Blast Past Your Plateau Stategy VIRTUAL Package

Let's shake things up and give you a reset!

This VIRTUAL 4 Session Strategy Package is designed to blast you past your next plateau. Let's create a plan for lowering your weight set point! Get feedback, insight, direction, and a step-by-step plan to overcome your plateau through a guided cleansing and rejuvenation plan.

Your 4 VIRTUAL sessions are done with questionnaires over 4 weeks. You will be responded to directly on the form. Personalized video, audio, and other resources will be provided where appropriate.

The minute you make your payment, you will get instant access to the following:

  • Intake form to set clear goals!
  • Delish Diet Deep Cleanse e-course so that you can begin your learning journey right away!

Within 24 hours you will receive the following intake forms: informed consent, client intake, medical questionnaire) to determine the current state of your body systems, so that I can customize the cleanse for you.

Session 1:  Body Systems Assessment (VIRTUAL)

  • The form will guide you with questions to solidify which body system/s we will focus on.
*In between sessions, I will create your custom plan, daily rhythm and 1-week menu plan with recipes that you will repeat for 3 weeks to get past your plateau. 

Session 2:  Getting Organized to Succeed (VIRTUAL)

  • The form will guide you to get your questions answered about getting organized and prepared.

Session 3:  Support Session (VIRTUAL)

  • The form will guide you to get support to overcome any obstacles

Session 4: Integration Session (VIRTUAL)

  • The form will guide to highlight your progress and identify your results thus far and conclude with exploring next steps.

As a BONUS, you also get the Delish UN-diet School e-course and the Kitchen Makeover e-course to make sure that you have all the info and resources you need to make sure that you fully understand the hormonal basis of obesity and how to eat to balance your hormones to release the extra bodyfat without dieting.

Click here to book your session before you make your payment to make sure that I am available during the times that you are.

I look forward to connecting with you soon to help you get your next breakthrough!

If you are in your 20's, you've never had children or you are a man, there is a strong likelihood that this is the only package you will need from me (although I do recommend that everyone does the Delish Deep Cleanse once a year for the purpose of achieving higher and higher levels of health). The Delish Diet Deep Cleanse is included as a BONUS so that you can do a cleanse once a year to elevate your health and maintain your results.

*If you are a woman over 40 or you've had a baby or babies, your journey might require more of a therapeutic nutritional approach and endocrine harmony (to unblock any physiological and/or emotional weight loss blocks you have). In any case, this package is still the first step and a prerequisite for working together further. If you have deeper underlying health issues that are in the way of getting consistent progress due to a damaged metabolism then this full service Holistic Nutrition Consulting Package is your FIRST step to get you deeply nourished so that your body can respond to cleansing.

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