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Do you wish you could stop having to "watch your weight"? 

You can!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Tired of your weight 'yo yo' ing and want to get off the diet rollercoaster?
  • Can't get yourself to "diet" anyway (not into counting calories and not into gyms either).
  • Worried about gaining more weight and feeling worse than you already do about how your body looks and feels?

What difference would it make in your life, if instead, this was your reality?

  • Forget about your weight and refocus that energy toward the more important things in life?
  • Permanently maintain a natural healthy weight without having to think about it or worry about it?
  • Love how you look and how you feel in your body?

The answer to having all that is...

  • the right information for permanent weight loss - knowledge is the precursor to success
  • nutrition 'know how' so that you feel empowered with food
  • knowledge of the hormonal basis of obesity, so that you understand why you are doing what you are doing.

The problem is that "dieting" by design has set you up to fail. 

  • Diets are designed for quick results (but the side effect is nutrition deficiency and more weight gain than you started with).
  • There is no one size fits all approach to weight loss, each person's journey is different 
  • Dieting does only one thing, it perpetuates the need for more dieting.

What you need is to do something different.

  • "Dieting" is not what naturally thin people do to maintain a healthy weight. It doesn't make any sense to do something that naturally thin people DON'T DO at all - while expecting to get the same results they have.
  • Sustainable weight loss that is permanent is the result of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle forever, not by temporarily "going on a diet".
  • You need to learn how your body works and understand the physiology of what triggers your body to store fat (and we are talking about more than food, but lifestyle factors that you don't currently know about).

The trouble is that you don't have time to do the research to figure this out all by yourself and there are not a lot of resources out there that help you learn quickly in a cohesive way. 

This is not hard to learn. I teach it in an intuitive way connected to implementation. That way it makes more sense and it is easier to understand and remember when it is applied to you and your unique situation!

Learn how to Lose Weight Naturally Without "Dieting" so that you can get healthier at the same time, while spending less time thinking about food and more time enjoying it.

Even if you 'eat your feelings', are a binge eater or a sugar -a- holic.

This course will take you off the yo yo dieting rollercoaster, so that you can actually lose weight (instead of perpetually "trying" to), and more importantly you'll have the 'know how' of how to keep it off.

No willpower needed, zero counting calories and exercise is optional.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could simply enjoy food again without worrying about your weight, counting calories or exercising to compensate?

Imagine how incredible it would feel to be comfortable and confident in your bathing suit and feeling sexy in lingerie again (no more avoiding invites to the beach or hiding from your hubby)!

And wouldn't it be oh so nice to chose clothes based on the styles you love (rather than reluctantly choosing clothes based on whether or not they hide your rolls)?!

It would be such a relief to finally feel at home in your body again and love the way you looki!

But right now you feel frustrated.

For the most part you already eat healthy, so you just don't understand how you got fat in the first place.

You are willing to do the work, you already know a lot about health and weight loss, but still struggle with your weight - so frustrating isn't it!?

There is no way that you are going to count calories or start working out at the gym. That's just not your style or speed. You want to do this with food, not with restriction - and unnatural "exercise".

Yet, despite what you know, something is still missing. There are gaps in your knowledge, but you are not totally sure what they are.

You've tried doing all the things that are supposed to work, but nothing sticks or is stick-able-with.

You are not willing to do 'unnatural things' that you won't be able to do indefinitely (you are smart enough to know that temporary measures don't lead to permanent results anyway - so what's the point).

Not to mention, you know you won't take action unless you are inspired - and what inspires and motivates you is knowledge!

You are not yet sure what you need to do, but you are 100% sure you are done with doing the following:
  1. "watching" your weight
  2. counting calories etc.
  3. exercising to compensate for calories consumed
  4. binging or starving yourself (only to have it backfire with more rebound weight than you started with)
  5. deprivation and lacklustre diet food

And you are also done with…..

  1. feeling unattractive 
  2. declining invites to hot tubs, pools or the beach
  3. wearing sweatshirts, hoodies, long baggy t-shirts, and tent like dresses
  4. avoiding seeing friends and family (because you don't want them to see how much weight you've gained)

You've probably tried all these things:

  • fasting 
  • cleanses
  • clean eating 
  • every diet under the sun

all to no avail.

So do you think that NOW might be a good time to release the urgency to lose weight, turn your focus to your health and try something different?

I get it, you might be feeling dread about another "diet" (don't worry this is not a "diet" in the conventional sense). 

You might be concerned that this won't work for you (nothing else has, so why would this?).

You might even be thinking, that since statistics show that 95%-97% dieters fail, why even bother? 

That's a good question and I hear you.

Diets don't work in the long term for anyone (other than for the dieting industry because they perpetuate the very problem they profess to solve).

Here's why?

  1. Diets are by design for short term results (you weren't planning to live the rest of your life at the gym starving yourself were you?)
  2. They are based on a model that doesn't treat the root causes of being overweight (of which there are many causes).
  3. You have to follow them blindly, they are not based in weight loss physiology (or even logic) - so without the plan, you don't even know what you are doing (honestly though, for how long do you really want someone or something dictating what you can and can't eat anyway?).
  4. They perpetuate the need for themselves (think starvation - nutrient deficiencies - tanking metabolism - feasting mode - binging - rebound weight gain).
This is not another "diet".

# 1 This is an UN-diet (you are learning how to NOT diet to get healthy and as a good side effect of that lose weight permanently).

# 2 This is not a method that you follow blindly - it's an education that enables you to use logic to determine what to eat or not eat (for yourself).

# 3 This is not a cookie cutter one size fits all plan - you create your own 'plan of action' based on health-centric nutrition wisdom (not weight-centric obsessive behaviours).

All you need is to fill in some gaps in your knowledge.

Once you find those missing pieces of the puzzle, I'm 100% sure you'll know exactly what to do!
Sherry on the dockWhy should you believe me?

Because I've done it myself (dropped 12 dress sizes without counting a single calorie (or exercising) and I've kept it off for 10 plus years now.

This knowledge is based in nutrition wisdom, not outdated theories like the 'calorie theory of weight loss' that has proven itself to be ineffective in the long term.

The physiology of weight loss and the hormonal basis of obesity are sound science (when new knowledge comes out, I will be the first to tell you).

Finally, you can trust me because I am a holistic nutritionist who understands your commitment to doing this naturally (I have zero interest in providing cheap quick fixes that don't last and never address the root causes of the issue - one that perpetuate nutrient deficiencies and the health imbalances that make weight loss next to impossible).

You can keep dieting to no avail - or you can drop the diet mentality, learn something new, do something different and finally get results that stick.

You can finally feel at home in your body, love the way you look and wear what you want - not to mention get healthier than ever - feeling energized and inspired with a compelling new vision of the future to look forward to!

But don't take my word for it listen to Sonny share how she she lost 27 lbs with"out" dieting!

(insert video)

This is the perfect program for you if you want to design your own weight loss program:

  • You want to take your health into your own hands.
  • You want to assume responsibility for your weight
  • You want to have expert knowledge of how your body works
  • You want to put some of your own creative skin in the game. 
  • You want to execute a plan inspired by your own vision

School Yourself Now!

I once stood in your shoes. 

Weight Loss Before and AfterI found myself obese on a whole foods plant based diet. I thought I already knew the answers. But I didn't know what I didn't know. I had to admit to myself that despite knowing a lot, I didn't know everything, as evidenced by my results. 

I too felt futility and victimized by my body.

To drop 12 dress sizes without dieting, I had to go much deeper than the calorie theory of weight loss to find REAL answers. 

In addition to graduating from two of Canada's top holistic nutrition schools, it took me an additional 1 year of self study to figure it out. Essentially I did an experiment of 1 on myself. 

By understanding the hormonal basis of weight loss physiology I was finally able to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle. I found out why the the stuff that was supposed to work didn't and why doing the so called wrong things worked beautifully.

I created my own framework and plan based on nutrition wisdom and an in depth understanding of the hormonal basis of obesity. 

As a result, I dropped 12 dress sizes without counting calories and exercising. 

The reason I created the Delish UN-Diet School e-course is to save you the time, energy and $ I invested to uncover the truth about what it REALLY takes to lose the weight and keep it off - naturally - without dieting - and best of all, exercise is optional.

You'll love this course if you want to get 'schooled' in the truth, so that you can take action on what really works to create permanent results. 

What the program covers:

  • how to lose weight without dieting or "exercise"
  • how to balance your hormones and lose weight
  • how to strategically eat carbs for weight loss (no you don't have to go keto)
  • how to restore your ability to eat healthy whole food carbs without gaining weight
  • how to formulate balanced meals without having to be a mathematician
  • how to eat for energy, strength, happiness and longevity
  • how to create your own weight loss plan without dieting 

Here's what to expect:

While this program is based on the latest research in the field of nutrition and weight loss, it isn't "heady" or boring. The trainings are engaging, inspirational and insightful, with clear direction for implementing what you learn. The education you receive is based in nutrition wisdom, weight loss physiology, and the hormonal basis of obesity - all in clear easy to understand terms. This is a process of educating, unlearning, and de-brainwashing yourself from the diet mentality. You will understand in simple terms exactly what you need to do. how to do it, and why you are doing it. You will walk away from this course feeling empowered to take your power back from the so called experts and gurus, so that you can take your health and weight back into your own hands. Not to mention, your confidence in your body and in nature will be restored. 

School Yourself Now!

Here's how I've made this easy for you: 

  • You can learn online from the comfort of your home.
  • The minute you register, you get instant access to all the modules and all of the BONUS trainings (so that you can learn at your own pace).
  • I've done the research, invested the time, $, trial and error, so that you don't have to.
  • I've distilled the knowledge down into practical everyday wisdom. 
  • I've made complex topics simple and easy to digest (pardon the pun).
  • Each module includes a 30 'ish' minute (or less) succinct training with a 1 page hand out that summarizes all the important parts (so that you don't have to spend hours in front of the computer or have to 'stand by' taking notes (you can simply listen while cooking, cleaning and crafting). 
  • There is no deadline to complete the course, it's yours for life.
  • Each module includes a bullet list of actionable take aways that highlight how to embody the intellectual knowledge you learn into tangible wisdom that you can apply and implement into your life immediately (you'll know exactly what to do next).
  • Each training also includes references and resources for you to delve more deeply into each subject (for the studious people who like to read and explore the studies).
  • I have outlined a step by step framework to help you get organized to implement what you've learned into a personalized plan.
Here is a sneak peek at the Modules at a glance!
  • Module 1: Calories in Context
    Learn why eating less calories can actually make you fatter in the long term (this why your current diet isn't working anymore, even though it used to work before)). 

  • Module 2: The Hormonal Basis of Obesity
    Learn why hormone havoc makes it next to impossible to lose weight) Discover the "health foods" that are driving your body to store fat.

  • Module 3: The Strategic Eating of Carbs
    Learn why eating natural whole grains and starchy vegetables can make you fat, despite being healthy (learn how to eat them strategically). 

  • Module 4:  Rev Up Fat Burning
    Learn the # 1 nutrient that helps you burn body fat (that the health gurus tell you to avoid) - avoiding it is the worst thing to do if you want permanent results.

  • Module 5: Eat Fat to Lose Fat
    Learn why avoiding fat actually makes you more likely to be overweight and how you can use fat to stimulate fat burning. 
  • Module 6: Mind Your Macros
    Learn how to create balanced meals that maximize your body composition, so that you achieve optimal levels of health, healing and beauty. 

  • Module 7: Microbiome & Your Metabolism
    Learn how to restore balance in your microflora ratios to tend towards burning fat, stop cravings and eliminate inflammation and water weight. 

  • Module 8: Hydration Help
    Discover how optimal hydration maximizes your metabolic rate and how to determine your body's need for more water.

  • Module 9: Stress Yourself Thin
    Learn how you can use stress to your advantage to help you lose weight, instead of gain weight.

  • Module 10: Exercise in Excess
    Learn how to exercise way less to maximize your resting metabolic rate. Discover the real purpose of exercise for weight loss (it's nothing to do with burning extra calories).

  • Module 11: Timing of Eating
    Learn why it's not just 'what you eat', but 'when you eat it' that regulates  the speed of your weight loss (learn hints and tips to lose weight faster).

  • Module 12: Create Your Own Weight Loss Plan
    Learn my 12 Step process for creating your own personalized weight loss plan.

You can do this!

With the Delish UN-Diet School you can lose weight without dieting on your own terms in 3 simple steps:
  • Step 1: Fill in the gaps in your knowledge.
  • Step 2: Formulate your own program. 
  • Step 3: Execute your plan!

It's perfect for you if:

  1. You love to learn, study and grow in your knowledge
  2. You fancy yourself a DIY'er
  3. Once you get something intellectually, you've got it and you don't need a hand hold 
  4. You have a keen interest in health, nutrition and living a natural lifestyle
  5. You are ready to make permanent lifestyle changes.
  6. You prefer to learn from videos than books and audios (you love the connection of eye contact) 

School Yourself Now!

The Delish UN-Diet School Trainings will teach you everything you need to know: 
  • Know exactly what's been missing.
  • Know exactly what to do next.
  • Learn how to create your own weight loss plan. 
  • Rest assured you know how to keep it off permanently!

What's the alternative?

  • Stay blind-sighted by your blind spots.
  • Feel futility, victimized by your weight and do nothing.
  • Keep gaining weight and never lose any.

School Yourself Now!

BONUS Kitchen Makeover e-course (VALUE $97) - Learn how to put your whole foods kitchen in place so that you can 'set it and forget it' for sustainable and permanent weight loss!

School Yourself Now!

I've made the learning process super simple:

  • 30 ‘ish’ min trainings that you can watch from your phone, iPad or computer while watching dinner, cleaning the house or crafting
  • 1 page hand outs that highlight the most important parts so that you don’t have to take notes.
  • A list of take aways’  actionable steps you can immediately implement.

You are not going to have to spend months or years studying to apply the best of the best knowledge in weight loss physiology - I’ve distilled it down in to the most pertinent details - all in practical laymen terms, so that you know exactly what to do with the information.

Why this is different?

This is not a fad diet, method or point system that you blindly follow.

This course is designed to support you to create your own customized weight loss plan based on a correct understanding of nutrition, weight loss physiology and the hormonal bases of obesity.

Who it is for?

  • This is a DIY course designed for people who are done with blindly following diets and want to take their health and weight into their own hands. 
  • It’s for you if you love to learn and want to put some skin in the game and design your own plan based on a clear understanding of the hormonal basis of obesity.
  • It’s for you are done with the deprivation and rebound weight gain that comes with 'eating less and moving more', and you are ready for permanent diet and lifestyle changes.

This is not for you if:

  1. You want a hand hold (we've got services for that)
  2. You need to lose weight in a hurry (instead grab our cleanse program for losing 15 lbs in 21 days)
  3. You just want a reduced calorie menu and exercise plan to follow (that's 'dieting' for short term results - you can get that pretty much anywhere, but you won't find it here)

School Yourself Now!

Get support as you learn, includes:
  • Get questions answered in the Facebook group
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