modules: Done for You Client Packages, Hand outs, Teaching Plans & Done for You Marketing Materials
  4. Business Modules: Business Systems and Marketing Training Take a peak at our holistic curriculum!

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