Delish UN-Diet School Curriculum

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The Delish UN-Diet School Curriculum Includes:

12 Modules
Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
Private Facebook Group
COMPLIMENTARY seat at Future Live Event

Here is how it works…

  1. 12 Core Modules are released 1 per month, but you get instant access to all the Delish Diet e-courses so that you can speed ahead on your learning journey)!
  2. We meet Friday mornings from 10:30-11:30am PST for group coaching.
  3. In the near future, we'll meet live, up close and personal in Kelowna, BC for a live event to learn, connect and take 'after' photos (in the event that you can't make it to the live event, you can attend virtually online).
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Introductory Session: Secrets to Losing the Weight in 12 Simple Steps

We begin our journey together with the end in mind. In this session we are going to look at the Delish Diet approach holistically so that you can see the steps you'll be walking on the path to optimal health and your ideal weight. 

A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in session:

  • Discover the secrets to permanent weight loss results with a map in hand so that you are clear where you are going!
  • Explore the 12 Steps 'permanent weight loss process map' to determine where you are on the path to determine your most important next step. 

Session 1: Have Your Cake & Eat it Too!

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The reason you haven’t been successful with diets, isn’t because there is something inherently wrong with you, it’s because there is something inherently wrong with diets. Diets are by design for temporary weight loss because they work in direct opposition to all of your instincts and desires. Sure you can use willpower to a point, but eventually it runs out. Your attempts to lose weight backfire as your feasting instincts kick into high gear. The only way that you can lose weight permanently is if the diet that gets you thin is more pleasurable than how you currently eat - that is unfortunately making you fat. The diet that enables you to lose weight, must be more pleasurable and preferable. End of story. If it is boring, restrictive and deprivation based, then we all know what is going to happen - you will return to your old habits. Anyone who has struggled for a very long time with their weight has the fantasy of being able to enjoy delicious and decadent food to their heart’s content without gaining weight. Their greatest wish is that unhealthy foods would be the ones that make them skinny. Well, I am here to tell you that the fantasy is real, but the premise is wrong. The foods you think are not healthy, are not, not healthy for the reasons you think. And that's hy you are stuck believing that you have to eat like a rabbit or a purist to get and stay slim. The truth is, you really can have your cake and eat it too! In this lesson you’ll learn how to lose weight while eating more decadently than ever - without having to give up the rich, sweet, creamy comfort foods you love!

 Here is a little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in session…. 

    •  Learn how to eat carbs without gaining weight.
    • Discover the one decadent food that doesn't stimulate fat storage hormones and never feel deprived while losing weight again!
    • How 'when' you eat 'what' makes all the difference!   
  • Know exactly what to eat/not eat to get into fat burning mode and stay there
  •  A simple equation to determine whether a food will stop your body from being able to go into fat burning mode or not
  •  How to turn all of your sweet favourites into healthy slimming treats 

Session 2: Revamp Your Kitchen

You must eliminate the need for willpower and instead shift your external environment to match your intention to attain your ideal body weight. Your environment must call you toward healthy eating instead of tempting you to eat in an unhealthy way. You are an intelligent and creative human being - not a human consumer, but you’ve been buying into a culture that wants you to stay asleep to who you really are and to your potential. “They” want you working all day, watching TV and eating junk food all night while spending your weekends shopping for what they told you to buy in those movies and TV commercials you watched all week! The lies you’ve been buying into are ass backwards. Everything they tell you that will make you skinny, actually makes you fat (and not to mention sick to your stomach, inflammed and in pain). Sound even remotely familiar?  If you want results that last, you need a lifestyle change that calls you into living with purpose and on purpose. You must raise your standards and adopt a health conscious mindset. If you don't make this mindset shift, you are doomed to having to rely on temporary bouts of will-power, to keep yourself dieting - and in the end like every other 'dieter' you'll stay fat.

Here is a little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in session…. 

  • Why willpower doesn't work 
  • What should be in your kitchen, and what shouldn't
  • 4 ingredients you must change in your kitchen immediately to prevent disease and maintain optimal health
  • How to do a 'clean living' cupboard clean up 

Session 3: The Last Diet You'll Ever Do!

The ‘Delish way’ is appealing, exciting and interesting. It is also sensual, pleasurable and deeply nourishing - and that’s what makes it sexy. This training is all about the principles and practices that support you to embody the Delish way of life to lose weight naturally, pleasurably, sustainably, pleasure-ably and permanently (no pills, shakes, protein bars or diet plans)! You’ll learn exactly what to eat and what not to eat to consistently lose weight (without having to think about it!) - no counting calories, carbs, fat or protein! Step-by-step, you will learn how to successfully implement the program. Losing weight is a no brainer when you understand how your body works. And it’s easy when you get yourself set up for success - no weighing your food, no portion control and plenty of options! Once you understand why the ‘Delish way’ works you’ll always be clear about what what you should eat whether your intention is to lose weight  or maintain it!

Here is a little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in session…. 

  • 12 Pillars of the Delish Diet
  • What to Eat/What Not to Eat 
  • Shop Your Way Skinny  
  • Creating balanced meals

Session 4: The Lazy Way to Lose The Weight

The diet gurus tell you that you need to 'eat less and move more'. Despite being pretty sure that you know what to do, you can't get yourself to do what it takes to lose weight. This whole time you’ve been thinking you are undisciplined, lack willpower and that you are just too lazy to exercise. You've bought into the low fat, low calorie approach and you’ve probably even experienced some temporary success with weight loss by restricting calories and exercising yourself to death! But what if the experts have got it all wrong? After all, according to statistics 97% of all dieters fail. Could it be that the conventional dieting industry is failing to offer advice that is designed for permanent weight loss.? Find out why dieting only works short term and what actually works instead. Discover why people gain weight and can’t lose it, despite dieting, eating healthy and exercising - and how they can.

Here is a little taste of what we'll cover in session....

  • Why health 'authorities' are so adamant about calorie counting when it doesn't work for long term weight loss 
  • Why calorie restriction works......but only temporarily 
    • Why excercising more to compensate for extra calories consumed won't work
    • Why your diet matters more than exercise  

Session 5: Eat More, Weigh Less

Surprisingly, extra body weight is the result of being undernourished. While you may be eating enough calories, you are not getting enough nutrients. This can be from subsisting for too long on processed foods that deplete and displace nutrition - from poor digestion and absorption - to the extra nutritional needs of having an underlying health imbalance that remains to be addressed at the root cause. Discover how eating more, NOT less, boosts your metabolism and heals the nutritional deficiencies that are driving your cravings in the first place. Learn why calorie quality is so much more important than calorie quantity. By taking proper care of the quality of the food you put into your body, your body will naturally normalize your desire for quantity. When you give your body the deep nourishment that it needs, cravings go away, you naturally stop overeating and without even trying you eat less overall calories anyway!

Here is a little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in session…. 

  • Discover which specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies are causing you to have cravings.
  • Superfoods and supplements that stop caving to cravings.
  • Enzymes for better digestion
  • Why cultured foods aid weight loss

Session 6: Delish-i-fy Your Kitchen

Now that you have the basics down when it comes to living the Delish way, it is time to explore new and exciting meal ideas that you have never experienced before because variety is the spice of life! Want losing weight to be no brainer? Then you need to make sure that you have everything you need at your fingertips to prepare delicious meals! Learn how to Delish-i-fy your kitchen so that your kitchen is fully and abundantly stocked in alignment with attaining and maintaining your ideal weight. Once your kitchen is set up properly with everything you need on hand, you no longer have to rely on willpower or fight with yourself. Attaining and maintaining your ideal weight becomes easy and natural!

A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in session: 

  • Delish-i-fy Your Kitchen Mindset
  • How to stock your kitchen so that you never have to stand in front of an open fridge wondering what to eat again!
  • Creating kitchen stations that call you to the kitchen!
    • How to keep eating the Delish Way, when you don’t feel like cooking (or can’t)!
    • 5-10 min meal ideas!
    • How to cook creatively without a recipe! 

Session 7: Get Skinny Eating Fat!

Besides counting calories, all those other diets want you to cut the fat too. This is a recipe for creating cravings, feeling down and deprived. The reason your weight loss never sticks is because you are doing what you were told and what you were told is wrong. If you want to lose weight permanently, you are going to have to make friends with fat again. Learn the real truth about fat and how you can eat more (instead of less) to lose weight faster, easier and more pleasurably. De-program your fear and put fat phobia in the past so that you can finally feel satiated, slim, sexy and satisfied again!

A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in session….

  • How eating more fat revs up your metabolism and makes you skinny (except for two that make you fat and how to avoid them) 
  • Learn about fats that stop your cravings for sugar and greasy foods
  • Why fat restriction only makes weight loss harder 
  • Put your fear of fat to rest (how to protect your heart and gear up your gallbladder for optimal fat digestion) 

Session 8: Pleasureable Pantry Makeover

Want to be able to eat whatever you want and still stay slim? There really isn’t any meal, treat, snack or dessert that is inherently unhealthy. The ingredients you use to make your meals are what make them healthy & weight reducing vs. unhealthy & weight promoting. Right now the reason why you think you could never stick to a diet permanently is because you think you can’t give up your pleasures permanently - and you would be right! Willpower doesn’t work. So we don’t use that. Instead of focusing on what you can’t have, we focus on how you can have what you want to your heart’s desire - while getting healthier in the process and not putting on weight. Pretty much anything you can imagine can be "delish-i-fied" with the right ingredients. Cake, cookies, muffins, donuts,you name it! You’ll love discovering how to turn your favourite binge worthy foods into guilt free health giving ones that get you thin!!

A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in session…. 

  • Pleasureable Pantry List
  • How to sweeten up your kitchen so that you always have ingredients on hand to make decadent treats!
  • Delish friendly treats you can buy and  have on hand so that you always have something you can grab if you are unprepared.
  • Treat ideas in a hurry!

Session 9: Blissful Binging

 There are many reasons that people binge. It's a behaviour that we don't even bother 'trying' to  'manage' with tools, but actually address at the root cause. In the meantime while we are implementing the personal shifts you need to make (internally and externally), you won't be left to the limited resource of willpower. We just accept binging as inevitable and meet it as a need. Discover how to stop fighting the urge to eat for emotional reasons and instead give yourself permision to binge yourself to bliss as a pleasure practice. Blissful binging is a practice that feeds the need in just the right way slowing down the impulse and re-wires your brain. With blissful binging, instead of hurting your body, you heal it - and you never feel guilty after. You aren't doing anything wrong, you are doing what is right for your body, mind and soul. Learn how to embrace binging blissfully and do it consciously instead of unconsciously like most people do (they resist it, do it anyway and then feel gross and bad about themselves after)! 

A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in session....

  • Decadent foods you can binge on without gaining weight.
  • Worst foods to binge on that do cause weight gain.
  • Consciously using binge triggers as an opportunity to rewire your brain for habits that put binging impulses in the past.
  • How to let go and feel your feelings, instead of "eating" them.

Session 10: Eat Like A Queen Without Putting on A Pound

Once you've attained your ideal weight, it is so easy to maintain it eating the Delish Diet way for life! This is what makes the Delish Diet soooooooo different. It's doable for life! After all, that's what it has to be to give you permanent results! Once you have acheived your ideal weight, you can be much more liberal with your diet -  without gaining weight on account on your new level of health! Learn how to transform yourself from a domestic drudge into a kitchen queen who feels empowered and on top of her time in the kitchen, instead of overwhelmed, unprepared and not in the mood to cook. Reignite the spark of community and celebration by connecting with and caring for your friends and family with soulful meals, luxurious treats and festive gatherings. 

A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in session....

  • How to get back on track when you've gone overboard (during moves, trips and the holidays)
  • How  to enjoy alcohol without gaining weight.
  • How  keep eating the Delish way while eating out and traveling
  • Rule your kitchen with benevolent queenly kitchen habits.

Session 11: Feast Days

Everyone is talking about intermittent fasting for weight loss, but when they forget about the other half of the equation - fasting can slow down your metabolism if done incorrectly. When done right, both feasting and fasting are natural experiences that fortify health and support you to acheive your ideal weight and body shape. In this session you are going to learn the secrets to not only being able to maintain your ideal weight without having to be a purist, but you'll also discover how to become more healthy, radiant and beautiful as you age! 

A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in session....

  • How to strategically eat carbs to get your curves back!   
  • How to both fast  & feast your way thin for life!

  • Discover the health, rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory benefits of fasting.
  • Find a fasting rhythm that works for your lifestyle

Session 12: Blast Past Plateaus

Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to get faster results to keep you motivated, inspired and on track. Here is how we frame it when when the weight loss doesn't happen as consistently as you would like it to: you need to re set your weight set point. We do that by throwing your body a curve ball to wake up your metabolism   - don't worry the curveballs are all strategies that improve your health. In this class you’ll learn tricks and tips to shake things up and blast past inevitable weight loss plateaus on your way to your dream bod.

A little taste of just some of what we’ll cover in session….


  • The #1 reason your body doesn’t want to lose weight as fast as you would like (and what to do about it) 
  • Cyclic eating patterns to rev up your metabolism and healing capacities.
    •  Tips and tricks to blast past stubborn plateaus
    • How to manage your mind and expectations on the way to permanent weight loss (be a babe, not a baby)!

'Get Thin From Within' Kelowna Retreat


FUTURE 2 day live event in beautiful Kelowna, BC (Canada's Nappa Valley) with 'after picture' photo shoot!

Learn how to use your weight loss journey to transform and up-level your whole life!!

Here's a sneak peak at just some of the topics we'll be exploring on the itinerary....
Emotional Blocks to Weight Loss
Mindset Blocks to Weight Loss
Metaphysical Cause of Obesity

* includes complimentary 'bring a friend' ticket to the retreat!


Let's take your weight loss journey and use it as a catalyst for life transformation!

A little background on me…..

Side Profile

Besides over 20 years working in the natural health field, I have been in private practice as a certified nutritionist since 2006.

I am a graduate with honours from both the Edison Institute of Nutrition (2006) and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (2008). My credentials include registerd holistic nutritionist (RHN), CD and GAPS (gut and psychology sydrome) practitioner.

In 2011, I co founded a business venture called Domestic Diva which was an online traditional foods platform where we taught e-courses teaching  traditional food skills to hundreds of women-locally, online and abroad.

I am also a certifed business coach and have been mentoring holistic practioners in their business start ups since 2012.

In 2014 I  went on to beome an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for 4 years where I discovered a love for teaching!