Is Your Diet or "dieting" Not Working Anymore?

Do you 'eat like a bird' and exercise like crazy, but still can't lose weight? Or maybe you eat healthy some weeks and then get totally off track other weeks and undo all your results? Or maybe you are steadily gaining weight, even though your diet hasn't changed?

You are not alone, what you are experiencing is the result of 'triggers' and 'holding patterns' that are initiated by nutrition deficiencies, and underlying organ and body system imbalances (weight loss body blocks).

  • Wondering why what worked before, isn't working anymore? 
  • Feel like it's getting out of hand and worried that it's gonna get worse?
  • Tried all "the diets" and they either don't work or are not "stickable with" for you?
  • You want a permanent diet & lifestyle change that feels natural and do-able.
  • The trouble is that you don't have the time or drive to study health, nutrition & cooking to be able to figure it out.
  • You are worried that whatever you need to do, it will take too long, be too hard and you won't stick with it.

Unblock Your Body Blocks to Weight Loss

Lose weight naturally without dieting. Achieve optimal health & prevent disease.  Love the way you look and how you feel in your body.  


Have the energy to do what matters to you.


Feel clear headed, inspired & motivated. 


Feel attractive, sexy, uninhibited  and in the mood.


" I have struggled with my weight my entire life. In the past my weight defined me, stopped me from doing the things I loved in life and with my children. It has been a source of shame and I have spent MANY hours trying to find new ways to take the weight off. After 2 kids and being exposed to chemicals through out my life from my career as a hairstylist, my hormones were A MESS! Weight gain, terrible periods, mood swings and fatigue were all huge complaints on my list. That is when I found the DELISH program. Trusting my body and learning how to get healthy and not giving up rich and sweet foods. I have lost the weight easily on this program, my periods normalized, my hormones regulated, my moods stabilized and for once in my life I did not gain weight at the drop of a hat! Even when I gain weight, it's easy to get back on track and see results quickly."

-Nikki Fellows

It's not as hard as you think.

You just need to get set up for success, create a plan and start implementing it step-by-step.

Step 1

Give your diet and lifestyle a makeover and get set up with a foundation for permanent change.

Step 2

Find out what your body system blocks are and get a plan in hand to overcome them.

Step 3

Love the way you look & how you feel - get a new lease on life - make  more dreams come true!

This is NOT a diet, it's a health plan. 

     When you put your health first, you lose weight naturally. 

"Dieting" does nothing to make you healthier. It is a temporary 'quick fix' approach that no one can stick to permanently. That's BECAUSE willpower runs out super fast, in the face of our animal drives and the internal homeostatic 'checks and balances'. The minute we start depriving ourselves, those internal invisible mechanisms drive us to crave eating more and exercise less! The only thing that works permanently, is putting your weight loss goals aside, while prioritizing your health with self loving shifts - ones that nourish you body & soul. The weight comes off naturally on it's own accord, because it no longer serves a purpose. 

Don't wait to lose the weight. The quality of your life is at stake.

Your body is holding onto fat for a reason: to get your attention and to tell you, that "something" needs to change.  What's worse, is that if you don't deal with your weight at the level of root cause, your body will have to scream louder, with even worse symptoms, until eventually you are facing a diagnosis (this is what most people do as they let 'aging' get away on them). It doesn't have to turn out that way for you! You don't have to wait for a diagnosis to start optimizing your health. You can prevent disease now and achieve optimal health and at the same time release the excess body fat. Every dream you have for the future rests on your health. If you don't have your health, what you do you have? Your health effects every area of life that matters to you - from your work to your relationships. And most importantly, your relationship to yourself. Make yourself matter now and prioritize your health TODAY!