Losing weight is not as simple as counting calories.

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Losing weight is simple, but not necessarily easy.

It's not all about calories, but it's actually pretty doable when you know what you are doing and you have the right facts in front of you.

The trouble is, that when it comes to weight loss, most people believe so called "facts" that are actually based on out of context 'half truths' and concepts that don't translate into real world, real life lasting results.

One such simplistic concept is that the answer to being overweight can be summed up in one sweeping word: calories

And yet, 95%-97% of dieters fail to lose the weight and keep it off.

Those same dieters are eating less calories - by counting them - and attempting to to burn more - by exercising.

If weight loss was as simple as that, then don't you think the majority of dieters would be successful?

Well it's not that simple. And the concept of counting calories itself is based on a half truth.

Half truths are the absolute worst.

They are the hardest to unravel because they make sense when you look at them from a reductionist point of view.

You can pretty much be fooled into believing anything that seems logical and obvious from a limited lens, because you can't see the bigger picture.

When looking from only one angle, instead of from the bigger picture, eating less and moving more seems like the obvious and only solution.

But when you expand your perspective so that you can see the big picture, it becomes obvious that being overweight is due to a plethora of multi-faceted and often seemingly unrelated issues.

The truth is that weight loss and weight gain is governed by hormones, not calories.

It doesn't mean that the concept of calories is completely useless. 

Obviously counting calories and exercising does work - I am not at all arguing that it doesn't work - but the truth is that this strategy only works temporarily - just long enough to keep people coming back for more punishment!

Within days or weeks, your hormones start to push back and boom you are in famine mode - and then swinging to the opposite end of the spectrum into feasting mode (all driven by hormones of course) - and now you've gained all the weight back and more on your new slower metabolism (slower than the metabolism you started with).

This is the exact pattern that leads to 95-97% of dieters failing.

Eating too many calories is not the cause of being overweight, it is an effect of the emotional, mental, social and physiological true underlying causes that are truly at play in the weight loss game (and that is just the short list).

To lose weight permanently, you have to get at the root causes that come to play in your life.

But before you can do that, you need to stop buying into the diet mentality and the half truths that keep you doing the same things over and over that create temporary results and cause rebound weight gain.

You need to know where to focus your energy and what to do instead.

That's where I come in.

In order to get permanent results with weight loss, you are going to have to DO something different than what you are currently doing.

It all begins with the right education:

  • You need to learn the truth about weight loss from a big picture standpoint.
  • You need to understand weight loss physiology and the hormonal basis of obesity
  • You need to be un-brain-washed from the diet mentality

When you have the truth and you understand how your body works, you don't have to go to a diet guru to tell you what to do or how to eat. It simply becomes obvious. 

I was once in your shoes. I thought what I knew was true, but it wasn't working.

I had to learn something new to finally lose 12 dress sizes without counting a single calorie or exercising.

What I teach is exactly all the things I had to re-educate myself about.

I graduated from two of Canada's top holistic nutrition schools and then had to spend another year of self study to be able to deconstruct and simplify the hormonal basis of obesity to make it palatable for the lay person and actionable.

You could do the same or you could save yourself the time and let me distill the knowledge down for you.

Are you ready to learn the truth about what it takes to lose weight permanently without dieting?

Click here to grab my free Diet Myths Guide.


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