Certification FAQ's

 Your Questions Answered 

These are some of the questions students commonly ask:

Who is the program for?

The program would be a fit for you if….

  1. You love the Delish Diet approach and want to consult, coach or teach others
  2. You are a holistic nutritionist or health coach
  3. You are a personal trainer or fitness instructor or coach
  4. You already have a weight loss brand and you want to expand your knowledge, get a refresher and use our done for you materials in your programs and with your clients.
  5. You are a counsellor, healer, energy worker or naturopath who works with a niche for whom weight issues are often a concern, such as: teens, women during menopause and people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.
  6. You are a doula, Midwife or childbirth educator and you want to help your clients prevent health concerns during, pregnancy, birth and postpartum while preventing excessive weight gain and also helping your clients return to their pre-pregnancy weight naturally and sustainably.
  7. You are a practitioner who works with people with hormone imbalances, gut issues, skin issues, mood disorders, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, metabolic dis-ease or cancer - and you want done-for-you systems to help your clients make the switch from the standard north american diet to a whole foods diet and natural lifestyle, with an emphasis on balancing hormones, alkalizing the diet, eliminating sugar (and starchy carbs), cleansing and healing the gut. 
  8. You want to work with speakers, authors, celebrities or other leaders in the public eye who struggle with being embarrassed to be seen and lacking confidence to get on stage, be seen in videos or ‘strut their stuff’ in front of the camera - because of their weight. You want to incorporate a holistic path to helping your clients achieve their ideal weight, while optimizing their mood and energy so they can do big things in the world.

When are the group coaching calls?

Group mentoring calls are held on Tuesday mornings from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PST from September through June. We break for December, Spring Break, July & August (and during official holidays). You get to join these calls for 24 months beginning from the day you register giving you plenty of time to get a proper mentorship to assist you with client cases and your business start up. The group coaching calls are recorded, so if you can't make it live, you can always send your questions in via e-mail and watch the recording after. You can also come and go as you please during the calls, you are not required to stay for the entire duration.

What is covered on the group coaching calls?

The group coaching calls cover whatever you are currently working on. For example, you may have questions about the training content, building your business, questions about how to help a client you are currently working with or you may even want insight about your own health challenges.

How many case studies am I required to submit for certification?

In addition to writing the certification exam, you must complete 3 case studies to be certified. You will be given a consulting template to follow to work with your case studies to make sure you get the most learning value out of the experience. You'll have everything you need on hand to provide for your case study clients so that they become your first 3 success stories!  

How soon can I start working with clients?

You can start working with case study clients and beta clients as soon as you feel ready (beta clients pay a reduced fee for your services). All the knowledge you need to support your client to lose weight is already done for you and at your fingertips. If you run into something you don't know, you have me in your back pocket to point you in the right direction. You can start charging full price as a Delish Diet Certified Practitioner once you have successfully completed the certification exam. 

What is the certification exam like?

The exam is designed to increase your knowledge, not to score you (which is why it is open book, so that you can learn more as you write it). The exam is designed to determine where the gaps in your knowledge are, so that you can fill the gaps and feel confident. It is a mix of multiple choice and short answer questions. You will receive the exam via snail mail with a return envelope and postage for your convenience in sending it back.

What is the passing mark for the exam?

The pass mark is 100% since you must be 100% competent for your clients. This is not difficult to achieve being that the exam is open book. Achieving 100% on your exam  is not only a representation of your knowledge, but it also demonstrates your ability to find and determine correct information. There are no exam rewrites, but you will be required to prove that you have filled in the gaps in your knowledge. A short essay, hand out or info graphic will be assigned to you on any topics the exam results illuminate that you need to expand your knowledge on. 

What is the licensing fee?

After you have graduated, the licensing fee is $47 your first year and $97 a year thereafter. This fee is waved if you work inside our company. But if you have your own business, this fee covers on-going updates to the material, continuing education, BONUSES for your clients and license to reformulate our systems and content to creatively craft your own e-courses and classes under your brand and logo (with our copyright clearly identified at the bottom of the page of your hand outs). You also get listed on the Delish Diet website as a certified practitioner. Your initial licence fee is due 24 months from the day you start the program. 

What if I don't have a background in nutrition?

You don't need a background in nutrition, just a passion for it. You will learn all the fundamentals of holistic nutrition through the lens of weight loss. Since we have a focus, you will integrate holistic nutrition knowledge better than you would having taken a general holistic nutrition course that is not targeted towards a specific outcome. You will remember what you have learned and understand it on a deeper level because context is provided. Because you will apply what you have learned to a specific situation, you will remember the material.

What if I am still struggling with my weight myself ?

You don't have to be at your ideal weight,  you just need to be on the path yourself and excited to take others on the journey with you. In fact the best motivation to get better results for yourself is knowing that you can help others from your personal experience and have a future in front of you where you make a living, living your passion! If you are currently overweight, I can totally understand where you are coming from. You might be asking yourself "how can I help others, when I can't even help myself"? I was once stuck with that thought to. Consider that taking this certification is exactly what you need to do to help yourself. I too said 'YES' to becoming an expert on weight loss when I was clinically obese. My journey started when I got an e-mail from a woman who was hosting a weight loss summit asking me if I would like to be a featured speaker. She said, "I know that your focus is normally on gut health and cultured foods, but something just told me you need to be a part of this summit". She had no idea that I was obese at that time. My initial reaction was to think that the invitation came in the worst timing possible - which seemed true considering that I had gained 6 dress sizes since she last would have seen pictures of me online! But something inside of me said that I needed to say yes to it and I did. I could have used my weight as an excuse to decline or I could use the speaking opportunity as a catalyst to motivate me to make the transformation for myself. Maybe, just maybe the weight was happening for me, not to me. While it seemed like a hardship, it was my soul's education - to learn, heal myself and then use my knowledge and wisdom born of personal experience to help others. If you are called to this work and you still have weight to lose, then it is highly likely that being overweight is exactly the life experience you need to fully embrace  to find your life's work and calling to help other's too. 

Can I afford this?

In addition to affiliate opportunities, sales and marketing training is included in this program which will teach you how to sell your services in a coaching packages.Your clients will also receive discounted special pricing if they would like to upgrade to the Delish UN-diet School & Group Coaching Program for on-going live group coaching education, support and accountability. This is great for you because you receive an affiliate commission, when your client upgrades! In addition, you can also make your money back by creating your own online courses and teaching classes in your community as well. These classes can be facilitated the way we have provided teaching plans for under the Delish brand - or alternatively, they can be 'Delish Inspired' under a brand of your own - you can facilitate the classes live, as recorded trainings or on a live platform such as Zoom. Unlike other certification trainings and licencing programs we don't limit how you can use the material. We only ask that you leave the copyright on the materials you use and apply to get our stamp of approval on your 'Delish Inspired' courses (we'll take a look at your plan and verify that it is 'Delish Approved' with an official seal that you can use in your marketing). You could also make a 'Delish Approved' product line. The possibilities for making money are endless!

Will I have the time to do this?

You can go at your own pace and learn at your own convenience. There are no time limits imposed on your learning journey. All trainings are recorded and updated whenever necessary to reflect new knowledge in the industry. They remain available to you indefinately.You will need to prioritize setting time aside to watch the pre-recorded trainings. They are only 20 min to 1 hour  - so you can listen in while cooking, cleaning or crafting! All trainings come with notes highlighting the most important points so you never have to worry about missing something important. To get value from the mentorship aspect of the program, you'll need to set aside 2 hours a week, We meet Friday mornings from 9:30-11:30am PST. If you have to miss one, you can send in your questions in advance and watch the replay on your own time.

When can I start?

The Delish Diet Certified Practitioner Program is always open for enrolment. Even though we take a break from the group coaching calls during the summer and during holidays, you can join anytime. The Facebook group is open 365 days a year, so there is always someone available so that you can get your questions answered. 

Want to chat first?

This session is for you if you would like to chat with me personally to explore how you can incorporate the Delish Diet approach into your business vision. We will look at your business goals, identify where the Delish curriculum and content fits in, and map out a plan for getting started! 

Have another question? 

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