Weight Loss Block #1: Digestion

Weight loss is not always as simple as 'eat less & move more'.

There are 8 physiological blocks to weight loss that have nothing at all to do with calories or exercise. 

The first of the 8 blocks is Digestive Issues.

Let's look at 12 ways digestive issues can block weight loss:

1) Metabolism - when nutrients are deficient because they are not properly broken down and absorbed, the metabolism doesn't work optimally.

2) Cravings - Nutrient deficiencies cause insurmountable cravings and an increase of appetite.

3) Food addictions - incompletely digested food particles break down into opiate like chemicals that trigger food addiction.

4) Dysbiosis - bad bacteria in the gut trigger cravings for refined sugar and processed food.

5) Slow Metabolism - research has demonstrated that while consuming the same number of calories of the exact same food - obese people gain weight, while lean people with a predominance of good bacteria don't.

6) Gluten Intolerance - weight gain is also commonly seen in people with gluten intolerance due to poor digestion and inflammatory processes.

7) Bloating - accumulation of fluid and gas, makes the stomach stick out and a person feels fat which can trigger bingeing due to frustration, creating a cycle.

8) SIBO - A specific form of gut dysbiosis called SIBO lowers metabolism and heightens insulin and leptin resistance, triggering appetite and cravings for carbs.

9) The tendency of consuming specific foods to relieve reflux symptoms leads to over eating.

10) Some gastric medicines list weight gain as a side effect.

11) IBS sufferers tend to replace nutrient-dense food with carb & calorie-rich foods to alleviate symptoms. 

12) Steroids for Colitis and Crohn's increase appetite and weight gain.

Would you like to heal your digestive issues naturally and at the same time unblock your weight loss resistance?

When you put your health first, the extra weight comes off naturally - as a good side effect of having achieved optimal health!

Digestive issues are just one example of the '8 Weight Loss Blocks'  that we identify to individualize your weight loss journey.


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