Where your body stores fat, can tell you about your state of health (& what you need to work on)

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Did you know that just by looking at a how your body distributes fat, we have a clue for finding the root cause of your weight gain or inability to lose weight? It's true.

Your body has very specific reasons for storing fat in the way that it does and it has a message for you about your health.

What do you see?

  • love handles & muffin top = excess insulin
  • fat belly thin legs = insulin resistance + cortisol issues
  • fat butt/thighs/hips = low progesterone and/or high estrogen levels
  • flabby arms + reduced muscle mass = low testosterone
  • spare tire = sluggish overburdened liver
  • back fat = adrenal insufficiency
  • weight all over + ravenous appetite = thyroid resistance and/or leptin resistance
  • even distribution of excess fat + little appetite = endocrine exhaustion

You can throw all the diets and exercise at your extra body fat, and it will be to no avail.

In many cases it will get worse.

Your body is holding onto that fat to try to get your attention about underlying health issues.

Listen to your body and put your health first. It's the only way to permanent weight loss, not to mention a future of health which obviously matters more in the big picture.

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