30 lbs down & kept it off for 2 plus years now!

Lisa Shorter before and after!

What I love about Lisa's story is her focus on her health and lifestyle, rather than on what the scale says.

Lisa so beautifully demonstrates the mindset that is required for permanent weight loss. It's not about quick results, it is about results that last. 

If you've been overweight your whole life or you are over 50, you'll want to learn from Lisa's story and take on her mindset.

It's about sustainable results with the initial focus being on health.

You must cultivate patience and Lisa is a master at this!

Permanent weight loss happens slowly at first (and even slower if you've been overweight for a long time) - that's just how it works because of our weight set point (homeostatic control mechanism).

On the other hand, the closer you get to your ideal weight, the faster the weight drops off - but this is only so, when you do it in a way that changes your body's weight set point (which is what we help you do around here).

The way to change your body's weight set point is through deep nourishment and liver cleansing.

As someone who has been overweight for her whole life, Lisa is perfectly on track to achieving her ideal weight and keeping it off permanently.

This is Lisa's story!

Q: What was your situation with your life, health, weight and relationship etc. before you started?

A: When I found out in 2009 I was a type 2 Diabetic and was told I could not reverse my diabetes I was determined to prove my doctor wrong, so I started a high fat low carb diet (Dr. Atkins) the day after my diagnosis and effortlessly lost 40 pounds.  I kept it off for several years but wanted to lose more weight and reverse my diabetes.  I new I could do it again, but I wanted a different strategy. I had to do this for my health and after ending a 14 year relationship I had to do this even more so for ME.

Q: What compelled you to get started with the Delish Diet approach when you did?

A: I had to go back to how I originally lost weight effortlessly and by not feeling deprived - through eating a low carb high fat diet, but I didn't want to consume as much meat and unhealthy fats as I had previously on the other diet (Dr. Atkins).

Q: Why did you choose the Delish Diet?

A: Since becoming an RHN I wanted to know the nutritional part of food and how that would play into reversing diabetes. So it only made sense to follow the delish diet as it had a philosophy behind how to lose weight, especially without being deprived and eating food instead of taking medicine.

Q: How long have you been struggling with your weight?

A: I have been overweight all my life, but turning 50 I wanted to be the healthiest and strongest version of me going into my second 50's.

Q: What approaches have you tried before that didn't work?

A: I have tried all diets out there, you name I have tried it, very well versed with them all. 

Q: How is the Delish approach different from other approaches?

A: The delish diet approach makes me feel like I am not depriving myself of any foods that I love to eat.  If I crave cake or fries, I just adapt it to a delish version.

Q: What were you doing before that didn't work?

A: Before I would do a diet for 2 weeks or a month and would only see minimal weight loss. I felt discouraged and would go back to eating the way I new how, as it was easier.

Q: What did you implement that was different this time?

A: This time around if I fell off the delish diet with a meal or for the day.  I would just start with the next meal or the day after eating the delish way - without beating myself up or feeling guilty that I did.

Q: What did you learn or what was said in Delish Diet that made a big difference for you this time?

A: I believe it is the 'eat up meal' which has made a big difference as I have a meal to look forward to and if I was going out or invited somewhere I would plan for it that day.

Q: Was there anything else provided that was a missing link for you?

A: Being able to convert any meal or recipe into a delish version made me want to eat the delish way even more.  I also find the delish version was more satiating and satisfying than what I ate before.

Q: Since working with Delish Diet how much weight have you lost?

A: I have lost 25-30 pounds.

Q: How long did it take to lose it?

A: It took 11 plus years to lose 65 pounds in total.

Q: Before starting the Delish Diet how would you rate your health on a scale of 1-10? 

A: 4 

Q: How would you rate your health now?

A: 7.5

Q: Were there any other additional health issues or uncomfortable symptoms that were eliminated or alleviated in the process?

A: I have no more gallbladder issues or fatty liver symptoms and my blood sugar levels are good, but with more weight loss they will be consistently under 7 AIC.

Q: How has having these results impacted your life now (work, relationship, emotions etc).

A: On a physcial level I feel stronger, more energy, I want to run not walk and I want to hike not stroll.

On an emotional level I feel the weight I dropped is a catalyst of dropping an enabling relationship of 14 years. Metaphorically, I dropped the luggage and gained a backpack!

Mentally, I am always adapting and recreating as the world and my life changes.

Spiritually it is an open and on going adventure where I am always wanting to learn.

Not in a relationship with a partner at the moment but working on my relationship with myself where I am loving me for the body I am in and staying open to a loving relationship in all aspects.

Q: Are you confident that you know exactly what to do to maintain your health into the future?

A: This way of eating is for life as I have so much energy and vitality and I know what my body needs to be healthy and stay off medication.

Q: What advice can you offer others to help them believe that they too can create similar results?

A: First and foremost you have to want this for you and no one else.  You have to be willing to do whatever it takes - even if you have to keep recreating and trying different approaches.  Stop making excuses and start now and take each day at a time.  It isn't even a matter of "if I can do it, you can do it".  We all are capable of getting healthy first and the weight just naturally falls off.

Lisa Shorter is a participant of the Delish UN-Diet School and is currently working towards becoming a Delish Diet Certified Practitioner.


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