Lose Weight Without Dieting Workshop Series


You are in the right place to learn how you can help educate, encourage and inspire others to believe in themselves to be able to lose weight without dieting. 

Every 6-8 weeks, I will be offering a live workshop series that is designed to help people take their first and most essential steps on the path to permanent weight loss - in other words, transforming their environment so that they don't have to rely on willpower.

The truth is that if people won't take this first step, they are not ideal clients, because they won't get optimal results.

The purpose of the 'Lose Weight Without Dieting Workshop' is 3 -fold:

1) To provide value that gets people taking massive action to lay the groundwork that will get them to the end result - so that they are prepared to be successful in our programs.

2) To identify who is ready and who is not. Those who are ready will walk away from the workshop with a totally revamped kitchen which means they have completed their first step on the path and are ready for their next step - while those who are not ready will still get massive health gains by what they learn in the workshop and are primed to be future clients.

3) To give potential clients an experience of what it takes and what it is like to be in the Delish program - so that they can confidently move forward knowing that we can deliver the quality education and support they need. 

How it works 

How it works is that I offer free trainings for 4 days - at the end of the 4th training, I will announce scholarship winners and open the door for people to join. From day 5- 10 I will continue to offer BONUS unadvertised trainings that are relevant to the listeners (based on their previous comments and questions - this enables me to use intuition and engagement to customize each launch to the particular audience each time). 

Here is a sneak peek the trainings that are included:

  • Kitchen Revamp - Cupboard Clean-Up to Make Space for A New Version of You in the Kitchen
  • Pleasure Kitchen - Ambience and Attitude to Get you In the Mood for Soul Food
  • Simple Skinny 'Switch Ins' That Stop Carb Cravings
  • Processed Pantry Purge for Permanent Weight Loss
  • Filling Your Fridge with Fare that's Fit
  • How to Blast Past Plateaus
  • Q & A

How you can help:

These launches will inspire people to be extra motivated to start right away because they have already taken action and will want to maintain their momentum and results. Now is the perfect time for you to create testimonial live-streams, pre-recorded videos and posts including your affiliate links. You can post these from day 5 - 10 (prior to that it is all service and no sales). Once you have done this, you don't have to do it again - simply re-share the same content you developed in the group to get your content in front of fresh eyes.

If you are really serious about helping people get to a decision and you want to be an official associate you can engage more closely with potential clients to hand hold them through the door.

The following is only open to Delish Diet Certified Practitioners and students in the Delish UN-Diet School - because you need to know the course content intimately to be able to serve others in this way.

Helping people walk through the door which will exponentially increase your sales commissions. How it works is that I will assign you to people in the Facebook group to connect with them on the journey (you can also bring in your own people).

Here is how that will look:

  1. 'friend' the people assigned to you.
  2. send them a message that I will provide for you.
  3. 'tag' them in the comments of all training videos so that they don't miss them
  4. follow up with them after each training to see if they have any questions
  5. sell them into the program either on messenger, zoom or phone

If you are interested in joining in any capacity at all, message me on Facebook or e-mail support@delishdiet.ca to learn more about how you can get started!