What if one call could change your life?

Sherry on the dock

When I was obese, I was drained, miserable, emotionally unfulfilled and overburdened.

I was married to a man who felt more like a third child, than a partner. 

Over time he became emotionally abusive and on a few occasions physically as well. 

I was trying to hold things together for the kids and although I was dissatisfied in the relationship, I still loved him.

I listened to the lies of his words, instead of 'hearing' the truth of his actions.

Empty were his platitudes and promises.

I was holding in mind what I thought he was capable of and who he was at inherently at his core (we are all good) and ignoring what he had actually become.

My purpose and my passions were dying because I was drained. 

I felt totally unsupported, unvalued and unseen.

My husband had zero interest in my work or success.

He was holding out for me to fail and give up.

I never capitulated.

But I wasn't having any fun either.

I was working so hard for very little financial return and then felt guilty that I was taking so much time and energy away from being present to my children.

I felt torn, pulled in so many directions and striving so hard for so little reward.

Like a domestic slave.

Every moment of my life was consumed with either cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, working on my computer, serving clients or answering e-mails.

Zero fun, zero adventure. 

I was completely obsessed with my business because it was the only place I felt I could accomplish anything of lasting value.

Everything else I did was invisible.

Mothering is invisible.

Cooking is invisible 

Cleaning is invisible.

All never ending thankless jobs in a society that has lost touch with what we really are and what really matters.

Since I could never be done, I felt very little feeling of satisfaction or accomplishment.

My life was one settled for, not the one I dreamed of. 

Then one day I woke up obese in what seemed like overnight.

The fat had a message for me. 

I was carrying much more than excess physical weight, but the weight of the world on my shoulders too.

I spent 4 years unraveling it all and used my weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation.

I didn't just drop 12 dress sizes, I dropped what was draining me and I am now designing my dream life instead of living a life settled for.

I've not only done it, I am still doing it and I want you to come on the journey with me.

While yes, you would like to be thin, the truth is you want more than that. 

Something inside of you knows that you were born for more, but right now you feel weighed down by the circumstances of your life and feel like the life you were really meant to live is about to pass you by. 

Are you basically, holding yourself back from living the life of your dreams because of the following circumstances?

  1. stuck in a partnership that holds you back
  2. feel unsupported and under-utilized 
  3. feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders
  4. burdened with too many responsibilities
  5. carrying unhealed emotional weight
  6. unorganized with too much on your plate
  7. doing work you hate or living a life you dread

Some people want to lose weight simply just for vanity purposes, but not you.

Sure you want to look 'smoking hot' and feel energized in your body, but what you really want is to be free - you want to live the life you were born for, not the one you've currently settled for! 

You want to feel unbounded, limitless and you want to fulfill your potential in life - essentially you want to be Weightless!

Being thin won't change your life, but using your weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation will. 

Imagine yourself 12 months from now….

  1. having the tools to go 'all in' in your primary relationship and heal it or finally end it, confident that you can  make it on your own and call in your divine right man 
  2. have someone by your side as you do the hard stuff outside your comfort zone that will make your life unrecognizable in the best way that you never even imagined possible
  3. eliminate the thought, emotions, people, places and things that weigh you down and push you down
  4. stop taking on more than you can handle and design your life in a way that feeds your soul, builds your energy and doesn't drain you
  5. systematically heal your old wounds and blocks so that you stop unconsciously creating the same drama and re-living old patterns
  6. do work you love and love your work (maybe start a business or side hustle?)
  7. take a load off your plate so that you can get organized to thrive, serve and give back without martyring yourself
  8. move to that place you've always dreamed of
  9. feel weightless, confident and organized to thrive in your new dream life
  10. and oh yeah baby, hot as fuck! 

Ready to start?

Click here to book your 'Slim, Sexy & Satisfied' session today and we'll chat about how you can work with me to transform your life from one settled for to the life of your dreams!


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