Being overweight is NOT the cause of your problems, it is an EFFECT of them

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If you can't lose weight, you are probably focused on your fat, which leads to a whole bunch of inner talk that commands your body to stay fat (your body follows your mind).

Conventional diets based on eating less and moving more are designed for short term results. In the long term they deprive you of nutrition and slow down your metabolism.

If you don’t plan to do your current strategy for weight loss forever, you are kidding yourself that you can ever lose weight and keep it off. It sounds harsh, but it's true. As soon as you quit working the strategy, it quits working for you.

Instead of focusing on your fat, you need to focus on coming home to your true self and feeling at home in your body.

There is only one core strategy you need to lose weight on the physiological level and that is optimizing your health and returning to your natural human diet, habitat and habits. It's really that simple. Although for most people not easy because we are culturally obsessed with convenience.

Have you noticed that wild animals have a diet, but they don't go on a diet? Wild animals are never overweight because they don't eat or live unnaturally for their species.
If you just can’t seem to get yourself to do what is natural to you as a human mammal (or you've lost touch with your instincts) - then weight loss blocks are standing in your way.

Weight loss blocks can be any 1 or more of the following: physiological, educational, environmental, emotional, hormonal, mindset, relational, socia-economic and addiction issues etc.

It is time now to stop ‘dieting’ and deal with the actual root causes of your weight gain. Being overweight is NOT the cause of your problems, it is an EFFECT of them.
Permanent weight loss requires that you stop settling in life, value yourself (this is not a feeling, it is cultivated through action), care for your body as a temple that houses your soul (with reverence and respect) and do the inner work of changing your mindset through health education and inner work.

If you want temporary results, then "go on a diet" - but the risk is that it will be harder to lose weight the next time you go on a diet - which is something you will have to do (because you haven't addressed the root causes). The only thing conventional dieting does is perpetuate more dieting (remember statistics?).

Instead of being hard on yourself and hard on your body, be hard on the problems in your life. You just have to keep going at them, until they are eliminated or transformed through both mindset and action. Otherwise, they are still gonna be there at the end of your diet, ready to sabotage all the efforts you won by willpower.

Willpower doesn't work. You have to transform yourself from the inside out and change your environment for results that last.

Benjamin Hardy wrote a whole book about this and I concur. It's called Willpower Doesn't Work. It's a great mindset book and I highly recommend it.

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