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The Diet Industry Perpetuates the Problem it Professes to Solve

97% of dieters fail - only to gain back more weight than they started with.

Naturally Thin People Don't Diet, SO then…. Why Should You Have To?

You Don't.

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Fad diets are by design for short term results.

'Dieting' in other words deprivation, under eating & over exercising damages your metabolism, making future weight loss even more difficult.

While weight normalization is a natural GOOD 'side effect' of optimizing your health!

Having been obese myself with a history of binge eating,
I get the struggle.

Hi, my name is Sherry Rothwell.

When I woke up to the realization that I was obese, I felt shocked, appalled and completely at a loss for what to.

I get that it can be super confusing with so many different approaches to weight loss to choose from. Even after graduating from two of Canada's top nutrition schools, I still had to do a ton of additional research to figure out why I ended up obese on a healthy whole food plant based diet. 

In the process I discovered how to lose weight NATURALLY without dieting. I dropped 12 dress sizes and have kept the weight off for 9 years (and counting).

As a holistic nutritionist with 20+ years experience in the natural health field, I get your commitment to doing this holistically & naturally.

Weight Loss Before and After

What if there was another way to lose weight, without punishing your body and living a life devoid of food pleasure!?

There is.

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'eat less and move more' is NOT the answer

Your extra body fat has a message for you.

"Something isn't right & 'things' need to change."


Any of this sound familiar?
- feeling sluggish  
- digestive & elimination 'issues'
- food sensitivities & intolerances
- nutrition deficiency
- hormone havoc

No more 'pushing and shoving' your body

- and trying to lose weight from the outside in.

You don't lose weight to get healthy, you have to FIRST get healthy to lose the weight.

You  don't need another fad diet or excessive exercise plan, you need a whole life transformation!

Once your health is up-leveled, the weight comes off as a natural good 'side effect'!

Step 1:  Optimize your nutrition (stop starving at the cellular level)
Step 2: Harmonize your hormones (with balanced eating)
Step 3: Rejuvenate with seasonal cleansing (maintain your results)

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It's time now to prioritize your transformation
from the inside-out.

It's easy to get started in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Book a complimentary intake call.
Step 2: Enrol in the best package for you.
Step 3: Start Your Weight Loss Journey!


What have you got to lose besides the extra body fat?


  • negative feelings about your body, mental fatigue, lack of energy, and feeling frumpy, bloated, frazzled & drying out
  • wearing clothes that hide your rolls and never wanting to leave the house
  • "watching" your weight, forever on the diet roller coaster - only to end up heavier than when you started

What's even better, is what you stand to gain!


  • more pleasure in food with freedom to indulge without worrying about your weight
  • feel healthier, happier & hotter than ever with no worries about re-gaining the weight
  • love your body (how you feel in it and how it looks) and wear clothes you love again!

Say goodbye to being the person who settles, makes excuses and procrastinates about their weight.

Prioritize yourself and transform your body and life from the inside-out.

Love the way your body looks and how you feel in it now!

It's easy to get started in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Book a complimentary intake call.
Step 2: Enrol in the best package for you.
Step 3: Start Your Weight Loss Journey!


  • Sherry Rothwell

    “I effortlessly lost 15lbs in 6 weeks and way more inches!”

  • Sherry Rothwell

    “I lost 30-35 pounds ...the even better part is that I am so excited because I haven't been under 200 lbs in like forever!”

  • Sherry Rothwell

    “It made such a difference, I lost 16 lbs, tee hee”

  • Sherry Rothwell

    “Just finishing my 3rd week and I've lost 10lbs so far! ”

  • Sherry Rothwell

    “"I've lost over 15lbs!'”

  • Sherry Rothwell

    “"I've lost so much weight my clothes are hanging off me!"”


Stop waiting to lose the weight! 

Ready to stop the cycle of feast/famine, rebound weight gain, future disease and feeling embarrassed to be seen?

It's easy to get started in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Book a complimentary intake call.
Step 2: Enrol in 'Weight Loss Blocks' Breakthrough Session Package
Step 3: Start your transformation journey! 

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