Stuck with your own weight as a health practitioner?


Most clients state that one of their goals is to lose weight, but are you confident that you can help them with that?

Do you often find yourself struggling with clients whose weight won't budge, even though they are eating healthy and exercising?

Or maybe you are even be struggling with your own weight - which feels completely out of alignment with being an example for others.

I've certainly been in that boat myself.

In fact I actually crossed the threshold from overweight to becoming clinically obese while working with my first ever weight loss client.

Needless to say that was a very humbling experience. 

As someone who is supposed to set a good example and 'know your shit' have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  1. How will my clients trust that I will be able to help them, when I can't even help myself?"
  2.  If I can't figure this out for this one client, then how will I be able to figure it out for the rest of my clients"? 

I've certainly  have asked myself these questions.

I also know what it is like to feel the futility of eating a healthy whole foods diet only to end up obese anyway.

And it is so frustrating when those so called tried, tested and true recommendations that are supposed to work, don't.

What do you do when you are sure that you are already doing everything right, but the results you get don't match?

It shouldn't be so hard, but it is when the so called 'right things' you tell your clients to do are actually the wrong things.

It's no fault of your own though.

The way weight loss is taught, even in holistic circles is very one dimensional.

It's all about diet and exercise which are central of course, but they are not everything. 

The standard advice of eating whole foods while also "eating less and moving more" just doesn’t cut it anymore with clients who’ve 'been there and done that' to no avail.

That's because the calorie theory of weight loss is way too simplistic and ignores the actual science of weight loss physiology.

Fat burning and fat storage are not governed by calories, they are governed by hormones.

And that’s why if you want to become an expert in weight loss, you need to first become an expert in hormone balance..

If your current knowledge about hormones just skims the surface, it's next to impossible to feel confident about helping yourself, let alone helping others. 

The truth is that there is so much more to permanent weight loss than just eating whole foods, counting calories and exercising. In many cases this ‘go to’ advice doesn’t work at all and in most cases it actually makes things worse.

That's both frustrating for you - and for your clients.

I totally get it.

I was once a clinically obese nutritionist on a whole foods diet. It was embarrassing and confusing to say the least.

I had no interest at all in counting calories, restricting my portion sizes or exercising.

So I was forced to find another way.

After at least a year of feeling sorry for myself and sitting in a place of futility because I thought I was already doing everything right, I finally figured out how to lose weight without dieting, deprivation or exercise by delving deeply into hormones.

To lose weight permanently, I had to take a mind, body and soul approach that addressed my extra weight on all levels.

I had to address my mental, emotional and physiological weight loss blocks

Diet and exercise are only part of the equation.

You need to learn how to help each client unravel and address the following 3 core areas to enable them to release the extra weight permanently.

1 . Be de- brainwashed from the diet mentality.
2.  Address chronic stress by embracing acute stress.
3.  Heal their underlying health issues

Using the aforementioned approach, you can help your clients use their weight loss journey as a catalyst for the kind of life transformation that results in permanent results.

I can show you exactly how to do this for your clients, not just because of having specialized knowledge, but from my lived experience of doing so for myself.

I personally dropped 12 dress sizes without counting as much as one calorie or going to the gym.

More importantly, I have maintained my results for 8 years and counting.

Once you help your client overcome their hurdles, the results are relatively easy for your clients to maintain because they don't have to give up the rich, sweet, creamy comfort foods they can't imagine living their whole lives without.

Deprivation is not part of the equation for weight loss - but knowledge is.

Because you are educating and changing your clients paradigm and environment - willpower isn’t necessary - which is what makes the 'delish' approach to permanent weight loss sustainable. 

It's easy to help people lose weight temporarily. You've probably done it before and you can do it again. but what's the point if they are just going to go back to their old ways once the diet is done - only to gain the weight back and more?

You want your clients to lose weight and more importantly keep it off - permanently. So to do that you are going to have to embody a whole new approach and give them an entirely new life paradigm.

The alternative is continuing to offer a one dimensional service that is limited by temporary results.

What's worse though is that standard advice leads your clients on a path to rebound weight gain and a damaged metabolism - thus making it harder than ever for them to lose weight - with their health worse instead of better.

That's the last thing you want to help people perpetuate.

You can remain part of the 'diet culture' problem by offering people the same one size fits all advice that is proven not to work in 95-97% of cases.

Or you can be part of the solution and learn how to offer a holistic service that is as unique as each individual is themselves.

Want to be part of the solution?

Click here to learn more about joining the 'lose weight without dieting movement' so that you can help people lose weight by putting their health first!


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