The downside of quick weight loss (why cleansing is a better alternative)


Everyone wants to lose weight fast because quick results gives us the motivation to keep going, right?!! That's all well and good and everything, but there are at least 4 downsides to fast weight loss through counting calories, deprivation and cardio:

  1.  Most people's experience with fast weight loss, is ONLY based on excessive exercise and being in a calorie deficit - just eating 'whatever'. These 'whatever' foods can wreak havoc on hormones.

  2. Since these foods are not nutrient dense WHOLE foods, this depletes nutrient stores - thus making the body think that it is living through a famine - resulting in a damaged and slow metabolism. Even if 'eating less and moving more' worked for someone before - it just doesn't work anymore. Can you relate?

  3. And for those people who do manage to be able to 'push, shove and force'' their body to keep going - despite worse health and a slowing metabolism -  they have no idea how to maintain their weight once they get to the goal. That's why they end up gaining most, if not all the weight back - or worse, they gain more weight than they started with (think of all the contestants on The Biggest Loser).

  4. They can end up with many health problems due to releasing a lot of toxins inside a malnourished body whose liver does not have adequate nutrition to do the job of detoxification that it is meant to do. This creates even more toxicity and damage to cells, because there are intermediary chemicals that the liver uses to break down toxins that are even more toxic than the toxins it is breaking down, if you don't have enough of certain nutrients in your diet.

  5. Finally not to mention, when you lose weight fast, while in a nutrient deficient state, you end up creating another problem - loose skin. You might be smaller, but chances are, you'll still feel uncomfortable with the way your body looks and feels, because now your skin looks deformed.

Sustainable weight loss through deep nourishment and cleansing on the other hand is WAY better because.....

  1. The foods you eat are nutrient dense - the quality of a food is everything when it comes to nourishing a fast metabolism and preventing loose skin. 

  2.  While your fat melts, your skin has time to firm up and has the proper skin nutrients to do so effectively. 

  3.  The weight you lose actually stays off, because the cleanse has lowered your weight set point through detoxification (your body is no longer trying to hold on to fat to protect your other organs from toxins being dumped into the tissues). Did you know that your fat cells are a storage tank for toxins to keep them tucked safely away from your vital organs? Also, the process of deep nourishment and cleansing kick-starts the healing process - and begins balancing your body systems so that weight loss resistance is eliminated at the root cause (which is health imbalances).

All of that is logical and makes sense right? Yet the majority of people stay on the diet roller coaster and on a cycle of regaining the weight - because they keep going for quick fix fad diets - ones that at best give them temporary results - and at worst, damage their health and metabolism...... leaving them heavier than ever.

Why do people do this?

I believe it's because we are asking the wrong questions.

Everyone is asking "how can I lose weight quickly" (there are many solutions for that), but no one is asking "how do I lose weight permanently and maintain it for life, in a way that doesn't feel like an endless "sacrifice" of pleasure (and actually makes me healthier in the process)?

The good news is that it is not only possible to lose weight quickly, so that you can get the momentum you need to keep going - but you can do it without compromising your health or having loose skin.

Cleansing is the only natural way to unblock weight loss resistance - and reboot your metabolism, while nourishing taut, healthy skin in the process!

When you do a cleanse, you:

  1. Eliminate water weight from inflammation and acidity (your body is currently holding onto water to put out the fire and dilute the acids).

  2. You eliminate even more water weight by correcting electrolyte imbalance (caused by stress and a deficiency of minerals).

  3. You give your liver the nourishment it needs to be able to deal with the toxins that are released from your fat cells - if your liver is weak, it won't break down fat cells, because it knows it doesn't have the nutritional reserves to be able to break them down safely. 

So you see, cleansing results in quick weight loss, by eliminating the physiological blocks that are in the way of your body normalizing your weight - without you having to "try" to lose weight - your focus is on improving your health - weight loss is just a good side effect!

The typical amount of weight loss that people see with the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse is 15 lbs in 3 weeks for women (and 20 lbs for men).

When you choose to lose weight this way, you create the foundation for optimal health and permanent results - no downside to that!

If you would like to start your journey to permanent weight loss correctly from the start, I invite you to check out the Delish Diet Deep Cleanse program, where you will learn how to lose weight quickly, while getting healthier at the same time!

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