Done with conventional diets, but still want to lose weight?

At the age of 36 I woke up to the reality that I had become obese in what literally felt like overnight.....but I wasn’t just overweight, I was overworked and emotionally unfulfilled - feeling alone, heavily burdened and carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.

The physical weight began to grow parallel to my emotional weight.

Our bodies are not silent, they speak to us through the language of symptoms.

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What I discovered is that you can eat the best food on the planet, but if your soul is starving, your body will go into famine mode anyway and start storing fat in response to chronic stress - even if you eat healthy.

I have spent the last 6 years unraveling all of that by facing the truth - all of our chronic stress is generated by avoiding acute stress.

In the process I didn’t just drop 12 dress sizes, but I created a system for continually evaluating my life and consistently reflecting on what needs to be addressed to move forward - essentially embracing acute stress as a means to relieve chronic stress - this is a very different approach than ’stress management’ or ‘coping techniques’.

So while I do help women lose physical weight, what I am most passionate about is supporting them to drop the emotional weight and live fully self expressed lives.

What I am really in the business of is - helping women use their weight loss journey as a catalyst for turning their breakdowns into breakthroughs, so that they can design their dream life (unfiltered), live without limitation and fulfill their potential on all levels.

Why does this matter?

It matters to me because I believe the reason we are on this planet is to explore, learn, grow, create experiences and make memories, not to seek approval (or to avoid disapproval), just merely to survive or to 'get by', but to thrive in joy, love, pleasure and connection.

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Here is the truth….being skinny won't change your life, but using your weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation will!

And for a little of the formal stuff..

Sherry Rothwell is a Holistic nutritionist (RHN) and graduate with honours from both the Edison Institute of Nutrition and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. In addition to having been an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for 4 years, she is a continuing education instructor at the Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC. Sherry is also currently studying Human Sciences at the University of Athabasca.

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