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You know what to do (or at least you think you do), but you just don't do it.

The more diets you try, the fatter you get (the rebound is real!). It shouldn't be happening like this. If it is, it is because you don't actually know what you are doing. The proof is in the pudding (pardon the pun). You don't KNOW if you can't DO. It's partly because your mentality is wrong about what it takes to actually attain and maintain your ideal weight - and partly it's because you are buying into half truths and outright lies about weight loss. You are trying every new fad without understanding the first thing about weight loss physiology or you just haven't yet committed yourself to studying health and permanently living a healthy lifestyle. End of story - you've got gaps in your knowledge. Your failed attempts at dieting are not due to laziness or a lack of willpower, but due to lacking knowledge or a health conscious mindset (or both) and falling prey to diet's designed for temporary results. 

  • You can't lose more than 10lbs dieting 
  • You are worried about your health
  • Every time you give up you gain even more after
  • You want to look and feel attractive
  • You hate the way your clothes fit
  • You are worried that you'll never have the body you want

Stop dieting already and actually lose weight!

 Living the Delish Diet way of life permanently is the only way to permanent results. If you are looking for permanent results, why would you choose a diet you know that you can only do temporarily? That's ludicrous. A healthy lifestyle that includes pleasureable food is the key to permanent weight loss.

Prevent Disease

Decrease your susceptibility to metabolic disease (atherosclerosis, diabetes, fatty liver, alzheimers etc). 

Attain Optimal Health

Experience yourself at your highest level of health - who would you be without your aches, pain, depression, fatigue and feeling fat?

Permanent Weight Loss

Finally get your energy back from obsessing about food, hating your body and holding yourself back. Instead start loving your body and your life again!

The What, Why & How

Losing weight permanently happens in 3 easy steps......

Become Health Conscious

Put your health first, weight loss second (that's how it works anyway)! You don't lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy and the good side effect of that is weight normalization.

Understand Weight Loss Physiology

You can't be mentally lazy, become mentally prepared. Be willing to study, pursue knowledge and fully understand how weight loss happens, so that you are primed for success (body, mind and spirit).

Eat the Delish Way and live the lifestyle permanently.

Eat your way sexy and stay that way. Have a kitchen stocked full of decadent, delicious and nutritious foods that provide pleasure, sustenance and optimal health.

The Delish Diet is Different

The Delish Diet isn't a methodology because one size doesn't fit all. It is also not a points system either - you shouldn't have to become a mathematician to formulate a meal. The Delish Diet is based on principles that are physiology based, practical and personalized to the individual. There is no counting calories, carbs, fat or protein grams - exercise is optional. The Delish Diet is logical, intuitive, natural, pleasureable, sustainable and permanent.  The principles show you how to think and feel yourself thin as the precursor to transforming your habits and impulses around food. You must change your mindset. Education is key. We begin with knowledge, we practice what we learn and by mastering the principles, we embody being thin for life!  

What separates me from other weight loss mentors is that I’ve been in your shoes. You'll be relieved to know that I am not one of those ‘make it look easy’ fitness junkies or ‘always been skinny chicks' who just can’t figure out why you can’t stick with counting calories or an exercise routine - I actually used to be obese! Like you, I can’t be bothered to count anything and personally, I would much rather ‘work’ than work out!
But what really sets my work apart is that I take an inside - out approach to weight loss. The Delish Diet is the world's most holistic approach to letting the weight go. We don't just focus on the body, but address the metaphysical and emotional causes of your weight gain too.
Getting thin is an inside job! The root causes of weight gain are invisible. They are found beneath the skin, inside the mind and behind closed doors. Weight loss blocks can be any 1 or more of the following: physiological, educational, environmental, emotional, hormonal, mindset, relational, socio-economic and addiction issues etc
When you work with me 1 on 1, we delve deeply into what is going on your life, so that you can use your weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation.
With the Delish Diet transformational approach, you lose more than JUST the physical weight, but the weight of the world off your shoulders too!

Sooooooooo........Are you ready now to get off the diet roller coaster hell and get on the highway to health with me?

Let's talk about your unique situation and explore how you can best use your weight loss journey as a path of personal transformation!

Coaching Options
Here are the 3 ways we can work together.....

Private Kitchen Queen Package


Delish Done With You in 4 Months!

12 private coaching sessions, plus

1, 5 hr Kitchen Retreat Day

Delish Approved Grocery Store Tour
Complimentary Seat in the Delish UN-Diet School Group Coaching Program (VALUE $4997)

Delish Diet Masterclass (VALUE $197)

Delish Diet Deep Cleanse (VALUE $397)

Delish Diet Immersion (VALUE $997)

2 hour follow up Integration Session (VALUE $397)

Total Value of BONUSES
$6, 985

Most popular

12 Month Group Coaching Program


Delish Done By Your Side in Community

12 Live Monthly Virtual Training 

12 Live Implementation Calls

12 Live Monthly Group Coaching Q & A calls 

3, 1 hour private sessions with Sherry

12, 1 hour accountability sessions with a Delish Certified Private Weight Loss Coach

4 quarterly 3 hour virtual workshops

 Weightless 'Get Thin From Within' - Transformational Event in Kelowna, BC for you and a friend!

Plus instant access to all Delish Diet online courses!


Delish Diet Masterclass (VALUE $197)

Delish Diet Deep Cleanse (VALUE $397)

Delish Diet Immersion (VALUE $997)

2 hour follow up Integration Session with Sherry (VALUE $397)

Total Value of BONUSES

Private Kitchen Goddess Package


Delish Done For You in 12 Months

12 private coaching sessions, plus….

5, 5 hr Kitchen Retreat Days specifically….

Revamp Your Kitchen Day
Cleanse Prep Day
Delish-i-fy Your Kitchen Day
Cooking Skills Up-level Day
Food Planning and Prep Day

Delish Approved Grocery Store Tour
Dinner Out


Complimentary Seat in the Delish UN-Diet School Group Coaching Program (VALUE $4997)

Delish Diet Masterclass (VALUE $197)

Delish Diet Deep Cleanse (VALUE $397)

Delish Diet Immersion (VALUE $997)

2 hour follow up Integration Session (VALUE $397)

Total Value of BONUSES

Need a payment plan? Yip, we've got them!

A little background on me….

Side Profile.jpg

Besides over 20 years working in the natural health field, I have been in private practice as a certified nutritionist since 2006.

I am a graduate with honours from both the Edison Institute of Nutrition (2006) and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (2008). My credentials include registerd holistic nutritionist (RHN), CD and GAPS (gut and psychology sydrome) practitioner.

In 2011, I co founded a business venture called Domestic Diva which was an online traditional foods platform where we taught e-courses teaching  traditional food skills to hundreds of women-locally, online and abroad.

I am also a certifed business coach and have been mentoring holistic practioners in their business start ups since 2012.

In 2014 I  went on to beome an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for 4 years where I discovered a love for teaching!