Why "diets" don't work long term.

diets don't work

I get it, you might be feeling dread about another "diet" (the 'delish' approach is not a "diet" in the conventional sense). 

When statistics show that 95%-97% dieters fail why even bother? 

That's a good question and I hear you.

Diets don't work for anyone (other than for the dieting industry because they perpetuate the very problem they profess to solve).

Here's why?

  1. They are by design for short term results (you weren't planning to live the rest of your life at the gym or starving yourself were you?)
  2. They are based on a model that doesn't treat the root causes of being overweight.
  3. You have to follow them blindly, they are not based in weight loss physiology or logic, so without the plan, you don't know what you are doing (honestly for how long do you want someone or something dictating what you can and can't eat anyway?).
  4. They perpetuate themselves (think starvation - nutrient deficiencies - tanking metabolism - feasting mode - binging - rebound weight gain).
The 'Delish' approach is not another "diet".

# 1 This is an UN-diet (you are learning how to NOT diet to get healthy and as a good side effect of that lose weight permanently.

# 2 This is not a method that you follow blindly - it's an education that enables you to use logic to determine what to eat or not eat (for yourself).

# 3 This is not a cookie cutter one size fits all plan - you create your own 'plan of action' based on health-centric nutrition wisdom (not weight-centric obsessive behaviours).

All you need is to fill in some gaps in your knowledge.

Once you find those missing pieces of the puzzle, I'm 100% sure you'll know exactly what to do!

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