Want to join a movement to help people lose weight without dieting?

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Want to join a movement to help people lose weight without dieting?

The general public still think they need to count calories, cut portion sizes, avoid fat and exercise hard to burn calories.

Basically they are doing everything that doesn’t work over and over -  only to get temporary or zero results.

What’s worse is that they end up gaining more extra rebound weight than they initially started with.

Why? Because ‘dieting’ in the conventional sense only serves to reinforce the problem. 

If you are a nutritionist, dietician, health coach, personal trainer or other fitness professional, you might be frustrated with the advice you’ve been taught in your training. 

Advice that‘s supposed to work - but doesn’t - at least not long term.

I have something for you if you are open to learning something different. A holistic nutrition and physiology based approach to weight loss that prioritizes optimizing people’s health first - through a whole body and whole life, systems based approach. 

We take the focus off a person’s weight and shine the spotlight on where they need to optimize their health & life in general  - body, mind emotions & soul. 

Permanent weight loss is a good side effect of getting healthy in all areas of ones life.

This opportunity is for you if want to help people transform their health and their lives, not just their waistlines.

Here are 4 ways that this IS different....

  1. When we speak of diet, we are referring to the natural diet of our human species - not to ‘going on a diet’. All animals have a diet, but they don’t go on a diet. Attaining and maintaining an ideal weight requires reconnecting to our innate human instincts and natural lifestyle.
  2. Mindset is key. All “diet” mentality beliefs must be eliminated and replaced with the truth about weight loss physiology and an understanding of how all the body systems work synergistically (not just in isolation as western medicine emphasizes). This is done through repetitive education to create new neuronal pathways in the brain, so that people stop reverting to the diet mentality on autopilot. Knowledge is the precursor to experience. They have to hear the truth over and over in multiple ways with many mental explorations and implementation exercises until the new beliefs stick.
  3. Besides having behaviours, habits and mental blocks that don’t serve, people have emotional weight. This emotional weight is expressed through physical body symptoms. The effect of this stress directly causes not just the inability to lose weight, but literally causes breakdown of muscle and build up of fat stores.
  4. In order for people to let the weight go, they need to stop focusing, fixating and obsessing about it. They need to get back in touch with the things that are the most important in life such as connected relationships, optimal health, a fulfilling career and getting to work on making their dreams come true. They need to turn their weight issue into a catalyst for life transformation, instead allowing themselves to feel victimized by it.
If you are interested in addressing these 4 key areas with people who desire to lose weight and effectively help them to transform their whole lives - so that they can live into the highest expression of themselves (on all levels), then I would love to support you to do that. 

Click here to learn more about how I can help: https://www.delishdiet.ca/certification-program

The Delish Diet Certified Practitioner program includes: 

  1. Certification Modules: Education in Holistic Nutrition Principles and Weight Loss Physiology

  2. Coaching Modules: Coaching Processes to Facilitate Breakthroughs for Your Clients

  3. Practice Modules: Done for You Client Packages, Hand outs, Teaching Plans & Done for You Marketing Materials

  4. Business Modules: Business Systems and Marketing Training

Here’s how it works:

  1. You learn at your own pace and on your own time with recorded trainings.
  2. You attend weekly group mentoring sessions where you get coaching on whatever is currently up for you. This includes, but is not limited to: answers to your questions about the curriculum, business direction, help with your case studies and clients, as well as insight into your own health concerns (possibly even your own struggles with weight).

This is a complete holistic system for transforming peoples lives, with permanent weight loss as a good side effect - not as the focus. 

This is not about getting clients instant (yet very temporary) results. 

It’s also not about kicking the body’s ass with exercise or forcing it to lose weight with calorie restriction. 

The Delish Diet approach is the anti-thesis to all that.

This approach is not shortsighted.

It is about taking the long view and the slow,  not often travelled road to permanent weight loss.

As a result of taking this program, you can expect the following in your own life and business:
  1. Use the same ‘tools‘ that help you transform others to transform yourself (your health, your life, your own issues with food and your weight if you have them).
  2. Feel confident that you have the tools to support your clients to get results for themselves, with processes to follow in addition to your innate intuition.
  3. Systems in your business to save you time and keep you feeling organized.
  4. Time to actually market your services and work with clients - you have everything you need at your fingertips, so you don’t have to spend months or years (like I have!) creating your own systems, materials, programs and packages to feel prepared and thus confident.
  5. You’ll make a living doing what you love part-time. You can build your business without having to quit your day job. If you love your current career you can still keep it and do this passion work as an extra income stream. Or if you want to do this work full time, then you can do that once you replace your current salary.
Click here to register or learn more: https://www.delishdiet.ca/certification-program



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