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Do you wish you could lose weight without giving up sinfully delicious pleasures, exercising yourself to death or having to 'go on' a diet?


It's not just about achieving a certain weight...

Imagine being in a state of optimal health with a ton of energy, feeling creative, positive and optimistic about life?  

It would be so amazing wouldn't it, to feel at home in your body and experience pleasure in it (move it the way you want, wear what you want and feel grounded and strong in your body). It would be such a relief to simply just be at your ideal weight without having to make it an issue or focus on it all the time. That would free up so much energy on so many levels - enabling you to move forward in your life feeling light, unburdened, strong and confident.

How amazing would it feel to know exactly what to eat to attain and maintain your ideal weight and have it be more delicious and decadent than what you already eat - all the while being healthier too!  

Wouldn't it be such a dream come true to be able to eat rich, sweet, creamy comfort foods and sinfully delicious treats while experiencing even more pleasure in food without worrying about gaining weight?!

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But right now….

You feel like you've tried all the diets. You got results for a time, but you just couldn't stick with them. The truth is that you just can't imagine living that way forever anyway - so honestly you've been thinking of lowering your standards, settling and just accepting the extra weight as your 'new normal'. At the moment, you are feeling a bit forlorn and futile about your weight. You feel like you are doing all the right things - and yet the things that used to work for you just don't seem to work anymore. You just don't get it and you are starting to wonder if the added pounds are just an inevitable effect of aging and maybe there is nothing you can do about it.

do diets have you feel like you are behind bars

Does the idea of dieting feel like living life behind bars? 

The truth is, you don't exactly feel 'happy, willing and able' to do 'the things' that you think you are going to have to do to lose the weight.

Right now you are thinking, it's just not worth it to feel miserable and live a life of depravity. You worry that the way to permanent weight loss is permanent deprivation. And yet, you still have a glimmer of hope that there might be another way. You are ready now to be free of feeling like you want to hide, avoid being seen and feeling ashamed about how you look - mostly because it doesn't reflect or meet your own personal standards (and let's be honest - you don't like wearing those feelings on the outside for all the world to see). If there was something 'out there' that might actually be pleasurable, delicious and sustainable (without having to rely on willpower or deprive yourself), you'd gladly embark on that path. If only you had a guide to show you how.

You've probably tried all the diets....

Been on any of these? Of course, they all worked when you were on them, but you just couldn't stay on them or they worked at first …and then stopped working.

  • South Beach
  • Isagenix
  • Weight Watchers
  • Jenny Craig
  • Herbalife
  • Ideal Protein
  • Noom
  • Brightline Eating
  • Keto 
  • Atkins
  • Snake Diet
  • etc.

I will tell you the reason they don't work.....

They are all based on a one size fits all approach.

  1. They don't address the root cause of what caused you to gain weight in the first place, which means you'll be walking a very fine line that requires strict adherence to a plan that will work at first - but then stops working over time as you damage your metabolism in the process - they have you following the diet, instead of the cues and responses of your body.
  2. They get you to manage your behaviour, instead of transforming you from the inside out - mind, body and soul. They have you hand your power over to the system, formula or app - instead of putting the power back into your own hands. Education in weight loss physiology (how your body works on the inside) and a mindset make-over are what you require for permanent weight loss - but they don't go there.
  3. They don't change your level of consciousness, awareness or elevate your standards. And so.... the minute you fail to manage yourself properly within their system (which is what inevitably happens when your willpower runs out ) -  you then go back to your default programs - quitting 'everything', binging and then looking for the next shiny new diet.
  4. Most diets focus on how to lose weight - and not on how to keep it off. Diets are by design for temporary results and they are based on half truths or outright inaccuracies. They put zero focus or effort into supporting you in how you are going to maintain your weight loss once you have achieved it.
  5. Finally, if you've attained your ideal weight with one of these diets but now you are sick of dieting and you are worried about how you are going to maintain that weight loss, you've come to the right place to re-boot your metabolism and upgrade your health so that you don't unravel your results!
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I understand the struggle...

I've dieted, starved myself, binged and been shamed for being fat - and not fit enough. I understand what it feels like to think I am doing everything right only to get the wrong results. I almost gave up and settled for being obese because I figured "if a whole foods health nut and nutritionist on a plant based diet still ends up obese, then there isn't hope for anyone". Thank god I got over myself and searched deeper for the truth. I confirmed my suspicion that counting calories and "exercise" are not the answer, and discovered WHAT IS  - through an intensive study of the physiology of weight loss. I put into practise what the physiology says and dropped 12 dress sizes - no pills, no bars, no shakes, no counting calories, carbs, protein or fat grams and no exercise - ALL THE WHILE eating more decadently rich than ever. Since the approach is simple, natural, healthy sustainable and more pleasure-able than how I ate before, I am still doing it - OF COURSE! And that's how I have maintained my weight loss for 7 years and counting. I wouldn't dream of going back - the Delish way is MORE delicious, satisfying and healthier - so why would I?

 12 dress sizes down eating more decadently than ever! 

Weight Loss Before and After

If 'naturally' thin people don't have to 'DIET' to maintain THEIR weight….. then why do you think YOU have to?  YOU DON'T.

Here is why I created the Delish UN-Diet School…..

There are  many ways to lose weight and only one way to keep it off.

Permanent weight loss is the result of up-leveling your health consciousness, your requirements and personal standards. If you want to join the 3% of people who keep the weight off you are going to need to go 'all in' for a permanent lifestyle transformation.

There simply is no other way. 

Diets fail because they perpetuate 'the diet mentality' by providing a temporary tool, not a transformation. The diet mentality is one that is full of half truths, quick fixes, temporary results, surface level ideals and outdated concepts that have you doing things that result in quick weight loss at first - and end in rebound weight gain by damaging your metabolism.

The Delish way is the anti-thesis to all that. It's a slow, steady and sustainable path that results in permanent weight loss - transforming your body and your life from the inside out.

Best of all, it is based on the science of weight loss physiology, not a method you have to memorize or become a 'meal mathematician'  to figure out.

You need to get schooled in the truth.

In the Delish UN-Diet School, we un-brain wash you of the diet mentality so that you never again fall prey to time wasting, health crashing and deprivation based fad diets again!

Instead we teach you how to implement and embody a lifestyle change.

We give you the knowledge, solutions and support - and we are in it with you for the long haul!

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Join the Delish UN-Diet School and together we'll uncover the mindset, emotional and physiological blocks that are standing in the way of you letting go of the weight naturally, pleasurably, sustainably and permanently.

We’ll cover everything you need to know to get past your 'weight woes' and your 'weight plateaus'.

Here is what the program covers...

We take a holistic approach by addressing all the contributing factors and root causes of your inability to attain and maintain your ideal  weight.


Your results in life are a reflection of your conscious mind and your body is a reflection of your subconscious mind. You've been buying into ideas & concepts that are not working for you. Get de-programmed from the diet mentality & re-wire your brain with the truth about what it actually takes to lose weight and keep it off. 


Your 'biology is your biography'. Your body speaks to you through the language of emotions & symptoms. These symptoms give clues as to the root cause of your excess weight. We listen for what your body is trying to say and lovingly meet your body's inherent needs - instead of tying to force it to lose weight.


What are you really hungry for? Your life purpose, passion, creative expression & pleasure in life are not separate from what your body needs.  When the soul is starving, the body gains physical weight to shed light on your emotional weight. We take an inside-out approach using your weight loss journey as a catalyst for transforming your whole life!


The calorie theory of weight loss is way oversimplified. It is also overcomplicated by complex 'points systems'. The truth is that you need to be de-brainwashed of the diet myths and mentalities. At the same time you must learn & understand weight loss physiology to properly inform your choices. Once you understand the basics, all you really need is logic. 

Here is what to expect...

  1. The minute you register, you get instant access to the recorded trainings in the Delish UN-Diet School as well as instant access to the BONUS e-courses (see below).
  2. If you choose the private coaching option you get to have 12 private accountability sessions to use at your own pace with one of our Delish Diet Certified Practitioners. These sessions are structured based on a proprietary system that includes pre-assignments and personalized homework to get you into action. 
  3. In addition, your private coaching package includes an Accountability Advisor who will check up on your personal progress and support you via 'Voxxer' to answer your questions in-between coaching sessions and the live trainings. 
  4. We meet as weekly for group coaching sessions.
  5. We meet LIVE, up close and personal in Kelowna, BC for the 'Get thin From Within' event (additionally it will be live streamed into our private Facebook group if you can't make the dates).
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You CAN DO this!

The Delish UN-Diet School has been designed to pre-emptively solve all the challenges that people struggle with that stops them from doing what needs to be done. If you are thinking that this is exactly what you need, but you are not sure if you've got what it takes, here is how I have made it easy for you!

1) Community & Connection

  • Group coaching calls where you get coached to breakthroughs where you are getting stuck and also get insight and ideas by witnessing others get coached to breakthroughs. 
  • Your partner, best friend or another family member get to join the program for free so that you have a transformation buddy to support each other along the way (private accountability sessions are not included but can be purchased for your parnter a la carte). 
  • Opportunity to attend a live event (includes bring a friend for free ticket!) to support you to bring your community on the journey with you and meet new friends for life (or alternately join via livestream).
  • Facebook group for daily connection, community and support.

2) Multiple Learning Styles

  • Pre-recorded trainings  that you can consume at your leisure.
  • All trainings come with done for you notes that highlight the important stuff, so you can easily find the info you need and consume the material while doing housework or cooking. 
  • Templates and tools that make learning easy such as hand outs, cheat sheets, info graphics, journal exercises etc.

3) Accountability

  • We know exactly the steps you need to be taking to get results and we help you take them with the 12 proprietary Delish Diet Private Coaching Sessions. Each session has been designed to include a pre -assignment, private session with a Delish Diet Certified Practitioner and personalized homework (yes, we will follow up with you to make sure you are doing it!). Plus don't forget, you have an Accountability Advisor as well!
  • When you get stuck not implementing, we realize that you don't need more insight or better advice, what you need is to get unstuck from an emotional or mindset block - I will coach you to the root cause of the challenge on our group coaching calls and your accountability advisor will follow up with you to make sure that you followed through on what you said you would. 

4) Holistic Approach

  • This is not a one size fits all approach.
  • I will personally take a full assessment of your nutritional needs so that I can give you personalized advice that is relevant to your unique bio-individuality on the group coaching calls.
  • If you chooose the private coaching option, our accountability coaches will uncover your top weight loss blocks and give you a personalized plan that is beyond the scope of the fundamentals of the general Delish Diet approach. 

5) Drop the Emotional Weight 

  • We acknowledge that your weight woes are more than just physiological blocks, but emotional weight too.
  • We always look for root causes rather than throwing advice on 'presenting problems' that are not the real issue - these root causes are usually not diet or lifestyle related - their roots are in other areas of your life that need transformation.
  • We support you to use your weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation. 

6) We set you up for success

  • We have deep immersion workshops in the top 4 universal obstacles that people struggle with: food prep & planning, weight plateaus, getting back on track after 'falling off the rails' and the sugar addiction cycle. 
  • All trainings include hand outs that highlight the most important points so you never have to worry about missing crucial details.
  • Implementation guidance and 'how to' support.
  • Recipes and menu plans (from easy to gourmet - depending on your mood or skill level)! 
  • Tools for goal-setting, planning and evaluation
  • Templates for food prep, meal planning and how to create your own recipes.
  • Done-for-you shopping lists

and so much more!

cake meditation 2

Who this is for…...

It's for you if you want to go deep. You aren't satisfied to settle, you want to know the truth and you are willing to invest your time in learning so that you finally just get what you need to do without having to adhere to or refer to a points system. You are n0t interested in blindly following a system that is based on the usual fluff (calorie counting, low fat foods and exercise) that at best only gives temporary results and at worst damage your metabolism.

  • It's for rebels, anarchists, hedonists, romantics and intellectual types.
  • It's for people who love to learn.
  • It's for spiritual people who like to go deep.

  • It's for you if you want to expand your palate for pleasure.

Who this isn't for…..

This is not for you if you are satisfied with the status quo. You still believe in the calories in and calories out theory of weight loss and you are not interested in permanent diet and lifestyle changes.

  • Not for you if you are impatient,  looking for instant results, a quick fix and a temporary solution.
  • Not for you if don't genuinely enjoy learning new things and trying new foods.
  • Not for you if you don't want to dig deep and use your weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation - you don't want to hear the truth, you prefer to keep things 'surfacey' and superficial and you don't like to go deep.
  • Not for you if you just want to force your body into submission - your health is not a priority right now, you just want to be skinny.

Are you one of US?

If you are done already with dieting, want to put pleasure back on the table and use your weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation, then  you'll fit in around here just fine.

Not only do you get personalized support, but you also get to become part of our vibrant community of deep women who are here to help and support you and everyone else on the journey!


Are you ready to do something different, go deep and put 'dieting' behind you and actually attain and maintain your ideal weight?

Here is how you know for sure that you are ready…...

  • You are willing to shift your focus from weight to health and embrace losing weight as an opportunity no only to lose weight, but prevent dis-ease and optimize your health (at it's basic level have the energy to live your dream life).

  • You recognize that your weight issue is a cry from your body to stop ignoring it's base physical needs and your deepest desires and settling for less than you are capable of - and start addressing your chronic stress so that your body can get out of fight or flight and into healing mode.

  • You are done now with feeling victimized by your weight, and you are ready to 'warrior up' and use this area of challenge in your life as an opportunity to up-level everything

  • You recognize that being skinny isn't going to change your life, but that dropping the emotional weight will.

Are you ready to embark upon the journey of losing weight as a catalyst for life transformation?

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  • Sherry Rothwell

    “I effortlessly lost 15lbs in 6 weeks and way more inches!”

  • Sherry Rothwell

    “I lost 30-35 pounds ...the even better part is that I am so excited because I haven't been under 200 lbs in like forever!”

  • Sherry Rothwell

    “It made such a difference, I lost 16 lbs, tee hee”

  • Sherry Rothwell

    “Just finishing my 3rd week and I've lost 10lbs so far! ”

  • Sherry Rothwell

    “"I've lost over 15lbs!'”

  • Sherry Rothwell

    “"I've lost so much weight my clothes are hanging off me!"”

The Guarantee

Your success is guaranteed. The reality is that you CAN lose weight. There isn't anybody who can't.

  • We have a nobody fails policy which means that once you have enrolled in the Delish UN-diet School and group coaching program, you have access to the trainings for life and may continue to attend group coaching calls for as long as it takes for you to reach your goal.
  • While we can't guarantee how many pounds you will lose in a specific time period (that's for your body to prioritize), what we can guarantee is that you will experience a higher level of health and prevent future disease.
  • We don't make false promises. How fast you lose weight depends on how long you've been overweight, how damaged your metabolism is from past episodes with dieting and how many physiological weight loss blocks (body system imbalances) that you need to overcome first.
  • The Delish Diet approach to losing weight without dieting and by getting healthy first works (when you show up and do the work).
  • We we are here for you for the long haul. We keep showing up for you to the same degree that you show up for yourself -  until you get the goal - and we remain here for you so that you can maintain your results.

The question is, will you do what it takes and more importantly will you keep doing what you did to lose it - to keep it off?

If you said yes, then join us and let's do this!!