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Sherry's Story of Losing Weight Without Dieting

In this video I share my journey and struggle with my weight that started way back in my teen years

Want my help to lose weight without dieting by putting your health first?

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What I know to be true.....

Losing weight is simple, it's the causes that are complex.

If you can't lose weight, you are working with the wrong strategy. Conventional diets based on eating less and moving more are designed for short term results. In the long term they deprive you of nutrition and slow down your metabolism. If you don’t plan to do your current strategy for weight loss forever, you are kidding yourself that you can ever lose weight and keep it off. It sounds harsh, but it's true. As soon as you quit working the strategy, it quits working for you. There is only one core strategy you need to lose weight and that is to return to  your natural human diet, habitat and habits.

Have you noticed that wild animals have a diet but don't go on a diet? Wild animals are never overweight because they don't eat or live unnaturally for their species.  If you just can’t seem to get yourself to do what is natural to you as a human mammal (or you've lost touch with your instincts) - then what is standing in your way are what I call weight loss blocks. Weight loss blocks can be any 1 or more of the following: physiological, educational, environmental, emotional, hormonal, mindset, relational, socia-economic and addiction issues etc. It is time now to stop ‘dieting’ and deal with the actual root causes of your weight gain. Being overweight is NOT the cause of your problems, it is an EFFECT of them. You have to do both the inner and outer work if you want permanent results.

How you eat to lose weight MUST be more pleasurable than how you ate to gain it. Once you stop eating processed foods (and yes, you are going to have to do that), you'll discover that healthy food not only tastes better than artifical food products, but they are way more decadent and satisfying. Any diet 'worth it's shirt' must teach you how to replace your vices and how to turn sinfully delicious treats into angelic alternatives that are as good as (or better) than the food you currently can't imagine giving up! If the diet that gets you skinny isn’t more pleasurable than the diet that got you fat, well then we all know what’s going to happen. Your willpower will run out and you’ll go back to those old defaults habits that got you fat in the first place. 

Don’t let your history re-write itself. Do something different!


i was once where you are

How I came to specialize in weight loss

 At the age of 36 I woke up to the reality that I had become obese in what literally felt like overnight - despite being a nutritionist and eating healthy.

But I wasn’t just overweight, I was overworked and emotionally unfulfilled - feeling alone, heavily burdened and carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.

The physical weight began to grow parallel to my emotional weight.

Our bodies are not silent, they speak to us through the language of symptoms

The chronic stress that I had been enduring for at least a decade became a trigger for hormonal imbalance and eventually obesity - despite eating a whole foods plant based diet.

What I discovered is that you can eat the best food on the planet, but if your soul is starving, your body will go into famine mode anyway and start storing fat in response to chronic stress - even if you eat healthy.

I have spent the last 7 years unraveling all of that by facing the truth - all of our chronic stress is generated by the little white lies we tell ourselves and by avoiding acute stress (which turns that stress into chronic stress)!

In the process I didn’t just drop 12 dress sizes, but I created a system for continually evaluating my life and consistently reflecting on what needs to be addressed to move forward - essentially embracing acute stress as a means to relieve chronic stress - this is a very different approach than ’stress management’ or ‘coping techniques’.

One of the biggest chronic stresses on our body becasue of living in the modern world is eating excess carbohydrates, emotional eating and sugar addiction.

Eating carbohydrates strategically is where we start the journey , but it doesn't end there.

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So while I do help women lose physical weight, what I am most passionate about is supporting them to drop the emotional weight and live fully self expressed lives.

What I am really in the business of is - helping women use their weight loss journey as a catalyst for turning their breakdowns into breakthroughs, so that they can design their dream life (unfiltered), live without limitation and fulfill their potential on all levels.

Why does this matter?

It matters to me because I believe the reason we are on this planet is to explore, learn, grow, create experiences and make memories, not to seek approval (or to avoid disapproval), just merely to survive or to 'get by', but to thrive in joy, love, pleasure and connection.

Here is the truth….being skinny won't change your life, but using your weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation will!

Where the journey really started….

My journey to understanding and overcoming issues with my weight started way back in high school.

I struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. 

I am no stranger to binging, starving myself and dieting. 

In fact, my friends and I used to have binging sleepovers. We called it ‘porking out’. 

Honestly, I am not sure what I was more excited about - hanging out with my friends or pigging out! 

I remember lamenting “wouldn’t it be amazing if junk food made you skinny and healthy food made you fat?”.  

I never would have guessed that my fantasy would one day become more possible than I could imagine. I know it sounds too good to be true. I once thought that too.

Back then I used to say food was the devil. And I meant it because it felt like food was ruining my life.

One of my weekend rituals - before starting yet another diet on Monday - was to buy a bacon double cheeseburger and fries at Mc Donalds, plus a chocolate bar, chips and a Mc Cain cake from 7 Eleven for dessert. All just so that I could get my 'fill' before Monday - after which I would starve myself and do aerobics (think back to the days of VHS, Susan Powter and Denise Austin!).

To top it off, I would buy at minimum 8 fashion magazines (Teen, Seventeen, YM, Sassy, Vogue, Cosmo, Glamour and Elle) and then rent a movie with a beautiful thin Hollywood actress in it - to punish myself by comparison and motivate me to start my diet.

Back then, I thought you had to exercise yourself to death and eat like a rabbit to lose weight.

Of course raw carrots, celery and iceberg lettuce didn’t sound fun, sexy or glamorous at all. At the time, I didn't even think it was possible to enjoy eating food and actually maintain a healthy weight (hence food being the devil).

Fast forward to today, I eat the most nutritious, luxurious and delicious foods. I eat way more decadently than ever and stay slim without counting calories and exercising.

I was shocked to discover that the diet gurus have had it wrong all along with the whole 'eat less, move more' approach of calorie counting.

The reason 97% percent of dieters fail - is that no one wants to exercise themselves to death or deprive themselves for life!

Eventually, I refused to diet and instead embarked upon a journey to discover the truth about health and weight loss. I discovered that healthy food is actually way more delicious than any junk food - and  that when you know what you are doing in the kitchen, you can make and eat any treat to your heart's desire without getting fat.

It turns out that all of your sinfully delicious favourites can be turned into angelic alternatives.

You've come to the right lady if you are done with the hellish world of fad diets, starving, deprivation and slaving away at the gym - and ready for the heaven of finally being able to eat whatever you want without gaining weight.

It turns out that the fantasy is real. You really can eat cake and lose weight.

I dropped 12 dress sizes eating myself sexy and you can too!

I can't wait to show you how you can too!


A little more about my background…..

I became an esthetician at 19 but it wasn’t long though before I became sick on the nail polish fumes, went au natural and started working in health food stores.

I took responsibility for my own health and healed myself from acne, yeast infections, PMS, mono and depression using only natural food, energy medicine and natural remedies. By working in the natural health field, I also became introduced to the world of natural childbirth, birthed my son at home with midwives and became super passionate about all things babies!

I started my first business partnership in 2001 called Earth Mother - Canada's first holistic mom and baby store.  After that I became a homebirth Doula and eventually a holistic nutritionist specializing in prenatal and gut health.

In 2011, I co founded a business venture called Domestic Diva which was an online traditional foods platform where we taught ' Cultured Kitchen'  and ' Sugar Detox'  e-course teaching  traditional food skill classes to hundreds of women-locally, online and abroad.

I have been in private practice since 2006 and also offer mentoring for holistic nutritionists and health coaches at NutritionWisdom.ca

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And for a little formal stuff..

Besides over 20 years working in the natural health field, after a few years of Doula 'ing' and studying holistic midwifery, I became a certified holistic nutritionist (RHN), GAPS practitioner and graduated with honours from both the Edison Institute of Nutrition and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. 

In 2014, I  went on to beome an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for 4 years where I discovered a love for teaching!

Currently I am a continuing education instructor at the Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC. and studying Human Sciences at the University of Athabasca.

That's way more than enough about me already, let's talk about you!

See that contact form below? Tell me what you are struggling with and I will e-mail back with some solutions and options for getting support to overcome your challenges!

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