Which is better? Cleansing vs. seasonal rejuvenation

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Many people embark upon a cleanse once or twice.

Maybe it's a juice cleanse or colon cleanse or some kind of detox in a box.

There is nothing wrong with doing any of those things, but the problem is that you can't expect exponential or lasting changes, if you just do something once.

If you do a cleanse and then go right back to your old SAD (standard american diet) after, then you can expect to reverse your results and end up with all the same health problems that pushed you to cleanse in the first place!

Even most people who cleanse regularly, only cleanse about once a year - which is still great, especially if they already have a clean house so to speak!

However, most people have decades of poor diet and lifestyle habits to undo - and in that case, one cleanse isn't gonna 'cut it' to achieve optimal health.

I really like the analogy of body cleansing being akin to housecleaning.

Sure we spring cleanse once a year, but we also have daily and weekly and monthly cleansing regimes too.

And that's where seasonal rejuvenation comes in.

Seasonal rejuvenation is about eating in season according to Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom, which over centuries discovered that your body's organs and systems have certain power times of year.

These special power times are auspicious for increasing the health of those organs, specifically at that particular time of the year.

And that's why the cleanse includes another BONUS module that introduces you to seasonal rejuvenation.

Yes, cleansing is lovely for healing yourself and releasing excess weight, but we don't have to wait until we are forced to, to take care of our body.

The intention of the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse program is to take you from being someone who only attends to their body from a place of fear (just to avoid dis-ease), to being someone who attends to their body from a place of self-love.

That's why I love the analogy of the body being the sacred temple that houses our soul!

And to that end, we know deep inside that we should really be treating it as such with the reverence it deserves.

If that resonates, a cleanse with the intention for seasonal rejuvenation turning into a regular practice of for beauty and self-care, could just be the answer to what you've been seeking!

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