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The Path to Permanent Weight Loss 

We begin the journey with a
holistic nutrition approach to health.

Losing weight without dieting is only for people who are ready for a permanent diet and lifestyle change.

It's easy to get started in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Book a complimentary intake call.
Step 2: Enrol in 'Weight Loss Blocks' Breakthrough Session Package
Step 3: Start Your Weight Loss Journey!

Holistic Nutrition Assessment Packages

Step 1: Weight Loss Blocks Breakthrough Sessions

This 2 session package is for you, if you are ready to get your weight loss breakthrough, along with a clear plan in hand for getting unblocked.

  • set clear goals and determine realistic timing
  • weight loss blocks assessment
  • holistic nutrition protocol for your top weight loss block
  • uncover your deep 'why' (the one that will drive you and keep you on track)
  • pinpoint mindset and habits that are keeping you stuck with your weight. 
  • identify what is needed to overcome your obstacles.

Includes instant access to the Revamp Your Kitchen e-course.

This package is the first step to working together!

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Step 2: Unblock Your Weight Loss Body Blocks Holistic Nutrition Assessment Protocol & Plan (6 sessions)

This assessment package identifies what your top 3 weight loss blocks are.

Weight loss blocks are body system imbalances that get in the way of your body being able to burn fat efficiently and release weight.

With a full health assessment including: health history, diet, symptomatology (body system imbalances) & nutrient deficiency, I will identify the root cause of your tendency to store more body fat than you need.

In this package, I will customize a natural nutrition protocol, using food as medicine, to restore balance to your body systems. As a result of implementing the plan, your metabolism will function at tip top efficiency again!  

Includes instant access to the Delish Un-diet School & Delish Diet Deep Cleanse.

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Breakthrough Coaching Options

Once your personalized assessments are complete and you have a plan in hand, the next step is follow up coaching, accountability and on-going support. 

Breakthrough Coaching Options

Option 1: 12 Session Delish Diet Jumpstart Package 

This package is for you if you want on-going private 1 on 1 coaching to help you implement and embody the Delish Diet approach to permanent weight loss with guidance.

You get 12 private sessions expertly designed to keep you focused and on track with your goals.

You will be expertly guided step-by-step through the 12 step Delish Diet Signature System designed to get you permanent results with weight loss.

Each session includes:
1. A new lesson with hand outs
2. Coaching to help you overcome blocks
3. Homework with templates for embodying what you've learned. 

How it works: 
1. We meet every week on zoom for 3 months.
2. You watch accompanying video trainings in between sessions and bring your questions to the session.
3. Each session covers a new topic that supports permanent weight loss.

Along with the expert guidance, you'll not only have  support and accountability, but you'll also have everything you need to be successful with permanent weight loss at your fingertips - including life-time access to all Delish Diet e-courses!

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Option 2:  Makeover Package with Sherry

This package is a for you if you want the quickest path forward, that also exponentially increases your health. This package is all about speed and convenience - working around your busy schedule. It's ideal for entrepreneurs, executives and busy creatives (artists, actors and authors etc.) who want big changes fast - and most importantly, results that last

This is only for you if.....

  • you are ready to prioritize your health and weight as your main focus for 3 months and make it your #1 top priority. 
  • you are ready for massive change and you don't have resistance to it (you are done with the way you've always done things, and you welcome change with bells on)
  • you are willing to let me revamp your kitchen (I decide what stays and what goes and we go shopping to introduce new foods) 
  • you are ready and willing to move your body, cleanse and fast
  • you will implement at MY pace (fast and focused), no excuses

This package includes everything in all the other packages and kicks off with a kitchen makeover and grocery shopping trip (VIRTUAL or in person), plus a cleanse prep day in your kitchen. 

This package is done primarily in person with immersive retreat days. If you have a personal chef, I will work with that person to implement as much as possible for you so that you can get back to your work or art!

Package ends with a glamour or boudoir photoshoot on me!

It's everything you need to be successful with permanent weight loss at your fingertips - including life-time access to all Delish Diet e-courses!

* Travel costs such as airfare, hotel and cost of ingredients to restock your kitchen not included.

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