Learn 9 Myths That Are Keeping You Stuck With Your Weight 

Unlearn the lies you've been sold about what it takes to lose weight (and find out exactly what to do instead. 

There is a better way.

You can lose weight without dieting!

Say NO to Conventional Diets 

Commonly accepted advice can damage your metabolism and  is ineffective in the long term. 

 Skip the Scales.

It's not about obsessing about calories, portion control or what the scale says. 

Drop the Diet Mentality

Learn the truth about what it really takes to lose weight permanently without dieting.

Learn why the conventional diet advice you’ve accepted as fact, isn’t - why it doesn't work - and what does.

Why Learn From Me?

Hi there, my name is Sherry Rothwell.

When I woke up to the realization that I was obese, I felt shocked, appalled and completely at a loss for what to. I already ate a healthy whole foods plant based diet and cooked wholesome meals from scratch. What more could I do?The last thing I wanted to do was start counting calories or set foot in a gym. I had to find another way. And I did. I dropped 12 dress sizes (for 8 years and counting) without dieting.

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As a holistic nutritionist with 20+ years experience in the natural health field, I get your commitment to doing this holistically & naturally. 

I created this guide to help you identify certain diet mentalities that are stopping you from being the healthiest version of yourself possible. What you learn in this guide will help you discover what you've been missing all along to finally attain and maintain your ideal weight without having to obesses about it!

Weight Loss Before and After

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