5 Principles For Permanent Weight Loss


How I Lost 10+ Dress Sizes Without Dieting (and how the Delish approach can do the same for you).

Keep reading to find the missing pieces of your permanent weight loss puzzle.

Principle 1: HEALTH FIRST
- Natural Whole Foods & Natural Non-Toxic Lifestyle is the Non Negotiable Foundation. If your body is deficient in nutrients and overwhelmed with toxins, your extra body fat should be (or will be) the least of your worries. The reason your body won't release the fat, is because it ALREADY is the least of your body's worries (it’s not a priority at all…your body is just trying to survive, it's got no space or time to burn fat, because it’s busy dealing with the root of the problem, which is your underlying health imbalances).
- Delish Kitchen Makeover - Set It and Forget It. If you don't do this, you'll always be overwhelmed, thinking about food and always unprepared. Use the 80/20 rule when you are out and about having fun with friends and family, but do 100/100 in your own kitchen, otherwise willpower will be all you’ve got - and that will run out.... much sooner than later.
- Identify your ‘Weight Loss Blocks' with a holistic nutritionist and eliminate them using food as medicine and a personalized natural nutrition protocol - one that is custom designed to bring your body systems back into harmony, so that it's actually safe to release fat. Sluggish liver is one example of a 'weight loss block'. Since toxins are stored in your fat cells, it’s not safe to release the fat when your liver doesn’t have enough nutrients available to properly neutralize the toxins. That means you have to heal your liver and bring it from basic survival mode into optimal functioning.

- Prioritize Protein & be Strategic about carbs (the delish approach is not keto, but fat is perfectly fine).
- Restore the nutrients that you are deficient in, because deficiencies are responsible for and drive cravings for 'crap' and any tendencies to overeat (your cells are starving regardless of how much fat you have). Nutrient deficiencies also underlie the impulse to medicate with food to make your brain feel better in the moment (both to stimulate and sedate), but that comes at a future cost.
- Practice conscious cleansing and seasonal rejuvenation to attune your body to the changing seasons of the year (not mention, the changing seasons of your life). Doing so elevates you into higher levels of health, eliminates weight loss resistance and it gets you past plateaus.

- Health Consciousness - your body is the sacred temple that houses your soul, so treat it as such (with reverence). Explore and find deeper ‘whys’ for taking care of your body - beyond vanity.
- Healing Mindset - do your inner work - belief re-programming & emotional release. Your logical thoughts are not your true beliefs, they are just opinions. Your behaviour is a reflection of what you really believe. Your body’s symptoms (including extra body fat) are a reflection of beliefs that don't serve you, negative feelings and suppressed emotions and desires.
- Self Responsibility - educate yourself about health and take both your health and your weight into your own hands. Don’t look for a practitioner or diet to save you. You do the work of saving yourself, along with the extra insight, support and guidance from the someone who’s been in your shoes. But ultimately, you are the authority over your own body - learn the language of your body and foster a relationship with it, instead of looking to experts to "fix" you. Instinct, intuition and inner work go a long way. Focus more on what's going on inside of you, rather than focusing outward and obsessing about what you see in the mirror. Losing weight is an inside job. Your brain uses "fat focusing" (and other symptoms) as distractions to keep you from looking at truth's you don't want to see and also from feeling feelings you don't want to feel. It's a mental distraction tactic manifested in the physical realm (your body) to keep you 'in line', so that you don't explode with socially (or personally) unacceptable behaviours. That's another way your fat is protecting you.

- Instead of tracking your weight, track your health gains and habits with the intention of embodying them permanently (for increased well-being and optimal health, not just for weight loss). Natural weight loss without dieting is a "good side effect" that happens of its own accord - once your health is up-levelled. If you are not losing weight, you need to focus even more on your health (body, mind & soul - not just body).
- Permanent lifestyle change is the way. You never "come off" this "diet". The word "diet" originates with the Greek word diaita - a noun that meant a way of living, which included food and other daily habits. The origin of the word has nothing to do with weight loss. The Delish diet approach is the natural diet and lifestyle of the human species (with a few modern perks)!
- Recognize that the slower you lose the weight, the longer it stays off - without you having to "try" to keep it that way. So don't bemoan your plateaus. The closer you get to optimal health, the faster the weight falls off without you having to "try". Permanent weight loss happens slow at the beginning and faster the closer you get to your ideal weight (because you are now healthier). The only fast weight loss that is healthy, is weight released through a conscious cleanse. A conscious cleanse stops internally generated inflammatory toxins due to malnutrition and poor digestion
- and it eliminates environmental toxins. At the same time, it is deeply nourishing to give your liver the raw nutritional materials it needs to do the work of detoxifying your body and thus rebooting your metabolism).

- Wear what makes you feel attractive now and carry yourself as an attractive person (this has nothing to do with how much you weigh).
- Start doing the things now, that you are telling yourself that you can't do "until I lose the weight". Otherwise you are actively choosing to reinforce a holding pattern in your life and your body is reflecting this. Your body will use this as a cybernetic mechanism to keep you safe from change, because who knows what kind of shenanigans you'll get into in a state of optimal health, a hot bod and increased confidence?! You might be afraid that someone in your life will be incompatible with the next level version of you and it's too painful to imagine a future without them.
- Take self loving action now. Weight loss is not a linear process. It has it's ups and downs, just like anything else in life. When you 'hit' a plateau, get off course and even gain weight despite "doing everything right" (and this will happen, it's part of the journey).... instead of quitting and binging or looking for a new shiny diet, practice getting back on the horse as soon as possible (preferably at your next meal). Instead of focusing on what is happening that you don't like, focus on some kind of action that you can immediately take to feel more healthy and beautiful. Take it as your body is trying to get your attention. If your body wants your attention, give it your attention! Just like a neglected child, if we don't give our body the attention it craves, it will get our attention, but not in a way we are going to life (negative attention).
- Drastically change your life. Nothing changes without change! Accept and face the acute stress required to eliminate your chronic stress. Eliminate Chronic Stress Because It Causes Fat Storage Without So Much As A Single Extra Calorie Consumed. Also embrace acute stress ‘with bells on’ and do all the things that you've been scared to do (but you've always wanted to). Acute stress triggers fat burning hormones! You only live once as far as we know for sure, so stop settling in life. Being skinny won't change your life, but using your weight loss journey as whole life transformation and as the path to your next level self will!

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