When Being Skinny is Not A Big Motivator


What do you focus on when you know you need to lose weight, but ‘being skinny’ is not a big motivator?

We help women lose weight without dieting, by putting their health first.

No counting calories or macros, no deprivation, bars, shakes or diet pills - and without giving up the rich, sweet creamy comfort foods they love - exercise is optional.

Might sound too good to be true, but this IS how it works.

If you HAD to do all ‘the things’ normally associated with losing weight to lose weight, your results will be temporary because willpower runs out - not to mention you end up gaining more weight than ever because of the damage dieting does to your metabolism.

If you’ve already lost the weight but you are worried about whether or not you can keep it off, we can help.

We don’t promise speed, we promise permanency.

This requires a re-education into how your body works and ‘mindset work’ to dismantle the ‘diet mentality’. It requires permanent diet and lifestyle changes.

If you are not willing to invest time, money and energy into learning these things, then it is clear that you are not willing to do what it takes to achieve optimal health and your ideal weight - so why keep torturing yourself with obsessing about your weight? It’s pointless.

You’d be better off investing time, money and energy in finding a passion or diving into a hobby and start feeling a sense of renewal and revival in your life.

From that place you’ll find a better reason to nourish your body well, than just trying to get it to look a certain way.

Being skinny is not a big motivator when you don’t have a compelling vision for your future.

Turn your focus from looking at your body to looking at your soul. Nothing but good can come of that.

Our ideal clients are women who want to use their weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation.

If all that resonates, contact us at support@delishdiet.ca to chat about how we can help.


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