Do you have what it takes to cleanse? The hardest part is…


Do you “want” to cleanse but think that it will be too hard and that you just don’t have what it takes to rise up to the challenge?

I get it.

The first time I did a long cleanse (21 days) I HAD to do it for my son (I had zero desire to do it for myself).

You see, he had extreme eczema that didn’t respond to anything I tried - including every natural remedy I knew of as a holistic nutritionist.

I tried it all. Nothing worked.

I was super anxious and afraid for my son and felt like a miserable failure as a mother and a holistic nutritionist.

I also felt that it just wasn’t fair that after everything I had done to consciously gestate, birth and raise a healthy child, that he would have such extreme eczema - his thighs looked like he was a burn victim.

“It's not fair, I shouldn’t HAVE to be doing this” I thought.

But after a year of appointments with other natural health experts - even traveling out of province to a special clinic, nothing we tried helped.

I finally just gave in and put us both on a cleanse - something that I had in my toolbox from studying at The Edison Institute of Nutrition, but hadn't tried yet.

It was the last thing I wanted to do, but it was also my last resort.

Back then, I couldn’t imagine even going a few hours without bread, coffee and cheese.

And I thought cleansing was just too extreme for a 4 year old child.

Desperate times they say call for desperate measures.

4 weeks later my son’s eczema was gone and we were reintroducing all previous food triggers without any return of eczema at all.

And me?

Well I was 15 lbs lighter. No more dry cracked heels, dandruff gone and anxiety relieved with a whole new refreshing outlook on life to boot!

Life forced me to do a cleanse, and as much as I hated it the first time around, it was worth it, despite my hesitation and resistance.

It’s amazing what we’ll do for our children, but not for ourselves!

Through that experience, I got to know just how deeply we can trust our bodies to do the healing work they are programmed to do - when toxins are out of the way and optimal nourishment is provided.

But most people wait for things to get so bad that life forces them to start taking better care of themselves.

If you ignore your body’s needs (symptoms that are crying out for your attention), you’ll eventually be forced to give it your attention - and it probably won’t be in a way that you like.

Being overweight is a symptom of poor health. It's not the cause of your poor health.

That's why I help people lose weight by getting healthy first. Your health (not what the scale says) has to be your number one priority, if you want permanent weight loss.

After years of practicing as a GAPS practitioner, helping people with their gut issues (aka: anxiety, depression, bloating, pain, skin conditions and food sensitivities), I noticed that not only did my clients heal themselves by starting with cleansing, but they also released extra weight as a natural good side effect.

That’s why years later when I found myself obese due to hormone imbalance, I was guided back to cleansing as a way to unblock the holding pattern my body was stuck in.

Just like you might be feeling now, I never really “feel like” cleansing either. But, I sure can feel when I need one - most often after 'the holidays' and summer indulgences.

No one wants to go off coffee, alcohol, sugar, dairy or bread - including me - but I would rather practice preventative health and periodically consciously take steps to restore my vitality with deep nourishment, rather than settle for symptoms, that eventually compound into dis-ease.

It’s not really even about living longer, it’s about the quality of life in your years.

I want to share a simple quote with you, that you can use to up level all aspects of your life, including your health.

“What’s easier to do in the moment, often leads to a harder future and what’s hard to do in the moment, often leads to an easier future.”

It’s one of the things I remind myself, when I don’t feel like doing what I know I need to do - including cleansing.

It’s never really easy to do, but it’s always worth having done it.

After the physical discomfort passes, it is more of a mental game.

That is why all the follow up modules in my cleanse program are about 'cleansing' your lifestyle, environment, home and dropping what’s draining you in your life to make space for a new up-levelled way of being.

It’s about getting you back in flow with your soul.

We are most often the ones who get in our own way  and the only ones who have the power to get out of the way.

Health is our natural state.

Doing the cleanse not only resets your body’s health, but it gives you 21 days to lay the groundwork for more satisfaction in life.

You can let things stay the way they are or do something different - doing nothing means your health continues to decline, but doing something, changes your destiny as you walk into the dreams you have for yourself - ones that only higher levels of health can sustain.

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