What WE do & what YOU do to lose weight.



We help people let go of the weight without dieting or giving up the rich, sweet creamy comfort foods they love.

While that sounds like the antithesis to weight loss, it’s not.

The truth is, virtually any food one desires can be made in a way that supports their intention to improve their health and lose weight simultaneously.

It all begins with simply converting crappy ingredients into their natural whole food counterparts.

We help you lose weight without dieting by putting optimal health first.

Permanent weight loss is a ‘good side effect’ of increasing levels of health.

- “dieting” or deprivation
- count calories or macros
- no shakes, bars or pills
- no done for you diet plans
- no juice cleanses


We give you the knowledge you need to make the right choices.

With the right education, you don’t need to be told what to eat or what not to eat. You don’t need a diet or a done-for-you menu plan. You have a brain that can make logical and educated decisions. It’s not at all about intuitive eating, although when you’ve embodied the knowledge, it will become intuitive.


You assume responsibility for your health and your weight by putting some skin in the game and creating your own plan based on new the new knowledge you’ve acquired through our trainings and embodiment exercises.

We don’t do it for you.

We remind you to be patient while your body lets the weight go naturally - without pushing, shoving and otherwise trying to force it to lose weight in a punishing and painful way (that can never be sustained anyway).


You have an innate vital force inside your body that does the healing and releases the weight when it is no longer needed.

Your body will do this when you give it what it has been missing (the proper nutrition, relaxation, purpose etc.) - and stop overwhelming it with what it doesn’t need (the wrong food, stress, toxins etc.).

In other words, we help you eliminate your physiological weight loss blocks (health obstacles).

Our focus is a permanent lifestyle change for permanent results.

We don’t do quick fixes because they are not healthy, they don’t stick and they lead to rebound weight gain.

1. Embodiment of a natural, non-toxic and whole foods lifestyle.
2. Teach you how to create your own unique individualized plan.
3. Learn how to plan, pre-prep and prepare your own meals and learn how to cook without a recipe.
4. Seasonal rejuvenation - season specific cleanses that rejuvenate and eliminate weight loss plateaus.
5. Identify nutrition deficiencies (macro and micro) that lead to cravings and symptoms of ill health.
6. Identify health imbalances that block weight loss and teach you how to heal yourself.
7. Educate hard - knowledge is the precursor to experience.
8. Mindset work - de-brainwash you of the ‘diet mentality’.
9. Inner work - explore your emotional weight loss blocks and excavate the life you were really born for - instead of one settled for.
10. We help you vision and create a future that compels you to become the healthiest, happiest and hottest version of yourself yet!

If this resonates and you want to use your weight loss journey as a catalyst for whole life transformation contact support@delishdiet.ca to learn more.


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