It took me 3 years to get from 176 lbs to my ideal weight of 135 lbs, from a size 16 to a size 6.

Most people bemoan the truth of what it really takes to lose weight permanently, and simply won't take the long road.

It’s been more than 10 years, and I am still a size 6.

If you want permanent weight loss, you must prioritize progress and accept plateaus as part of the path, because they simply are.

Personally, I didn't even care when months went by without losing even a single pound. I was just happy that I was enjoying delicious, decadent and pleasurable food - and NOT gaining weight!

I simply chose to trust my body no matter what. I expressed that trust through my ACTIONS, not feelings.

Your body has it’s own timing, in it’s inherent wisdom, about what needs to be prioritized first. Internal forces that you can't see, are doing the invisible work of healing - and subsequently weight loss.

Your only work is to do both the inner and external work required to get out of your body's way - your innate design is to be at your ideal weight.

You don’t get to control ‘the how long’ of weight loss, because you don't control your automatic body processes. If you try to push your body using force, it will fight back.

Your personal priority might be quick weight loss from the place of your ego, but your body, in it’s inherent wisdom, knows that it needs balance (on multiple levels), before it is safe to release the weight.

Why? Because the weight always has a purpose. Your body doesn't do things for no reason. It's always trying to protect you and preserve life.

Your symptoms, including extra body fat, is your body trying to tell you that something is out of alignment in your life and in your health.

Your job is to come back into alignment with optimal health and your reason for being in this world.

The truth is that permanent weight loss (which comes from restoring harmony in your body and your life) happens slowly at the beginning.

Then the closer you get to your optimal weight, the faster it falls off.

The reason why is because the closer you get to optimal health, the fat no longer has a protective purpose (since balance or homeostasis has been achieved).

Quick weight loss on the other hand, leads to more imbalance, causing additional and faster rebound weight gain - in the future.

This is because deprivation of nutrients makes your body think there is a famine - in which case, "being safe" is having plenty of extra body fat, just in case.

Chronic stress is also interpreted by the primal brain as famine.

That is why it's so important not to underestimate the impact of negative thoughts and feelings on weight gain, and in weight loss resistance.

When your health is harmonized and your life is in alignment with your true desires, you’ll release the weight without ‘trying” to.

Keeping it off will involve nothing more than maintaining a high level of health and continuing to build the life you were born to live.

By that I mean, one you love living, instead of the one you've settled for.

And that's a journey of growth and re-alignment that never ends.

To help you do that, I am creating a mindset course for permanent weight loss.

If you want to get on the wait list (so that you are one of the first to know when it is ready) check the comments to get the link to sign up.

Get on the wait list to learn how to do the inner work for permanent weight loss:

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Amen, you are speaking my language... thank you!

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