The one thing 97% of dieters won't do to lose weight

revamping the kitchen

There is a reason 97% of dieters fail.

The reason is obvious.

They fail to stick to the diet.

Hold on, hold on.

It's not because they are lazy and undisciplined, it's because weight loss diets are designed to be done for a temporary time period.

They are not by design for permanent results.

Think about it:

- If you don't already go to the gym and love it, how long do you think you can force yourself to do it?
- How long can you really live on 1000 calories or less a day, before you freak out from your self inflicted famine and start feasting?
- How long can you make yourself stick to a menu plan that someone else created and that doesn't perfectly suite your tastes, time constraints and skill level in the kitchen?
- How long can you force yourself to act like a mathematician to formulate your meals?

All of that takes massive focus and willpower to resist what is natural.

'Diets' in the conventional sense - the way we are using the word here, describes something you temporarily do to lose weight.

So why would you expect anything but temporary results?

It's all crazy making.

You don't need to go on another diet to lose weight. You just need to adopt a natural lifestyle and eat the natural diet of your species (homo sapien)

That my friends is what 97% of dieters won't do that keeps them fat and 'dieting' forever.

The Delish Diet on the other hand refers to our traditional diet.

It is the diet of the human species that gets you healthy - and as a good side effect of that, your weight normalizes.

Not on your time clock, on your body's time clock, in it's inherent wisdom.

This week in the Delish UN-Diet School we are revamping our kitchens.

In other words, doing the #1 most important thing that is required for permanent weight loss.

It's what only 3% of the people will do.

If you still have 'crap' in your kitchen, I can tell you right now what your weight loss strategy is.

It's nothing more than willpower - and willpower runs out.

If you want to lose weight you have to transform your kitchen, your diet and your lifestyle - permanently.

There is no way around it.

You are going to have to revamp your kitchen.

In this weeks LIVE training in the Delish UN-Diet School, I am showing you how.

If you are ready to jump in with both feet and join me in the 3% club, you can start right away:

Or if you need to understand a bit more about what the lifestyle change looks like, watch this webinar to learn more about how you can 'Lose Weight w/o Dieting':


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