No Bake Homemade Protein Bars


Besides being absolutely delish, these homemade bars are super easy to make and they outdo commercial protein bars on multiple levels:

  • taste like a delicious treat instead of chalky and dry like most protein bars
  • no additives or unnecessary ingredients.
  • way lower in carbs than the average protein bar 
  • way higher in protein than the average keto/low carb bar.
  • way more affordable to make than to buy commercial brands

What you will need: 
1 cup hemp seeds
1 cup protein powder of...

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I entertain too much.


“My current lifestyle and the bad habits that my husband and I have adopted for eating and entertaining are hard to break.” 

Ever struggle with this common thought that stops you from committing to the healthy lifestyle that permanent weight loss requires?

When I read these words, these are the beliefs I hear:
- I think eating poorly is more pleasurable than eating healthy.
- I think I can’t entertain and present foods that my company will enjoy.
- I think eating healthy...

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30 lbs down & kept it off for 2 plus years now!

Lisa Shorter before and after!.png

What I love about Lisa's story is her focus on her health and lifestyle, rather than on what the scale says.

Lisa so beautifully demonstrates the mindset that is required for permanent weight loss. It's not about quick results, it is about results that last. 

If you've been overweight your whole life or you are over 50, you'll want to learn from Lisa's story and take on her mindset.

It's about sustainable results with the initial focus being on health.

You must cultivate patience and...

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Cheese free frittata.png

What you will need:
7 eggs
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
1 yellow onion chopped
8 mushrooms, sliced
butter or coconut oil
unrefined salt

How to do it:
Step 1: Set the oven to 400 degrees.
Step 2: Saute onions until caramelized with a little salt sprinkled (not much because the nutritional yeast is salty).
Step 3: Add the mushrooms and saute until lightly cooked.
Step 4: Meanwhile whisk eggs with nutritional yeast.
Step 5: Line a pie plate with parchment paper.
Step 6: Spread the onion/mushroom mix on the...

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The one thing 97% of dieters won't do to lose weight

revamping the kitchen.jpg

There is a reason 97% of dieters fail.

The reason is obvious.

They fail to stick to the diet.

Hold on, hold on.

It's not because they are lazy and undisciplined, it's because weight loss diets are designed to be done for a temporary time period.

They are not by design for permanent results.

Think about it:

- If you don't already go to the gym and love it, how long do you think you can force yourself to do it?
- How long can you really live on 1000 calories or less a day, before you freak out...

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Weight Loss Block #4: Leaky Gut

weight loss block 4.jpg
Weight loss is not as simple as 'eat less & move more'.

There are 8 physiological blocks to weight loss that have nothing at all to do with calories or exercise.

Here is how having issues with leaky gut blocks weight loss:

1) Systemic inflammation blocks insulin receptors which means your body becomes resistant to insulin and as a result has a difficult time converting nourishment into fuel and instead it is accumulated into fat. Excess belly fat and weight gain are...

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Seed Porridge


I created this cleanse friendly grain free coconut/seed based porridge recipe for my clients in the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse.

It is totally rocking my world - I am eating it almost every day for breakfast without getting bored of it!

In a world of sugar laden processed food breakfast cereals that hook us with their ease and convenience, we all need a healthy alternative that is just as quick and easy.

This recipe will help you transition away from cereal, without giving up the convenience!...

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Carbs - good, bad, ugly?

pink top eating cake.jpg
Vegans say a high carb diet is good, the Keto people say low carb is best and the Carnivores say carbs are completely unnecessary (yes there is such thing as a carnivore diet!).

Who's right, who's wrong and how is the lay person who hasn't extensively studied nutrition supposed to know who's telling the truth and who isn't.

Well, it isn't really a matter of who's telling the truth or of anybody telling lies.

It is a matter of context.

The fact is that carbs exist in...

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Weight Loss Block #3 Hormones

weight loss block 3.jpg
Weight loss is not as simple as 'eat less & move more'.

There are 8 physiological blocks to weight loss that have nothing at all to do with calories or exercise.

Here is how having issues with hormones block weight loss:

1 - At puberty, estrogen makes our breasts take shape, broadens our hips and gives us curves. It causes fat to be laid down on our hips, bottom and thighs. With estrogen dominance, we lay down more fat than we need ( additionally, after menopause...

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Weight Loss Block #2: Elimination Issues

weight loss block 2.jpg

Weight loss is not as simple as 'eat less & move more'.

There are 8 physiological blocks to weight loss that have nothing at all to do with calories or exercise.

Here is how having issues with elimination block weight loss:

1) Constipation causes toxins to be reabsorbed by the liver. Since they can't be eliminated through the colon as nature intended, they get stored in fat cells to protect the rest of the body (your extra fat has a good purpose in this case).

2) Issues with chronic...

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