Could learning & growing in community be what you've been 'weighting' for?


Do you have a feeling that you could attain and maintain your ideal health and weight, if you had community, connection, and clarification on your path to permanent weight loss?

A lot of people enrol in e-courses, but they don't consume the content or implement what they learn. You are not alone. It's very common. 

Sound familiar?

  • You have the knowledge at your fingertips, but you just don't feel motivated to learn when you are by yourself (that's why you don't actually do the courses you buy)?
  • You got overwhelmed by the content and the steps. You don't know where or how to start, so you feel paralyzed to take action?
  • You understood what you learned, but quickly forgot it, because you weren't quite sure how to apply it to your own situation in the moment and it slipped away?
  • You got stuck with an obstacle or challenge that you didn't know how to solve, or you got started but defaulted back to your old habits when life got "lifey".   

If you said YES! to any or all of the above, you are not alone, but you do have a choice about where to go from here.

A. You could recommit to your weight and health goals and get the support you need to overcome your obstacles - in other words, go hard on the problem, but not on yourself


B. You could beat yourself up, retreat from the obstacles, do nothing, change nothing and stay stuck or act like an insane person (doing the same thing you've always done and expect different results) or go on another fad diet and end up right back where you started.

So what do you choose? 

It's ok to feel stuck, but it's not ok to stay there, if you want a better quality of life.

Your health, well-being and dreams are worth the time and effort it takes to dive deeply into the root causes of your struggles and finally solve them. It's time to exterminate the excuses and stay in the solution - in other words, finally address what's holding you back and keeping you stuck- so that you can elevate yourself and take your experience of life to a new level.

I totally get it though, about feeling stuck and like it's futile sometimes.

I too wanted to throw in the towel and give up on my weight.

After having children and after many years of being overweight and eventually obese, I know what it is like to feel like you know what you "should" do, but you you don't want to do any of those things.

Even though I was a health nut and doing many things right, I still had gaps in my knowledge - and 'things' in my life that needed to change that were affecting my weight - things that had nothing to do with food.

Just like you, I had to make a decision, take action and learn more - even with 20 plus years of working in the natural health field, and being a graduate with honours from both of Canada's top holistic nutrition schools, I didn't know what I didn't know.

The reason I conceived the 'Lose Weight Without Dieting' philosophy and distilled it down into a step-by-step approach, is to save you time having to figure this all out on your own. I developed the Delish Diet Signature System to give you a framework for implementation.

I figured out experientially how to take natural nutrition knowledge combined with weight loss physiology, to create a path for permanent weight loss that is not "dieting".

I am here to guide you to let go of the weight by trusting your body to do what it was designed to do - and that is attain your natural weight as a good side effect of achieving optimal health. This approach enabled me to drop 12 dress sizes without counting a single calorie or exercising.

That doesn't mean it was effortless though.

Of course there were epic fails, plateaus and backsliding.

Sometimes I still fall off the wagon, but you can rest assured that I am a whiz at 'damage control'. I know exactly what to do to get back on the horse quickly. I've been doing it successfully now for 9 years and counting. I am confident that if you stick with me, I can help you do the same. A crucial key to success is expecting that the path isn't going to be a straight line in the first place, learn how to solve problems and how to get back on track fast. 

You have to step up to the plate to overcome the mindset, emotions, habits and moods that normally stop you.

That doesn't happen naturally, we have to learn how to do it, because it is human nature to do whatever is easiest in the moment, and unfortunately, what's easier now, often makes for a harder future.

Would you like help stopping the cycle of quitting?

If you are not doing the 'the work' on your own, then it's likely that you are more of a community learner. 

The journey is so much more fulfilling  anyway, when it includes connection, empathy and celebration with others.

Being witnessed, supported and celebrated on the journey takes us farther than we could ever go on our own. People need people. It's amazing how we can even transform by witnessing the transformation of others and by learning from the answers to their questions - stuff that we didn't even know we wanted or needed to hear. Not to mention, there is nothing like having a guide who has been where you are and knows from personal experience, what it takes to get there.

Shall we get started?

Here's the plan:

1. We'll meet in a group in a zoom room every Friday from 11am -1pm PST.

2. You'll come to the session with an intention and a question about something you are learning or a personal challenge you need a breakthrough with. 

3. You'll put 'skin in the game' and co-create your own plan and path to permanent weight loss with expert guidance and direction to help.

Click here to join us on the journey!

Let's be honest, if you could do this by yourself, then you already would have.

If you believe that community and connection and personalized direction are what's been missing on your path, and you are ready to re-commit to the journey and re-connect to yourself, while receiving the support you deserve and desire, click here to enrol in the group coaching program

Imagine yourself 12 months from now.....

You've released both emotional and physical weight. You feel light, your mood is bright, you are wearing clothes you love and you love the way your body looks and feels. Best of all, you've changed yourself from the inside out, and you are no longer losing precious energy to negative feelings about your body. You are now ready to put your time, energy and attention on creating the life you've always wanted!


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