The War Room Roundtable

Learn how to think about nutrition, your health and your weight to heal yourself and lose weight as a natural good side effect of prioritizing your health, especially for busy entrepreneurs.

The Good Place Collective Interview

Learn how to lose weight naturally without dieting. About all the other things to focus on to lose weight, that have nothing to do with counting calories or exercising. I also share my story of becoming obese despite eating a healthy whole food diet.

Overcoming binge eating through mindfulness and releasing stress.

In this episode, Holistic Weight Loss Mentor Sherry Rothwell helps our guest Stephanie Tenkorang to overcome binge eating, reduce stress and create healthier eating behaviors - that ultimately lead to more health and less weight.

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Are you a holistic health practitioner battling with your own weight or struggling to help your clients get results - even though they are active and eat healthy?  In this episode of the Holistic Nutrition Hub podcast I share my ‘Delish’ approach to losing weight without dieting. You’ll hear me share my story of how I went from being an obese nutritionist on a whole foods diet to dropping 12 dress sizes without counting a calorie or exercising. I share key weight loss blocks that you need to know to help yourself and your clients achieve permanent weight loss without having to diet. If you are interested in becoming part of a movement to end ‘dieting’ in the conventional sense, then you might be interested in becoming a certified holistic weight loss practitioner.

Click here to learn more about how you can be mentored, trained and certified in the ‘Delish’ approach.

Conquering Weight Loss Interview 

In this interview, I share my story of how I lost 12 dress sizes without dieting, counting calories or exercising. I used to binge, starve myself and otherwise struggle with my weight - especially after having children. At 36 I was clinically obese on a primarily plant based whole foods diet. I thought I was doing everything right - but that 'right' went oh so wrong.

If you’ve been battling your weight loss for any length of time, chances are you feel discouraged. So many people lose weight only to gain it back. They feel like they’ve tried everything—and keep “failing.” But honestly it's because they have blocks (stuff they don't know that they don't know).

Woman Talk Okanagan

In this video I begin to tell the story of how I woke up to the reality that I had become obese and sharing the thoughts of denial that initially kept me from seeing the truth of what had happened in a shockingly short period - less than two months!


Kelowna Now

Click here to read about Sherry featured on In Focus, Kelowna Now!

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The Holistic Weight Loss Summit

Sherry's work has been featured on numerous tele summits including The Holistic Weight Loss World Summit alongside famous health guru’s like Marc David, Marianne Williamson, David Wolfe, Donna Gates, Daniel Vitalis and Dr. Gabriel Cousins.

Weight Loss Summitt Banner
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Here's why the Delish Diet is the world's most holistic diet program...

  • we take an inside out approach (mind & body)
  • it's a lifestyle, not a diet in the conventional sense
  • you get more than just weight loss, you get your health back too
  • it's natural and intuitive (no counting stuff)
  • you lose more than just the physical weight, but the emotional weight too
  • we uncover the mental, emotional and spiritual cause of your symptoms to isolate what your body is trying to tell you by storing extra fat (your body speaks your mind too)
  • we use your weight loss journey as a catalyst to transform your life 

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