Fancy yourself 'above' weight loss?

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Some holistic nutritionists and health coaches I speak to are interested in weight loss physiology for personal and professional reasons, but choose not to enter the niche to avoid disapproval from their peers.

They think that they will be perceived as shallow and lumped in with all the fad diet experts who design temporary plans based on the calorie theory of weight loss. 

It's true, specializing in weight loss can be shallow, but that doesn't mean that you should throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Shallow is not what we do around here.

This is sacred work. 

I like to think of my client’s desire to lose weight as their 'gateway drug' into the world of holistic health and natural living.

It’s not up to me to judge what their reasons are for wanting to lose weight. 

It’s up to me to show them that there is a better way and help them embrace their struggle with their weight as an opportunity to transform and up level their life.

Choosing to specialize in weight loss is smart because it is choosing to work in a niche that is proven to be viable market.

Sadly though, more and more people are becoming obese as the result of bad advice that doesn't work, even from well intentioned yet misguided health experts.

They get the worst advice though from the weight loss industry itself which tells people to do things to lose weight in the short term, that lead to more weight gain in the long term. 

Unfortunately as it stands, the weight loss industry perpetuates the very problem it promises to solve - because the experts are focused on the extra body fat (the effect), instead of THE CAUSE.

Some causes are universal and some are personal - we address them all in the 'Delish' approach.

It’s been said that if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

If you fancy yourself a nutritionist that is 'above' weight loss, then you are part of the problem by choosing to ignore it. 

You can be part of the solution by learning how to help people lose weight without dieting.

Want to be part of the solution?



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