How to use your weight loss challenge as a positive catalyst to change your whole life.

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The path to permanent weight loss without dieting, is prioritizing what is going on inside of you - before prioritizing your reflection in the mirror.

The shifts happen from the inside out, not from the outside in - or in other words NOT FROM pushing and shoving and forcing your body to lose weight in ways that are driven by willpower, pain and deprivation - which create only temporary reflection changes in the mirror anyway.

This is how you release weight without counting calories and all that other crap. It's also how you use your health problem or dis-ease as a catalyst to change your life.

STEP 1: MINDSET - What is your perception and paradigm when it comes to health? Do you generate health? Or do you believe you are a victim to your body?

1. Health Consciousness - Is health consciousness a part of your identity, values & expressed though your habits, choices and buying habits?
2. Personal Responsibility - Do you believe that you are responsible for your health or are you looking for someone to fix you? Do you listen to your body's symptoms and understand that they have a purpose in trying to get your attention (to tell you that YOU need to change)?
3. Healing Mindset - Do you trust in your body's inherent capacity to heal if you give it what it is asking for and stop imposing harm on it?

STEP 2: NATURAL DIAITA - How is your way of day to day living? Is it serving your intentions or getting in the way of them?

1. Create harmony - Is there a lot of conflict or competing priorities in your life?
2. Natural Food - Are you eating the diet of your species?
3. Natural Lifestyle - Are you living in tune with nature's rhythms?

STEP 3: HEALING PATH - Are you regularly clearing your life to release both physical & emotional weight? Or are you continuing to pile on weight on all the levels?

1. Restoration - Do you have space in your life for restoration and healing?
2. Eliminate Toxic Excesses - Have you identified areas of your life that are toxic both physically and metaphysically?
3. Metaphysical Cause of Dis-ease - Do you understand the mental, emotional & spiritual cause of your dis-ease? Do you know how to forgive yourself and others?

Step 4: Soul Path - Do you have a compelling reason to live? Are you internally driven to embody self love and self care? Are you inspired to become the best version of your self? Or are you settling in life?

1. Emotional Healing - How does your life feel?
2. Purpose - Do you have purpose in your days?
3. Passion - Are you passionate about something?
4. Vision - What is the highest vision you have for your life?

Answering these questions and embodying the answers is what it looks like to use your weight loss journey as a catalyst for life transformation.

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