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Let me help you solve the problem of struggling with how to lose weight and actually keep it off – whether you are obese (like I was!) or just wanting to lose that last 15 lbs and finally fit into your skinny jeans again!

This session is for you if you want to put your health first and  lose weight without dieting or giving up your guilty pleasures!

In this 'Slim, Sexy and Satisfied’ Session we will……

  1. Explore what is keeping you stuck with your weight. 
  2. We'll identify what kind of support you need to overcome your obstacles.
  3. I will share with you which Delish program is the best match to where you are at on the journey.
  4. I will answer any questions you have about working together.

This session is only for people who are truly ready to stop doing fad diets and instead adopt a lifestyle that makes weight loss easy (while eating more decadently than ever!).

I work best with people who are willing to go deep fast, so be prepared to be authentic, vulnerable and real to finally get to the root cause of your struggle with your weight.

Here is how to get started..

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Together, let's make this the last diet you ever do!

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