Lose Weight WITHOUT dieting?

Is it even possible to lose weight without counting calories, carbs, fat grams or protein....no pills, bars or shakes and without giving up the rich, sweet, creamy comfort foods you crave (and love)? 
Yes it sure is! And it is easier than you can imagine! 

Wouldn't it be amazing to finally feel like you are in control of your weight and know exactly how to eat to lose it? And it would be oh such a relief if 'the way' was natural, pleasurable, sustainable - and most of all permanent. If only you had someone to take you by the hand and tell you exactly what to do, you would just do it.

But right now, you are feeling confused about what it actually takes to lose weight. At this point, you are exhausted with trying to figure out which diet is the right one for you. You are committed to doing what it takes, but you just don't know where to start!

You've probably already tried 'eating healthy', counting calories, endless exercise or trying popular diets like Keto, Atkins, Weight Watchers and the like, but you just couldn't stick with them permanently - and so your results (if any) were temporary.

I know how it feels...

I did Weight Watchers when I was 15 for about two weeks....yes I lost some weight....but nah, I didn't keep doing it. Who wants to have to be a mathematician to formulate a meal? I pretty much starved myself to fit into my grad dress and I never did lose the after baby weight.

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 8.19.01 PM.pngAt 36 years of age I literally in what felt like overnight, woke up obese. I had been so up in my head, off my path and disconnected from my body that I suddenly found myself standing on the scale with the number 176 lbs staring back at me.

For someone of my height, that is beyond overweight. Clinically, I was considered obese. 

How hadn’t I noticed this happening to myself? It was obvious and as plain as day, but I just couldn’t see it.

A month or so earlier I had been in Las Vegas for a video marketing event thinking video would be just the thing I needed to move the needle in my business. I remember walking past a mirror in the hotel and thinking, “Wow I am so bloated I look pregnant. This hotel food must be really poor quality”! For some reason, it didn’t even occur to me that I had gained weight.

I have to laugh about it now because it was almost as if I had the opposite experience of an anorexic person. I could literally be obese and not even see myself as having a weight problem!

What’s worse is that a month or so earlier, I had been working with a client who enrolled in a 6 month package with me to help her lose weight without dieting. No problem, I thought this would be easy. Every Saturday morning I would head off to her house for a session and on one particular morning, I did something I never did. I stepped on her scale when I was in the bathroom. I didn’t even own one myself. I saw the number. 176 lbs! That should have made it plain as day right? Nope. I was so unconsciously in denial that I actually thought to myself “she must have set the scale up 15 lbs to motivate herself with negative feedback”! 

Where did my brain go? And why did it go there, instead of believing the scale? I guess it was because, it was just so plain unbelievable to me that I could have gained that much weight in such a short period of time - and because growing up, my mom used to set the scale up 5 lbs to keep herself in check. So instead of realizing the truth of what had happened, I thought to myself “sheesh, she is really being ‘kooky’ setting the scale up 20lbs!”.

And oh the irony of becoming an obese nutritionist two months into a weight loss coaching package with a new client. Honestly, I cannot believe how gracious my client was about it. She never once mentioned it or asked me what was going on. The truth is though, that I would have had no explanation for her …..because I wasn’t doing anything different from what I had always done.

So how could this have happened then?

The moment that I finally realized I was obese, came soon after getting back from the video marketing event where I thought I was ‘just bloated’. Being at a family gathering, I stepped on my mom’s scale and I saw the same number for the second time. This time I finally really saw it and I knew it was real. First I felt shock and then panic. I could literally feel the blood draining from my extremities as I went into fight or flight mode.

I wanted to run. Run from the shame and embarrassment of being seen and even more so from the fear of feeling out of control and not knowing if I could stop it from getting worse - I wasn’t yet even thinking about how I could lose it.

I walked back up the stairs and sat with my extended family at the dining room table - reeling. I could barely hear the muffled voices or communicate while my brain sat there ‘rolodexing’ my life trying to figure out what had happened. When did it happen? How did it happen?

Later that night when I got home and started scrolling Facebook, I saw that my cousin had posted a picture of us on Facebook from that night and had tagged me in it.  When I saw myself, I was instantly horrified and untagged myself feeling embarrassed and ashamed to be seen. So much for video marketing.

It Took Me 9 Months to EVEN Decide to Lose the Weight

before 7.png

At first I felt powerless to change things. It felt futile, because I thought I was already doing everything right. I mean I already made 3 whole food vegetarian organic meals from scratch every single day - what more could I do? 

By this time with two young children in tow, we only ate out on the rarest of occasions and periodically went through phases of ordering in pizza on a Friday night. Since I had been eating that way for decades, I couldn’t figure out why now it was suddenly making me fat.

I wasn’t interested in going to the gym or working out at home. And I definitely wasn’t going to go on a diet and become an obsessive "calorie counter". In my mind, diet’s were for ‘dummies’ - they obviously aren’t healthy and statistics prove they don’t work long term - so what’s even the point? I knew for sure that going on a diet wasn’t the answer. But still, I didn’t have the answer. Even after completing and graduating with honours from two of Canada’s top holistic nutrition schools. 

You see I used to think that losing weight was as easy as…. just stop eating junk food and eat real food. After all, that’s what worked for me in my 20’s.  

 All I did was improve the quality of the food I ate and went on a cleanse. These two simple shifts resulted in a weight loss of 20 lbs over two years without counting calories or exercising. I was focused on eating better for health purposes and the weight just dropped off - as a natural good side effect.

At the time, I remember telling a good friend of mine how thankful I was to have finally figured out how easy it is to maintain one’s weight just by eating natural foods. I felt totally liberated thinking I was never going to have to worry about my weight again after at least a decade of struggling with it. I was so sure at 24 years of age that a whole foods vegetarian diet was the answer to every health challenge under the sun - including obesity.

Fast forward to my thirties, and I was eating even better than in my twenties (a time when I ate out a lot more than I care to admit!) and yet suddenly here I was obese. What the?! It seemed like a cruel joke. 

Why did a whole foods vegetarian diet get me to my ideal weight in my twenties without even trying to lose weight - and the same dietary model lead to obesity when I was in my mid thirties? I had no idea. Until I knew the true cause of my unexplained weight gain, it seemed futile to try to lose it. I decided I wasn’t going to expend energy on it until I figured out what triggered it in the first place. So I did almost nothing about it for 9 months.

I almost succumbed to the idea of staying fat

Finally I came to the realization that I was at a crossroads. One that women usually don’t come to until they are in their mid to late 40’s, but with my hereditary weakness being hormonal, and with a family history of diabetes, I had hit it early. By this point, I had not just 'plumped up', but I had lost my feminine curves, my hair and skin were drying out. I was frazzled, frumpy and feeling haggard.

I looked around me and saw many women in their 50’s and beyond who looked just like me. The body shape I had in my mid thirties seemed to be the norm for most women past 50 and so I had the thought, “well pudgy grannies are cute, so maybe I can just accept that this is a part of aging and stop making it an issue or a problem to solve."

And then this other voice inside me was like ‘hell no’ you are not going to succumb to this. It isn’t normal or natural - if it was, every woman would look like this past 50. After all wrinkles are normal and natural and everybody actually does get them as they age…..but being overweight? That is not normal. It may be common, but it isn’t natural or healthy. If it was, then does that mean that women over 50 that are in the normal weight range are unhealthy? ….come on! 

So in that moment, I finally decided that I was going to choose to be hot, that I would get my feminine curves back and keep them. I decided I would figure this thing out.

Come hell or high water I was going to get my body back.

I simply decided that I would figure it out and I did!

That's how the Delish Diet was born!

I've been on this journey a long time.

My journey to understanding and overcoming issues with my weight started way back in high school.

I struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. 

I am no stranger to binging, starving myself and dieting. 

In fact, my friends and I used to have binging sleepovers. We called it ‘porking out’. 

Honestly, I am not sure what I was more excited about - hanging out with my friends or pigging out! 

I remember lamenting “wouldn’t it be amazing if junk food made you skinny and healthy food made you fat?”.  

I never would have guessed that my fantasy would one day become more possible than I could imagine. I know it sounds too good to be true. I once thought that too.

Back then I used to say food was the devil. And I meant it because it felt like food was ruining my life.

One of my weekend rituals - before starting yet another diet on Monday - was to buy a bacon double cheeseburger and fries at Mc Donalds, plus a chocolate bar, chips and a Mc Cain cake from 7 Eleven for dessert. All just so that I could get my 'fill' before Monday - after which I would starve myself and do aerobics (think back to the days of VHS, Susan Powter and Denise Austin!).

To top it off, I would buy at minimum 8 fashion magazines (Teen, Seventeen, YM, Sassy, Vogue, Cosmo, Glamour and Elle) and then rent a movie with a beautiful thin Hollywood actress in it - to punish myself by comparison and motivate me to start my diet.

Back then, I thought you had to exercise yourself to death and eat like a rabbit to lose weight.

Of course raw carrots, celery and iceberg lettuce didn’t sound fun, sexy or glamorous at all. At the time, I didn't even think it was possible to enjoy eating food and actually maintain a healthy weight (hence food being the devil).

Fast forward to today, I eat the most nutritious, luxurious and delicious foods. I eat way more decadently than ever and stay slim without counting calories and exercising.

I was shocked to discover that the diet gurus have had it wrong all along with the whole 'eat less, move more' approach of calorie counting.

The reason 97% percent of dieters fail - is that no one wants to exercise themselves to death or deprive themselves for life!

Eventually, I refused to diet and instead embarked upon a journey to discover the truth about health and weight loss. I discovered that healthy food is actually way more delicious than any junk food - and  that when you know what you are doing in the kitchen, you can make and eat any treat to your heart's desire without getting fat.

It turns out that all of your sinfully delicious favourites can be turned into angelic alternatives.

You've come to the right lady if you are done with the hellish world of fad diets, starving, deprivation and slaving away at the gym - and ready for the heaven of finally being able to eat whatever you want without gaining weight.

It turns out that the fantasy is real. You really can eat cake and lose weight.

I dropped 12 dress sizes eating myself sexy and you can too!

I can't wait to show you how you can too!

You can lose weight naturally without "dieting" in the conventional sense. 

The Delish Approach is Right for You If:
  1. You are willing to be patient and put your health before your weight and focus on  showing your body love and care with deep nourishment. 
  2. You want permanent weight loss, while eating more decadently than ever (eat like a queen - without putting on the pounds)!!
  3. You want to lose more than just the weight, your goal is optimal health (for more energy, beauty, happiness and confidence)!
  4.  You want to use your weight loss success story as a springboard to create your dream life!

A little more about my background…..

I became an esthetician at 19 but it wasn’t long though before I became sick on the nail polish fumes, went au natural and started working in health food stores.

I took responsibility for my own health and healed myself from acne, yeast infections, PMS, mono and depression using only natural food, energy medicine and natural remedies. By working in the natural health field, I also became introduced to the world of natural childbirth, birthed my son at home with midwives and became super passionate about all things babies!

I started my first business partnership in 2001 called Earth Mother - Canada's first holistic mom and baby store.  After that I became a homebirth Doula and eventually a holistic nutritionist specializing in prenatal and gut health.

In 2011, I co founded a business venture called Domestic Diva which was an online traditional foods platform where we taught ' Cultured Kitchen'  and ' Sugar Detox'  e-courses, teaching  traditional food skill classes to hundreds of women-locally, online and abroad.

Besides over 20 years working in the natural health field, I have been in private practice as a holistic nutritionist since 2007  and also offer mentoring for holistic nutritionists and health coaches at NutritionWisdom.ca

business history box 2
A day in the life at CSNN (cropped)

And for a little formal stuff..

I am a graduate with honours from both the Edison Institute of Nutrition (2006) and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (2008). My credentials include registered holistic nutritionist (RHN), GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome) practitioner and certified childbirth doula.

I am also a certified business coach and have been mentoring holistic practitioners in their business start ups since 2012.

In 2014 I  went on to become an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for 4 years where I discovered a love for teaching!

Today, besides helping people lose weight naturally without dieting (by putting their health first) - I am also the owner of Protein Powered where we help people prioritize protein on their plate with easy, convenient and sustainable food products - ones that make it easy to put whole food, homemade protein forward meals on the table in record time!

Well, that's way more than enough about me already, let's talk about you!

See that contact form below? Tell me what you are struggling with and I will e-mail back with some solutions and options for getting support to overcome your challenges!

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