Blissfully Binging


Willpower is not something I focus on at all when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss.


Because suppressed and repressed desires and emotions and a lack of pleasure and love are the cause of emotional eating in the first place.

Any attempt to exercise willpower only makes things worse, because willpower IS suppression.

My approach to emotional eating is to first stop taking on the identity of being an emotional eater and to then stop “trying” not to be one.

Instead meet yourself where you are at in the moment. First feed your presenting need, in order to create enough safety and security to be able to stop long enough to identify and meet your deeper needs.

Ok, so you feel like shit emotionally or you are exhausted or both and you want to feel better right?

Ok, then, go ahead and meet the presenting need by eating something that will make you feel better in the moment, but….. here’s the big BUT ….. choose something that is not going to make you feel bad after (no I am not talking carrot sticks and celery, don’t worry I am talking cakes, cookies, bars etc. …. I have a long history of binging, so believe me, I know salad and rice cakes isn’t going to cut it)!

The truth is binging only hurts when it is done in a hurtful self loathing way, that disrespects the body.

Most people will eat something that makes them feel better in the moment, but that causes them to feel terrible after - both physically (bloating and a blood sugar crash usually) and emotionally (guilt and shame).

The foods chosen perpetuate a physiological urge to eat more and all the negative feelings around it, do nothing more than perpetuate a cycle of harmful emotional eating.

I teach people how to eat emotionally without hurting themselves.

It’s that simple. I teach you what to make and what to buy, that soothes you metaphysically without harming your body.

It doesn’t “hurt” to emotionally eat, if you do it in a conscious way.

We can’t separate emotions from eating anyway, so why are we even trying to?!!

Here’s how eating and emotions are connected whether we like it or not:

1. The act of eating in the company of others in a connected way triggers the release of the love hormone oxytocin. That is why you cannot disconnect food from the desire for love.

2. Food tastes good and it is pleasurable, so you are never going to not want pleasurable foods to feel pleasure.

3. Food is made of chemicals and those chemicals (nutrients, enzymes etc.) are building blocks and co-enzymes for feel good neurotransmitters.

So as you can see, you can’t get away from what is a very natural urge to binge when you are in a funk or have low energy.

Just accept it and learn how to blissfully binge.

And then recognize that the problem with emotional eating, is not a problem with food.

Turn the focus to your feelings.

Remember the cause of ‘unhealthy’ emotional eating, is with your suppressed and repressed desires and emotions and with the a lack of connection and pleasure in your life.

So if you want to end ‘unhealthy’ emotional eating, learn how to blissfully binge.

Learn how to eat to satisfy the urge to binge in the moment in time that it arises.

Soothe you self and then sit down to do the inner work if you can.

You have to meet your body’s needs, cravings and desires first, because your body is an animal.

Feeding your body settles it down, so that you can then attend to the metaphysical (your mind, emotion and soul needs).

This is akin to a mother nursing her crying baby, except that in this case, you are both the mother and the baby.

Now that you have decided to stop fighting your inner animal and have instead chosen to nurture and nourish it, which calms the body down, you now have the mental and emotional space to focus on your other unmet needs.

However if you binge on the wrong foods that make you feel like shit after - physically, mentally and emotionally, you’ll end up in front of Netflix to further suppress feeling that. And the cycle simply continues.

Decide now to learn how to blissfully binge, and then do the work of addressing your mental, emotional and soul needs.

There are many methods and modalities to help you do this kind of inner work that meets your metaphysical needs.

In my programs, I teach people how I personally do ‘inner work’ to break down obstructive paradigms (the mental and emotional prisons of our own making that keep us caged), as well as how I release stuck negative emotions.

What I do may or may not resonate for you. We are all different. I suggest learning a practice that resonates for you.

Since I believe that it is up to each one of us to take our health into our own hands, everything I offer is designed to empower my clients to do just that.

At the same time, there will be things that you can’t get yourself to even look at, never mind unravel and release in your life.

And that’s why I am also a huge proponent of trauma therapy, energy medicine, spiritual healers and plant medicine etc. We all need a ‘leg up’ sometimes and true healing that lasts, happens in community.

If you want to work together to take your health and healing into your own hands, and lose weight naturally without dieting, let's talk!


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