If you can’t lose weight your body is deficient in nutrition, toxic, inflamed & otherwise out of balance.

before and after.jpgI know how frustrating it is to feel like you are doing everything right and yet you can't lose weight.

7 years ago I went from being a slightly overweight nutritionist who had settled for the after baby weight to becoming obese in less than 2 months on a healthy whole foods primarily vegetarian diet.

A healthy person eating a healthy diet stays slim without counting calories or exercising. You know that right? So obviously eating less and moving more isn't the answer (your naturally skinny friend isn’t counting calories or living at the gym). And look if you are internally arguing against that, if ‘eating less and moving more’ was really the answer, you wouldn't even be reading this, because it would have already worked for you!

I knew enough to know that calorie counting and exercise were not the answer, so I didn't even try that. I was already eating natural whole foods, so it felt like I couldn't do any better with my diet than I was already doing.

I almost threw in the towel and accepted staying obese. After all what more could I do if I was already eating healthy? And exercise? There was no way I was going to start punishing my obese body even more with exercise!

Exercise is to movement like Mc Donald's is to a home-cooked meal - processed, artificial and unnatural. Sure, movement makes you healthier and exercise can help re-shape and tone your body so that you look ‘hot’, but neither results in weight loss by burning more calories. If your health isn't up to par and your diet isn't right, exercise is pretty much useless and can even sabotage your diet by wreaking havoc on your cortisol levels.

Ok, so if the answer isn't whole foods and it's not eat less and move more, then what is it?

It's your health.

You don't lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight.

Obesity is a symptom of disease and disorder in your body.

Nobody really wants to say this (but I am going to!)....

If you can’t lose weight or maintain your ideal weight, your body is deficient in nutrition, toxic, inflamed and otherwise out of balance.

Your system needs a tune-up so that it can run properly!

When you can't lose weight you have 1 or more or all of the following health issues
1) blood sugar imbalance
2) toxicity
3) food sensitivities
5) endocrine burnout
6) your nervous system on the brink
7) hormone havoc

Until you address these health issues, you are always going to struggle with your weight and diets will always fail you because they never address the real reason you are overweight.

And that is why I created the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse to simultaneously address all of the above weight loss blocks.

You can use the program not only to kick start your weight loss journey but to elevate your health in the process while pushing past plateaus to get you to your ideal weight and to stay there.

By the time most women hit 40, they struggle to maintain their weight (or lose it) because of the aforementioned health issues. For some even more unfortunate women (like me!), this struggle started as early as puberty! But no matter what your age, you can heal your body and restore your ability to burn fat again!

The trouble is that you've been told to count calories, eat less, exercise more, take pills, bars and diet shakes etc. none of which are designed for long-term permanent weight loss. Why? Because they make you have to fight against your body, your instincts, your hunger and cravings to be able to stick to them.

Of course your willpower eventually runs out and then you are worse off than when you started!!! More toxic, deficient and with a slower metabolism to boot - no wonder you can't lose weight!!

Here are the 3 biggest myths about weight loss that will never get you the results you want...

1. The first one is that you are fat because you are a lazy, gluttonous, undisciplined, slob who overeats (no sorry, overeating doesn't cause obesity, the health challenges of which obesity is a symptom cause overeating).

2. You need to eat less and exercise more (nope again, you need to eat more of the right foods and move your body in a natural healthy human ways)

3. You need to count calories, carbs, fat and protein grams (no you don't, you need to return to your human instincts and cleansing helps you do that)

Wouldn't you agree that if you ignore what I am saying and go back to all of the above, that is it crazy to think that you would get different results doing the same thing you did before?!

Duh! Let's do something different!!

To give you a taste of what the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse can do for you, I am hosting a free webinar called “13 Ways Cleansing Can Help You Lose Weight.’

Sign up for free here!


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