How she healed her hormones to get unblocked with her weight.


If you've struggled with your weight for quite a while, you can probably relate to my client Nikki's story:

"I have struggled with my weight my entire life. In the past my weight defined me, stopped me from doing the things I loved in life and with my children, it has been a source of shame and I have MANY spent hours trying to find new ways to take weight off. This lead me to seek alternative ways of health and well being. I studied herbology and homeopathy for personal use since becoming a mother 20 years ago and trained and practiced as a Colon Hydrotherapist 13 years ago. After 2 kids and being exposed to chemicals through out me life from my career as a hairstylist my hormones were A MESS! Weight gain, terrible periods, mood swings and fatigue were all huge complaints on my list. That is when I found the DELISH program. Trusting my body, working through emotional road blocks and learning how to get healthy and not giving up rich and sweet foods. I have lost the weight easily on this program, my periods normalized, my hormones regulated, my moods stabilized and for once in my life I did not gain weight at the drop of a hat! Even when I gain weight its was easy to get back on track and see results quickly."

Nikki's experience is unique, but her results are not unusual. When you put your health first, like Nikki did, and focus on eliminating the toxins from your life, while giving your body the deep nutrition it needs - your hormones come back into a balance and you get unblocked with your weight as a good side effect of that.

Notice that she didn't normalize her weight by counting calories or exercise, but by learning how to get healthier and not give up rich and sweet foods (she is a true testament to the fact that no deprivation is necessary)!

As a result of immersing herself in the Delish Diet program, she:

  • Trusts her body
  • Works through her emotional road blocks
  • Lost the weight easily
  • Periods normalized
  • Hormones regulated
  • Moods stabilized 
  • No longer gains weight at the drop of a hat

You too can get the results she did, when you decide that it's your time to learn how!

Is now your time?!

If you internally said YES!, click here to join the Delish Diet Kitchen Immersion, so that you can get guidance on the path!


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