Delish Diet(a) Kitchen Immersion

Immerse yourself in the Delish Diet(a) approach to permanent weight loss by embodying the kitchen skills you need to lose weight naturally without dieting - by putting your health first!

You are in the right place if you want to:
  • Get organized in the kitchen.
  • Know exactly what to eat (and what not to eat) for both optimal health and weight loss
  • Learn how to always be prepared with food on hand.
  • Feel competent in the kitchen and on top of it.
  • Have total confidence that you are feeding yourself and your family right. 
But right now it's kinda hard to do that when....
  • You don't have a food prep plan
  • You are not organized in the kitchen
  • Don't know what to buy
  • Don't know what to make 
Quite possibly you feel....
  • Overwhelmed and exhausted by cooking
  • You are unsure where to start
  • Feel time starved and don't know where to fit it in.
  • Don't trust yourself to stick to a plan.
It shouldn't have to be this way!

In the old world, our mothers would have taught us how to manage a kitchen and pass on traditional food skills. We would have lived in community and spent time taking turns in the kitchen, with a tribe of woman by our side. Many hands make for light work!

But that's just not the way things are anymore, and many women feel isolated, alone and overburdened in the kitchen. It's not your fault if you don't have nutrition wisdom, kitchen skills or just can't seem to get on top of it all.

Traditionally, kitchen tasks were shared and skills passed down from mother to daughter - not to mention cooking, child rearing and homemaking used to be our only job!

In today's modern world though, most women work outside the home 40+ hours per week, with no one to share the load. We barely have time to keep up with it all of it, never-mind immerse ourselves in deeper kitchen skills and nutrition wisdom!

Until now that is. 

I created the Delish Diet Kitchen Immersion membership program to save you the time and struggle of having to figure it out on your own. You can learn how to get organized in the kitchen and on top of food prep and mealtime with my expert guidance, inside an online community of women committed stepping up to embracing their power and embodying being the queen of their kitchen! 

I've been in your shoes.

Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 6.45.47 PM

I basically left home at the age of 18 with no cooking skills at all. It wasn't until I went through a health crises that I was forced to learn how to cook and use food as medicine. After decades of trial and error, learning through books and cookbooks and making whole food meals from scratch daily, I can teach you how to become masterful in the kitchen. In addition to my personal experience, I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, professional food and recipe developer and I have taught 100's of women traditional food prep skills online and off, since 2010.

Here's what I will show you how to do, to finally always have what you need on hand and know exactly what to make (step-by-step):
  1. Learn how to stock your kitchen for optimal health and to attain your ideal weight.
  2. Learn how to do food pre-planning and prep.
  3. Learn new quick, easy & delicious recipes.
  4. Learn how to put together balanced meals.
  5. Learn how to cook creatively, so that you don't always have to use a recipe.

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Results you can create for yourself in this program:
  • Feel organized around food.
  • Know exactly what to eat & what not to eat.
  • Always be prepared with the right foods on hand.
  • Feel inspired in the kitchen with new recipes & skills.
  • Discover new foods you'll love.
  • Eat healthy with ease and flow.
  • Lose weight naturally without dieting.
  • Permanent weight loss with zero need for willpower.

In this monthly membership program, I walk you through exactly how I ate (and still eat) to go from a size 16 to a size 6.  This 'no fluff' straight to the point program tells you through videos, handouts, and infographics exactly what to eat and what not to eat to lose weight, achieve your ideal weight and maintain it. 

Keep the e-course content (no set time limit to complete) and continue to get all future updates at no extra cost!
Delish Diet Kitchen Immersion Core Modules:

Module 1: Delish Diet Fundamentals - what to eat and what not to eat
Module 2: Have Your Cake & Eat It Too - how you can eat treats and still lose weight
Module 3: Revamp Your Kitchen - eliminate the need for willpower
Module 4: The Last Diet You'll Ever Do - how to create balanced meals
Module 5: The Lazy Way to Lose the Weight - why diet matters more than exercise
Module 6: Eat More, Weight Less - fill in your nutrient deficiencies to stop cravings
Module 7: Delish-i-fy Your Kitchen - organizing your kitchen for cooking ease and creativity
Module 8: Blast Past Plateaus - ways to get your body past sticky weight set points

BONUS Trainings:
  • Curb Your Sugar Cravings
  • Blissful Binging
  • Prevent Plateaus
  • Sleep Your Way Skinny
  • End Emotional Eating

    and many more!
Plus you'll love having info graphics that help you remember what you learn and help you put it into practice!
  • holistic approach to weight loss
  • how to make substitutions for Delish-i-fied treats and comfort foods
  • foods that make you skinny & foods that make you fat
  • easy reference Delish Diet Food Pyramid
Get my growing selection of Cook-booklets 
  • Skinny Bombs - Skinny bombs are 100% sugar-free treats (dainties) that you can make so that you are never tempted cave to sugar cravings. They totally satiate you, balance your blood sugar and boost your metabolism!
  • Super Salads - I'm not one for eating like a rabbit, these super salads are so hearty, they are a meal in themsleves!
  • Seed Recipes - Seed bread, seed crackers, seed wraps, say no more, you'll love these seed based, flourless and mineral rich recipes that satisfy your snacking urges and due to their high mineral content, preventing sugar cravings at the same time!
  • Home made Cereals - Deliciously easy make a head home made cereal recipes that have you out the door in the morning in a jiffy!
  • Bread-Like Bites - Yes, you read that right, grain free breads and pleasures you thought you had to give up to lose weight but don't!
  • Creamy Without Cream - What is more luxurious than rich creamy food? Most people don't have to give up dairy to lose weight. But if you do, or want to blast past a weight loss plateau then you'll love these dasiry free and oh so satiating rich, creamy recipes!
  • Smoothies - You are in a hurry, don't know what to make or want a meal in a mug to go....I've got you covered with decadent home made meal replacement recipes!
  • Delish Salty & Crunchy Pleasures - Salty and crunchy person who can't imagine life without chips? Got you covered there too!
  • Cheesy Sans Cheese! - Love cheese, but it doesn't love you? No worries we've got cheesey without the cheese recipes that will give you the pleasure, without the gas and bloating.
  • Delish Bakery - These bakery classics like donuts and cinnamon bun will ensure you never feel deprived while losing weight!
  • Delish Desserts - Cheesecake, brownies, sex in a pan anyone? Need I say more?
  • Sugar-Free Christmas Holiday - All my mama's classic X-mas recipes, delish-i-fied! 

And enjoy done-for-you menu plans!

Easy Kick Start Menu Plan – 7 Days of Comfort Foods 

I’ve taken out all the planning and guesswork to get you immersed in the program fast – while eating super decadently! Just print up the grocery list, fill your grocery cart up with delicious food and get started right away! This menu was created with ease, comfort, and speed in mind, so you won’t spend your days slaving over the stove or facing a huge learning curve!

5 Minute Meals - Quick & Easy

2 weekly menu plans made with foods that you don't have to cook from scratch! Perfect for when you are in a hurry or you just don't feel like cooking!

and more!

Additional BONUSES....

BONUS #1 - Doing Delish On A Budget (VALUE $27)
Sometimes the purse-strings are tight or you want to eat 'simply' to save up for something....what if I told you, you can eat healthier, lose weight and bulk up your wallet at the same time? Well now you can with my 30 Ingredient Kitchen List and Tips for How to Cook Without A Recipe, so that you can make wonderful creations from what you already have on hand!

BONUS #2 - What do I Eat When I Don't Feel Like Cooking! (VALUE $27)
Sometimes you are not in the mood to cook or don't have the time, but you still want to eat real whole healthy foods. I've got you covered with a grocery list of foods to have on hand that you can put together as a meal without having to cook!

BONUS #3 Quick Start Cleanse (VALUE $67)

Worried that you don't have what it takes to do a cleans? No worried, I've got you covered! This cleanse is for newbies to cleansing. It's really easy to do and it gets  results in two weeks or less. You can lose up to 10lbs in two weeks without having to give up meat or spend a lot of time in the kitchen!

BONUS #4  Private Delish Diet Facebook Group (VALUE priceless)

The place to be for community and to get your questions answered.

Total Value of BONUSES: $121

And here is how I have made it easy for you!
  • Trainings come with easy to consume handouts that highlight the important stuff!

  • All you have to do is print up the hand outs, the BONUS resources and the info-graphics and organize them into a binder for easy access and review

  • Watch the videos while you are cooking dinner, doing dishes, tidying up, dusting or washing floors!

  • Stay engaged by being active in the Facebook group!

Show up, learn, take action and release the weight!

What's the alternative?
  • Stay stuck, unorganized and overwhelmed
  • Never know what to eat.
  • Always feel behind the 8 ball when it comes to food.
  • Keep worrying about your health.
  • Stay on the diet roller coaster ad gain even more weight gain.

Ready to go from what feels like a lifetime of staring blankly in the fridge wondering what to eat, to a future of looking at your fridge full of an abundance of ready-to-go foods that you can 'grab & go' or make a delicious meal in minutes?! 

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