Why Green Smoothies Are Not Going to Get You Skinny

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By now. you've probably heard of green juicing and green smoothies.

You may have even tried them to cleanse, alkalize, lose weight or simply to get more veggies into your diet. 

"They" tell us that greens are super healthy for us, so naturally green juicing and making green smoothies seem like an easy (more palatable) way to get them into our diet.

Sounds harmless…...but it is?

There was a time that I got on board with the idea of green smoothies.

About 15 years ago there used to...

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How to Lose Weight in A Nutshell

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In this video training, I will share with you how you can still have a sweet life (sans sugar)!

Sound just like what you need?

Click here to join the Delish Diet Immersion e-course!

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See the history of cleansing at a glance.


Cleansing is often thought of as a fad.

But cleansing isn’t a new concept at all.

We've been fasting and detoxing since the dawn of civilization.

I created this sweet little compilation of cleansing throughout history with a list of resources for you to follow up with.


An early account of fasting is in the “Essene Gospel of Peace,” translated by Aramaic by E. B. Szekey in the 1930s. In this account, Jesus encourages fasting and instructs lepers to do...

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Should you 'fast' or cleanse?

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Fasting is all the rage these days.

'Cleansing' is trendy, but not as popular as fasting.

Are you wondering what's the difference and which one would be better for you?

Fasting means no food at all, while cleansing means avoiding certain foods because of their inflammatory effects and adding in certain foods for their healing benefits.

Let's look at the pros and the cons of both.

First let's take a look at fasting…….

Fasting pros
- easy to...

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13 Ways Cleansing Helps You Lose Weight


Here are 13 ways you can use cleansing to lose the weight fast while getting healthier in the process:

1) You get the nourishment your liver needs to detoxify properly, so that your body will actually let you access the stored fat (often it won’t because toxins are stored in your fat cells to protect you when your liver doesn’t have the nutritional resources it needs to keep up with detoxification). Fat cells act like a...

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My epic cleansing fail.

epic cleanse fail photo.jpg

Before I had my son I weighed 125lbs.

After the birth my weight went up and down and then settled at 155lbs despite no change in my diet.

Sound familiar?

I ate a whole foods vegetarian diet before I had him, during the pregnancy and after that too. 

I just couldn't understand how nothing had changed in my diet, and yet my body did not return to my pre-pregnancy weight.

So after 2 and half years of being annoyed at the extra weight, I did the only thing I knew how at the time, I did the...

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4 ways cleansing relieves pain & improves flexibility


If you are stiff, your muscles hurt and your joints ache, your body has a message for you.

You are toxic, acidic and dehydrated.

You need to flush those acids from your tissues, eliminate toxic inflammatory foods from your diet and nourish your muscles and joints through movement - yoga is ideal in this regard.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of retreats combine raw foods with yoga?

That's because raw foods are cleansing and they help flush acids out of your tissues and joints - in other...

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My story of starvation & then salvation from 'diets'

Reverse Before and After.png

This is part of my story of how I discovered that dieting doesn't work and what actually does.

The attached photo is a reverse before and after photo.

It's more like an after, and after that photo.

I starved myself to fit into my grad dress.

This first photo of me is after having starved myself down for grad.

The second photo is at some kind of community event soon after having gained back about 15lbs.

I still remember feeling especially not good about myself that day - ashamed to be seen...

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When your toddler says she's fat.


I was chatting with a lady yesterday about young girls and body image and how she had heard that my daughters dance school was well known for being a place with zero tolerance of body shaming or pressuring dancers to be a certain size.

As the mother of a thirteen year old, I was really glad to hear that my daughter's dance school had this reputation. And yet that hasn't stopped her from feeling the internal and peer pressure of wanting to be thinner.

It made me think back to a few years ago...

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My epiphany that birthed the Delish Diet Certification course.

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I recently had a major breakthrough. I had really been struggling in my business on an energetic level which led to financial windfalls and then nothing for months after because I would literally crash after each and every launch - being totally drained from the amount of energy it took to run them.

It is no wonder though how commonly this happens to sole proprietors. Marketers who work for corporations actually get paid for that kind of work, but solo entrepreneurs do everything it...

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