Delish Diet Deep Cleanse

We all want to lose weight fast. It's natural to want that, but is it realistic or healthy?

The truth is that most approaches to fast weight loss, often result in a damaged metabolism and rebound weight gain -  leaving you less healthy and fatter in the end.

And that's not what you were planning for!

There's got to be a better way!

There is. 

You can lose weight fast and get healthier at the same time by going on a cleanse!

You are in the right place if you want to feel light and energized, instead of heavy, sluggish & puffy.

Long before disease settles in, your body speaks to you through annoying dis-ease symptoms. That's the point of them annoying you. Symptoms are the language of your body telling you that 'something' isn't right.

Here is a short list of clear symptoms that the body commonly uses to try to get your attention:

  • Feel puffy (water retention) and "dried out" (inflamed)?
  • Extra weight that won't budge (insulin resistance and it's various expressions of hormone imbalance)?
  • Have an afternoon slump (sluggish liver) or hit the 4 o'clock wall (adrenal fatigue)?
  • Experience pain in your muscles or joints (acidity)
  • Skin problems etc. (toxicity and elimination issues)

If you listen to your body now, instead of trying to suppress your symptoms with medication (or repress your feelings about them with coping substances like recreation drugs and alcohol), you can take action to prevent yourself from ever getting a diagnosis in the first place.

On the other hand, if you ignore your body or try to silence what it is trying to say to you with symptom-suppressing drugs, then it has no choice but to yell at you even louder until the situation becomes so bad that it officially becomes a medical issue.

But Why Let It Get so Bad That You Even Need to Go There?

Why not take your health into your own hands and say goodbye to being a passive and helpless victim to the medical system, where the only options on the menu are drugs and surgery? Seriously, besides a diagnosis, what else would you expect to be on offer?

Alternatively, when you use 'food as medicine'
there is soooooo much more on the menu. 

OK, so you get that cleansing could be just what your body is calling for, but are you worried that you are not disciplined enough or don't have the time or energy it takes to learn and do the food prep involved in a cleanse?

It's so unfortunate that people hold themselves back from starting a cleanse under the assumption that it has to be all or nothing.

Trust me, I get it. I work a lot too and then there is my coffee addiction.

I spent countless years putting off cleansing because I had this 'purist' idea that I HAD to go off coffee and all 'treats' to cleanse - and I dreaded that. Not to mention, I couldn't bare to think of the drudgery of life without my vices by my side. However,  let me assure you that a nourishing cleanse with coffee is much better for you - body & soul - than a cleanse where you feel miserable and deprived - or no cleanse at all. And that's why I created the Delish cleanse program. 

The 'Delish' approach to cleansing is not an all or nothing thing - it's a both/and kinda thing. As you may have already guesses, I am not a purist by any means.

The Delish cleanse is designed to move the needle forward in your health without giving up your pleasure in food!

You don't have to fast on water or broth, eat exclusively raw food or live on fresh pressed juice to get the benefits of cleansing. To do any of that is what I call going 'cold turkey' on your toxins (which is hard). The Delish cleanse is more of what I would call a 'build' or rejuvenation plan. It's more about providing your liver with the nourishment it needs to do the job it's already doing, but better.

You see those other kinds of cleanses are not cleansing you. Your liver is always the one doing the job, but the difference between a regular cleanse vs. the Delish cleanse is that the former stimulates the release of toxins quicker than your liver can keep up with - that's why you get cleansing reactions.

Your liver needs more nutrients, not less when toxins are stirred up to be released. So as you can imagine, if you stop eating, under-eat or exclusively eat raw fruit and vegetables, it triggers the cleansing response, while your liver has to work faster and harder on less nutrition (contrary to popular belief, fruits and most vegetables are not at the top of the list of nutrient dense foods). 

So no, we won't be doing that. The Delish cleanse is much easier, slower and more gentle, but it has a profoundly deeper impact on your health, because you get cleansing while you also build and replenish your nutrition stores - which is true rejuvenation. 

Since the foods so delicious, you'll find that you are eating with more pleasure than usual!

FYI - Doing this cleanse is also a great balancer as well. It's perfect for when you need a reset after indulgences, such as after the holidays to get you back on track with healthy diet and lifestyle habits. 

Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Watch the recorded trainings.
  • Step 2: Create your personalized cleanse plan based on where you are at (there are many options available to customize in whatever way you need to,to make the process do-able for your lifestyle).
  • Step 3: Execute your plan and experience the incredible power of your body's innate healing forces. 
Your body is designed to heal itself - you just need to eliminate what's in the way (toxicity) and give yourself what's been missing (nourishment). 

Results you can expect from the cleanse:

  • lose 15lbs in 21 days
  • clear glowing skin
  • mental clarity & focus
  • pesky annoying symptoms just vanish
  • a new lease on life

  Can you really lose 15 lbs in 21 days?

YES, you can lose the inflammation weight THAT fast (toxins, deficiencies, stress and acidity are causing the inflammation and that inflammation is what causes water retention and weight loss resistance).

The average woman loses as much as 15lbs in 21 days on this cleanse. Men typically lose 20 lbs.
All you need to do is set aside 21 Days to transform your body from the inside out and detox your whole life at the same time. 

Cleansing is the ONLY healthy way you can lose weight fast. Unlike fad diets and restricting calories, 'cleansing' is the first step on the path to permanent weight loss - and for some it's the last step too, to lose those last stubborn 15 lbs.

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Is this you…….

  1. Done with 'diets', but still want to lose weight?
  2. Inflamed, in pain, puffy and drying out?
  3. Feel heavy, gross and can’t seem to stop yourself from eating crap (despite your best intentions to eat healthy)?
  4. Worried that if you don't do something soon, your health problems are going to get even worse?
  5. Want to lose 5- 15 lbs before bikini season, a wedding, grad or a reunion?!

Sounds like you need a cleanse!

multiple dishes.jpgInstead of losing the weight fast and gaining it all back (and more) as what happens with restricting calories and living at the gym, weight loss that comes from cleansing actually improves your health, boosts your metabolism and sets your feet firmly on the path to permanent weight loss!l

With cleansing, you lose the weight without counting calories or starving yourself, but actually by giving your cells the deep nutrition your cravings have been begging you for!

You are here because you want more than a quick fix. You want permanent weight loss.

The trouble is, you can't seem to get yourself to stick with anything long enough to get past the first plateau.

You've tried dieting, but your willpower runs out and you cave to cravings which make it oh so easy to justify quitting instead of getting back on the horse. Because your results are slow, you give up before your body has had the chance to recalibrate to a lower weight set point. And because you have reinforced quitting - it often takes weeks or months to even consider getting started again.

Trying to lose weight these days has become so exhausting - both mentally and physically. Never mind how draining it is to feel hungry, defeated and cranky all the time.  You don't understand why you keep gaining weight, even though you exercise and eat better than a lot of other people you know. It just doesn't feel fair.

And anyways you want to lose more than just the weight. Besides losing the first (or last 15lbs), you really want to transform your health andsoup.jpg
 your life.

You want to feel beautiful, sexy, energized and strong again (in body & mind), but you've tried so many diet plans before, you don't know who or what to believe anymore. And at the same time, you just want someone you trust to tell you what to do and you'll do it!

You are in the right place if are willing to focus 3 weeks of your life on getting these first 15 lbs off to finally get the momentum you need to keep you going all the way to your desired weight!

Do you wish someone could explain to you why what you have been doing isn't working and tell you what to do instead to get your body burning fat again?

That's where I come in.

kitchen queen.pngI know how frustrating it is to feel like you are doing everything right and yet you can't lose weight. My name is Sherry Rothwell and I am a holistic nutritionist who specializes in strategies for permanent weight loss. 7 years ago I went from being a slightly overweight nutritionist who had simply 'settled' for the 'after baby weight', to becoming obese in less than 2 months on a healthy whole foods primarily vegetarian diet (what the?).

I knew enough to know that calorie counting and exercise were not the answer, so I didn't even try that. I was already eating natural whole foods, so it felt like I couldn't do any better with my diet than I was already doing.

I almost threw in the towel and accepted staying obese. After all what more could I do if I was already eating healthy?

A healthy person eating a healthy diet stays slim without counting calories or exercising. You know that right? So obviously eating less and moving more isn't the answer (your naturally skinny friend isn’t counting calories or living at the gym). 

But what about exercise? There was no way I was going to start punishing my obese body even more with exercise!

Here is the truth about exercise. Exercise is to movement like Mc Donald's is to a home-cooked meal - processed, artificial and unnatural. Sure, movement makes you healthier and exercise can help re-shape and tone your body so that you look ‘hot’, but neither results in weight loss by burning more calories. You probably also know someone who still overweight despite being an exercise fanatic and eating like a bird.

If your health isn't up to par and your diet isn't right, exercise is pretty much useless and can even sabotage your diet and keep you fat by wreaking havoc on your cortisol levels.

Ok, so if the answer isn't whole foods and it's not eating less and moving more, then what is it?

chia bowl.jpgIt's your health.

You don't lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight.

Obesity is a symptom of disease and disorder in your body.

Nobody really wants to say this (but I am going to!)....

If you can’t lose weight or maintain your ideal weight, your body is deficient in nutrition, toxic, inflamed and otherwise out of balance.

Your system needs a tune-up so that it can run properly!

When you can't lose weight you have 1 or more or all of the following health issues
1) blood sugar imbalance
2) toxicity
3) food sensitivities
5) endocrine burnout
6) your nervous system on the brink
7) hormone havoc

Until you address these health issues, you are always going to struggle with your weight and diets will always fail you because they never address the real reason you are overweight.

yummy bowl.jpgAnd that is why I created the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse to simultaneously address all of the above weight loss blocks.

You can use the program not only to kick start your weight loss journey but to elevate your health in the process while pushing past plateaus to get you to your ideal weight and stay there.

By the time most women hit 40, they struggle to maintain their weight (or lose it) because of the aforementioned health issues. For some even more unfortunate women (like me!), this struggle started as early as puberty! But no matter what your age, you can heal your body and restore your ability to
burn fat again!

The trouble is that you've been doing it all wrong because the diet gurus are giving you short term strategies, not strategies designed for the long term. They have been telling you to count calories, eat less, exercise more, take pills, bars and diet shakes etc. none of which are designed for permanent weight loss. Why? Because they make you have to fight against your body, your instincts, your hunger and cravings to be able to stick to them.

Of course your willpower eventually runs out and then you are worse off than when you started!!! More toxic, deficient and with a slower metabolism to boot - no wonder you can't lose weight!!

Here are the 3 biggest myths about weight loss that will never get you the results you want...sushi.jpg

1. The first one is that you are fat because you are a lazy, gluttonous, undisciplined, slob who overeats (no sorry, overeating doesn't cause obesity, the health challenges of which obesity is a symptom of are what cause overeating).

2. You need to eat less and exercise more (nope again, you need to eat more of the right foods and move your body in natural healthy human ways)

3. You need to count calories, carbs, fat and protein grams (no you don't, you need to return to your human instincts and cleansing helps you do that)

Wouldn't you agree that if you ignore what I am saying and go back to all of the above, that it is crazy to think that you would get different results doing the same thing you did before?!

Duh! Let's do something different!!

I am finally releasing the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse as a stand-alone program (it was once reserved for my private clients only)!

deep woman.jpgIt is specially designed for women who want to go deep.

It's not just about cleansing and nourishing the body back to health to get your body optimally burning fat again, but it is for women who want to go all the way and use their weight loss journey as an opportunity to press the reset button on her whole life.

For 21 days, we are going to go hard getting your health, weight, and life on track

coffee and chocolate.jpgHere is the transformation that you can look forward to....
1) Lose the first 15lbs or the last 5-15lbs.
2) More energy and enthusiasm to grab your life by the horns!
3) Smooth moods, alleviate your anxiety, drop the depression and find your motivation again.
4) Clear and glowing skin!
5) Look younger, fewer wrinkles and no more bags under your eyes!
6) Clarity about what needs to change in your life and the courage to change it
7) Confidence to make your dreams a reality!

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The Delish Diet Deep Cleanse was a game changer for me in using nutrition to heal and release weight after 40!


"I officially lost 20 lbs! I am just so thankful this program filled in the missing links with excess weight that I had no idea were even there. The Delish Diet Deep Cleanse was a game changer for me in using nutrition to heal and release weight after 40. Sherry teaches dense nutrition and pleasurable eating that was perfect for the way my 40 something body was experiencing new hormonal shifts. She’s seriously onto something! I just finished another round of 21 days of nourishing foods, teas, gut repairing foods, and clean eating. It’s the best hormone balancing, liver repairing and gut health nourishing cleanse I’ve found. My body, beauty and spirit feel so renewed."

Tara Preston


Here is EXACTLY Why This is Going To Work For You.....Even if Nothing Else Has Ever Worked Before..

You are finally going to stop focusing on the effect (weight) and start addressing the cause (toxicity, nutrient deficiency, inflammation & stress)!

The Delish Diet Deep Cleanse is based on 5 Pillars that create a foundation for permanent change: Diet, Lifestyle, Environment, Home Detox & Inner Work

Here Is A Sneak Peek of What You'll Learn/Do Inside the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse Program

- Learn the 9 foods you must eliminate when you have 'sticky' weight that won't budgeyogurt.jpg

- Identify and heal your food intolerance/sensitivities

- How to use stress to help you lose weight (instead of gain it)

- Uncover your emotional weight and clear it

- De-clutter and up-level your living environment

- Get organized and cross all that stuff that has been draining you off your to-do list so that you can move forward in life without dragging baggage with you

- You'll learn exactly what to eat/what not to eat after the cleanse to maintain your results

With my 7 Step Program, you are going to not only kick start your weight loss journey but prepare the way for your new life!

Step 1 - Address the root cause of your stubborn weight.journal.jpg

Step 2 - Rehumanize your lifestyle.

Step 3 - Detox your home.

Step 4 - Drop what's draining you.

Step 5 - De-clutter inside and out.

Step 6 - Raise your standards.

Step 7 - Design your dream life!

Start Now!

How to Know if This Program Is Right For You

This program is PERFECT for you if....

  • You want a life transformation and you are ready to jump in with both feet 
  • You have a big 'why' and an external or self-imposed time limit that will keep you going when the going gets tough (let's face it, we all have those  have those days)
  • You don't care if it's challenging physically, mentally and emotionally - that's what you want - you want to breakthrough your 'shit' and emerge a new woman!
  • You are solution focused and not afraid of hard work - yes you are going to have to spend a lot of time in your kitchen cooking, in your home cleaning and in front of your journal telling yourself the truth. 
  • You are willing to focus on your health and well-being and only weigh yourself on the day before the cleanse and the day after (plus you'll take before photos and your measurements for 'back up')

tumeric smoothie.jpgYou should only join us if you are willing to gift yourself 3 weeks fully immersed in self-love and self-care.

Anyone can do anything for 3 weeks, but the question is will you?

Here is how I have made it easy for you!

The program includes....

- Printable grocery list
- What to eat/what not to eat framework
- A ton of recipes
- Done for you menu plans (vegan and fish options)
- Journal Exercises
- Video Trainings
- Handouts that highlight important points

Start Now!

Plus you'll love these BONUSES that provide plenty of support!!hot chocolate.jpg

BONUS #1 Delish UN-Diet School e-course (VALUE $197) - You are going to need this to maintain your new weight set point (and to keep losing if you have more than 15lbs to lose).

BONUS #2 Seasonal Rejuvenation Masterclass (VALUE $147)  - As you move through the cycle of the year, you have the opportunity to deeply nourish and cleanse each body system into greater health in their prospective power time of year. Seasonal rejuvenation is perfect for getting past weight loss plateaus, healing one's self, aging beautifully (while staying sexy!) and achieving greater and greater levels of health.

BONUS #3 Heal Your Gut for Good BONUS Module (VALUE $147) - Perfect for you if you have trouble with your digestion. You'll learn how to actually heal your gut, rather than avoid a growing list of foods forever!

BONUS #4 Private Facebook group (VALUE $ priceless!) - This is where you can come for inspiration, connection, support and encouragement. It's where you can ask questions and connect with others on the journey!! 


This Program is Not for You If.....

  • You won't put the time aside to focus on this
  • You simply don't desire a life transformation
  • You don't have a higher vision of your health

Here is how the program works...salmon.jpg

1) You get instant access to the Diet Module which is  everything you need to start the diet (the remaining modules are delivered 7 days apart, but they are instantly accessible as well for those of you who are insatiable learners (like I am!) and want to consume the material fast! 

2) You will join the Facebook group for inspiration support and community.

Soooooo are you ready to go from fluffy, puffy, fatigued, inflamed and feeling frumpy - to feeling 'foxy', light, full of life, energized and inspired to live on purpose again? 

If you said YES! click here to enrol now!

What's the alternative?

  • Stay stuck and feeling toxic!
  • Symptoms only get worse (body has to scream louder)!
  • Gain even more weight!
Nah, you don't want that!

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