The Delish Diet Deep Cleanse was a game changer for me in using nutrition to heal and release weight after 40!

"I officially lost 20 lbs! I am just so thankful this program filled in the missing links with excess weight that I had no idea were even there. The Delish Diet Deep Cleanse was a game changer for me in using nutrition to heal and release weight after 40. Sherry teaches dense nutrition and pleasurable eating that was perfect for the way my 40 something body was experiencing new hormonal shifts. She’s seriously onto something! I just finished another round of 21 days of nourishing foods, teas, gut repairing foods, and clean eating. It’s the best hormone balancing, liver repairing and gut health nourishing cleanse I’ve found. My body, beauty and spirit feel so renewed."

Tara Preston

In this video I speak with Sonny about her experience releasing 27 lbs in 4 months without dieting.

Lisa Shorter before and after!

30 lbs down & kept it off for 2 plus years now!

What I love about Lisa's story is her focus on her health and lifestyle, rather than on what the scale says.

Lisa so beautifully demonstrates the mindset that is required for permanent weight loss. It's not about quick results, it is about results that last. 

If you've been overweight your whole life or you are over 50, you'll want to learn from Lisa's story and take on her mindset.

It's about sustainable results with the initial focus being on health.

You must cultivate patience and Lisa is a master at this!

Click here to read Lisa's case study.

Audio Testimonial by Larissa

I also lost 16 lbs!

“I am doing fantastic since we had our phone consultation, my yeast infections have gone way down, I am taking a daily probiotic as you recommended as well as a daily acidopholis. I cut out gluten from my diet completely and that made a HUGE difference ( I also lost 16 pounds tee hee). I have also been eating a complete whole foods diet as you recommended and that has made me feel better then I have in years! I want to thank you again for your guidance, that consultation really helped me!”

Amanda Mutch Winnipeg, MB
Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader

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My Story

Having been obese myself with a history of binge eating, I get the struggle.

Hi, my name is Sherry Rothwell. When I woke up to the realization that I was obese, I felt shocked, appalled and completely at a loss for what to.

I already ate a healthy whole foods diet and cooked wholesome meals from scratch. So what more could I do?

I didn't have any diagnosed diseases, so I didn't know my health was slipping. Any annoying symptoms I had were things I had gotten used to and settled for - thinking that they were 'just the way I am'. 

The last thing I wanted to do was start counting calories or set foot in a gym, so instead I studied everything I could get my hands on to learn the truth about weight loss.

As the result of what I learned I've dropped 12 dress sizes for 8 years (and counting) without dieting.

While it is not as simplistic as 'counting calories and exercising', it's easier than you think if you are willing to take the focus off your weight and place it where it belongs - on your health and creating your dream life.

As a holistic nutritionist with 20+ years experience in the natural health field, I get your commitment to doing this holistically & naturally.

Weight Loss Before and After

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 Sherry's work has been featured on numerous tele summits including The Holistic Weight Loss World Summit alongside famous health guru’s like Marc David, Marianne Williamson, David Wolfe, Donna Gates, Daniel Vitalis and Dr. Gabriel Cousins.