She has hope about her weight again.


If you find yourself at a loss and overwhelmed by nutrition claims and counterclaims, you are not alone.

It's no wonder, when most of what you've been sold about health and weight loss is designed to keep you sick and fat (think quick fixes, suppressing symptoms and ignoring true causes).

Half of what we are told will make us healthy, eventually turns out to be unhealthy.

The things we do that help us lose weight in the short term, cause us to gain even more weight later.

It can be really frustrating when you don't know who to trust.

The truth is you shouldn't blindly trust any authority or expert, including me. 

Of course everyone thinks they are right - and not to mention, there is a study with evidence to back up pretty much every conclusion you could come to.

Personally, I am open to all perspectives and to changing my mind when new information is revealed (I care about finding what works while increasing health, not about any particular dietary dogma).

I ask myself the following questions when deciphering nutrition & health claims:

1. In what context could this be true and in what context would it not be true?

2. Does this align with nature and with what is health giving for us as human beings - or is this an unnatural superimposed construct that goes against our nature and inherent natural healing capacity?

3. Is this true in my personal experience or do I need to create a personal experience with this to be able to truly make an informed opinion about it? And is that even necessary or relevant?

4. What can I do to test/decipher it's relevance to my personal situation?

5. Have I really done the research at the source or am I blindly trusting people whose opinions I respect, 'experts' and the media?  

The reason that I created the Delish UN-Diet School is so that you can learn the basic science of nutrition, weight loss physiology and the hormonal basis of obesity, so that you can make informed decisions about your health and your weight.

The program is designed to give you the knowledge you need with a framework that allows you to test it against your own experience and listen to the wisdom of your body, instead of blindly following a cookie cutter plan.

Here is what a student of the Delish UN-Diet School had to say about her experience of restoring hope in her health and her relationship to her body:

"Hey Sherry, I just wanted to thank you, so much. I really needed to be renewed around food, habits, and the science of health. This experience has been so positive, gentle and meeting me right where I'm at, stretching me just enough to create change but not so much that I feel like a failure or wrapped in shame. I still have a long way to go but I'm so proud of the changes I've made so far, and I feel positive moving forward that I will end up with the results I'm looking for-or at the very least-a healthy body and mind, regardless of size. This program is the absolute best program I've ever experienced. I just wanted to reach out to thank you. I've been stuck in such a destructive cycle for so long and I now have hope again. Thank you again "

This is the exact attitude that precedes permanent results with weight loss. You pretty much have to forget about it and focus on your health and your relationship to your body first.

The inevitable weight loss, will simply be a good side effect of that!

If you want to be guided on your path to inevitable weight loss, join us in the Delish UN-Diet School  to learn how to create your own weight loss path and  plan.

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p.s. Want to learn a little more before joining the Delish UN-Diet School? Grab the Diet Myths Guide:


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