I entertain too much.


“My current lifestyle and the bad habits that my husband and I have adopted for eating and entertaining are hard to break.” 

Ever struggle with this common thought that stops you from committing to the healthy lifestyle that permanent weight loss requires?

When I read these words, these are the beliefs I hear:
- I think eating poorly is more pleasurable than eating healthy.
- I think I can’t entertain and present foods that my company will enjoy.
- I think eating healthy means that I have to give up my comfort foods.
- I think that I’ll have to give up treats and alcohol forever.
- I think my life will be devoid of pleasure and connection if I eat healthy.

What if none of that were true?

What if those are just limiting beliefs that stop you from being able to have a new more empowering experience with food and pleasure?

None of the above are true for me personally or for those who have embodied the Delish approach (in fact for us it is just the opposite).

The healthy food I make is way more delicious than poor quality foods. I entertain people with delicious food they love. Many comfort foods are actually healthy for you when made with the best quality ingredients. I eat more treats now than I ever did when I was obese. I drink alcohol when I feel like it (which is when I am socializing). I derive a ton of pleasure from food, but it is not the focus of my experience of pleasure in life.

Here’s how I look at it:

1) You change your environment (that means giving your kitchen cupboards and fridge a makeover so that you are not fighting with yourself or relying on willpower).

2) You stock your kitchen with foods that are way more decadent and delicious than what you currently can’t imagine giving up - so that eating healthy becomes more pleasurable than eating unhealthy. This is what I specialize in.

3) You have one ‘eat up’ (or cheat meal) a week until you have reached your desired health/weight. That way you can still go out for dinner, host company or have a drink.

4) Once you have achieved the results you are seeking, you can be more liberal with your diet (so that you don’t feel like you are missing out) and you’ll still be able to maintain your weight. The reason why that is possible is because you will have a new weight set point and higher metabolism.

5) Once you've raised your standards and experienced a wider variety of healthy foods and recipes, your taste buds will change and those unhealthy poor quality foods will taste artificial - which means you won't even enjoy them anymore (completely eliminating the need for willpower).

Do you think if you could think like I do and relate to food in this way, that you too could transform your diet for optimal health and your ideal weight - without 'dieting'.

If you said YES!, I would love to be your guide on the path to transforming your diet and lifestyle - until it becomes easy and natural for you to eat healthy and pleasurably simultaneously.

Click here to learn how you can get the knowledge, on-going training, coaching and accountability.


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